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101 Ways to Market a Book

Sister Patricia Proctor, author of 101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer, shared 101 ideas for marketing her book with the readers of her blog. Since posting that list, a number of readers have sent her almost 20 more ways, good ways, to market her book.

She told me about the list and I realized that every author should make such a list and share it with the readers of their blog or the visitors to their website. And then ask them to help you think of other good ways to market your book.

1. Review one more time, John Kremer's book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Book.
2. share stories on the JoyNotes
3. share stories on this blog
4. leave a comment on other blogs
5. have a blog book tour
6. announce on the radio
7. share stories on the radio
8. tell friends
9. call the buyer at hospital gift shops great book for the sick
10. call up retreat houses that have gift shops great book for praying!
11. ask if we can leave a free book in doctor's offices
12. ask for the book at a library maybe they will order one
13. leave a free book in the church
14. send a postcard about the book
15. share at bible study
16. share at women's club
17. share at prayer group
18. share at youth groups
19. contact Marian conferences
20. contact Eucharistic conferences
21. leave a book or flyer at beauty shops
22. give a free teleconference about prayer
23. have a contest winner gets a free book
24. have a raffle winner gets a free book
25. donate a book(s) to church auctions
26. put them in yard sales
27. sell on Ebay
28. sell on Amazon
29. share on craig's list
30. talk on message boards
31. leave a flyer on store message boards
32. contact Rosauer's or food stores and see if they will sell the book in their store
33. contact gift stores
34. contact book stores and ask if they will carry the book
35. offer autographed books
36. offer free gift wrapped & autographed books
37. suggest using as RCIA gift
38. talk to floral shops
39. talk to gift basket places make a Christian gift basket
40. get kids to use book as a fund raiser
41. hospice give a donation book
42. jail ministry donate a book offer special discount
43. offer special discount for ministry distribution
44. donate a book to a Catholic school library
45. buy a billboard
46. decorate a bus
47. make T-shirts
48. Make a Prayer Mug
49. offer a free CD of audio stories
50. offer a free audio download of stories
51. offer a book to the blind
52. read books to elderly
53. offer book as a bonus promotion to something else
54. become a walking sandwich board
55. poster on a stick be political with your prayer voice
56. promote on pens
57. make book stickers and attach to every envelope you send out
58. make bookmarks leave everywhere
59. make a calendar prayer quotes
60. flyer in every bag at stores
61. add to all stationery-
62. talk about the book from the pulpit
63. add a line in all emails
64. make a prayer button
65. make a prayer cap
66. make a prayer book bag
67. make a prayer clock
68. offer the book to be used as a gift promotion for new parish book store
69. donate a book to parish book rack
70. give a book to the sick
71. talk about the book at a prayer breakfast or luncheon
72. get a booth at a craft fair
73. write article about prayer post online make list of places to post online
74. leave a comment on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
75. airport gift shops
76. bottled water call Hennessey find out
77. give books while making sick calls from parishes
78. Make a TV ad
79. make a book trailer
80. make a youtube video
81. make a book magnet
82. make a small free prayer booklet
83. make a poster that can be downloaded and put anywhere
84. put sticker on a package of seeds prayer garden
85. any kind of waiting room you could leave something.. a flyer
86. make prayer book tracts --print online and distribute
87. leave a tract in pew, shopping mall areas, bus stops
88. put a want ad in paper
89. put display ad in papers
90. dial a prayer story
91. start a prayer hot line
92. write a letter about book
93. banner on web page
94. make a prayer business card
95. set of 10 prayer thought cards put in letters
96. make prayer journals
97. talk about book to friends, family members, personal contacts
98. use stories in sermons
99. make up Welcome baskets for new parish members
100. include in the Welcome wagon for your town
101. doughnuts and coffee make a table favor with a bookmark or prayer story tract.
102. share a chapter
103. interview authors from book and post online
104. make a web site
105. buy google adwords
106. free e-books

added by friends:
107. Contact Catholic Library Association.
108. Have your email friends post announcement in the parish bulletins.
109. Post announcement on the diocesan and parish websites.
110. Contact EWTN to add your book to their religious catalog (shown on TV, catalog and website).
111. Post announcements in Catholic Magazines.
112. Contact the KofC to advertise the book through their councils nationwide.
113.Send complementary copies to those Catholics with public persona.
114. Send complementary copies to Seminaries.
115. Send complementary copies to the Catholic Information Center in DC.
116. Send complementary copies to Retreat Houses.
117. Send complementary copies to Youth Ministers.
118. Send complementary copies to Catholic College Neumann Centers.
119. Send complementary copies to Catholic School Libraries!

You can read Sister Patricia Proctor's blog here:

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