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Sally Shields, author of The Daughter-in-Law Rules, wrote me an email describing how much she like the idea of creating a 101 marketing list. In fact, she'd been working on one all along.

I absolutely LOVED what Sister Patricia did with her 101 ideas list, and I loved your idea that every author should make such a list.

I've been building my own such list, and your challenge gave me just the incentive I needed to finish it.

  1. Check out John Kremer's site at
  2. Leave a copy of your book at the hair salon.
  3. Do An bestseller campaign I suggest Peggy McColl and Randy Gilbert at:
  4. Hire a virtual assistant. You can try, for example.
  5. Write reviews of other people's books at Amazon with a tagline on the bottom of the review identifying you and your book.
  6. Call radio stations. To find what kind of radio programs might your target audience tune into, check these links:
  7. Send a few books after the interview, for them to give away for more free publicity.
  8. When your book gets really popular, you might want to consider fulfillment services. 3 are:
    • Fulfillment Works (888) 717-7511
    • Book Fulfillment Services (800) 228-4321
    • Fulfillment America, MA (978) 988-7576
  9. Post a YouTube video. Make sure the keywords are in the title.
  10. Get a business card with a picture of your book cover and leave it places.
  11. Put an ad in RTIR (Radio/TV Interview Report (
  12. Send out a media release - and be timely!
  13. Join Toastmasters and learn to speak.
  14. Offer yourself as a speaker — free or for fee — to any organizations that include your target audience. At the very least, offer to speak to local writers' club or organizations.
  15. Learn to be a funnier speaker by the winner of the 2001 Toastmasters winner, Darren LaCroix:
  16. Offer something for free at the end of your speech.
  17. Make buying your book a prerequisite for each and every attendee.
  18. Contact the Learning Annex and offer to do a workshop.
  19. Join community based websites.
  20. Create an Expert Page at
  21. Join
  22. Join
  23. Join
  24. Send your book to for a book review.
  25. Join
  26. Take a survey at the mall, and hand out your business card with your book cover on it.
  27. Try to sell your book to corporations.
  28. Or contact Brian Jud and he'll do it for you!
  29. Write articles and submit them to
  30. To find online publications your audience might read, try these links:
  31. Make a list of your keywords and have them on hand for your article submissions.
  32. Offer a coaching program.
  33. Ask your local bookstore to host a signing or meet and greet for you.
  34. Get celebrity endorsements (To find contact information for many celebrities' representatives, visit or
  35. Write to your favorite radio host and ask them to review your book.
  36. Join and build a network.
  37. Contact your local media and try to get them to do an article about you.
  38. Contact all your local bookstores.
  39. Give away free stuff on your site.
  40. Link up with a charity of your choice and figure out a promotion where you'll donate a portion of your book's proceeds to them (they may directly help you publicize the book because of this, or it may just help you get more press— the media is much more likely to give your book attention if there's a good cause attached to it).
  41. Contact websites and publications that relate to your target market.
  42. Write a top 101 ways to market your book and have John Kremer post it for you on his site (just like this list).
  43. Make Custom stuff with your book cover on it at
  44. Set up your own free merchandise at
  45. Create a new holiday and promote your book each year at that time.
  46. Do a teleseminar, record it for free by visiting:
  47. Get it transcribed at: and have it repurposed into an e-product.
  48. Best trainer for that is Cathy Stucker. Check out to learn fast product creation secrets.
  49. Download Fred Gleeck's free ebooks on marketing at:
  50. Get your book listed on a Lot of other sites.
  51. Check out Nancy Juetten's free e-book at: Media-Savvy-to-Go Toolkit.
  52. Send free tips to your personal list every week.
  53. Submit your book to MopShop Product Review: 2370 S. Trenton Way, Denver, CO 80231.
  54. Ask your friends to post 5 star reviews on
  55. List your favorite books on Listmania, with your signature at the end.
  56. Contact cruise ship Lines. Ask them to give away your book upon departing a ship.
  57. Contact Books are Fun. They buy huge nonreturnable quantities of books and gifts directly from publishers and manufacturers.
  58. Enhance a company's marketing campaign by offering them a coupon with your book at a deep discount.
  59. Join a Yahoo Group and talk about your book.
  60. Use online message boards to reach your audience:
  61. If you want to find really popular boards:
  62. You can submit Letters to the Editor in response to articles you've read.
  63. Volunteer as an expert on your topic at a site like, include your book's teaser and url in your e-mail signature file.
  64. Sign up for a free online dating site such as: and use a technique such as this: Young millionaire, lover of sports, cultivated, with good taste in music and a patient and empathetic character wishes to marry any young and beautiful girl that possesses the attitude and spirit embodied in [author's name] new book, [Your book's title].
  65. Sign up for the Absolute Write Newsletter for tips for publishing success:
  66. Shoot for the stars: Send your book to Oprah: Ms. Oprah Winfery, Harpo Studios, 1058 West Washington, Chicago IL 6018?
  67. Or Ellen at The Ellen Degeneres Show, Attn: Fan Mail, P O Box 7788,
    Burbank CA 91523. You get the idea!
  68. Have a HUGE poster of your book cover made at  and post them everywhere!
  69. Investigate Google AdWords, around timely holidays.
  70. Sign up for Google Alerts so that anytime a story comes up around your topic, you can contact them and offer yourself as an expert.
  71. Join Linkedin, the social network for professionals, and network, network, network!
  72. Get introduced to famous authors and ask for testimonials.
  73. Have a particular agent you want to be introduced to? There are 326 agents on LinkedIn. Want publicity? There are lots of periodical editors and TV producers you can network with. Want to connect to people who might help market your book? Ask lots of questions.
  74. Sell your book or a chapter from your book on eBay. Here's a great article about how to get started:
  75. Become an affiliate with other people's products, and start making money right away!
  76. Contact your local public library and ask if you can teach a class there.
  77. Contact gift shops.
  78. Post your e-book for free.
  79. Make a media calendar so you know the best times of the year to pitch the media for your niche market. Check Chase's Directory of Annual Events or
  80. Treat your book like a brochure — like Robert Kawasaki used Rich Dad, Poor Dad to sell his Cashflow game for $195.
  81. Know that your list is your greatest asset. Be a giver, build a following.
  82. Make your mission to make a difference in the world.
  83. Get an autoresponder ( and set it up so that your list gets a tip a week for a full year.
  84. Get a catchy name for yourself. Brand yourself!
  85. Start a discussion group in your hometown.
  86. Create an audio version of your book.
  87. Google the competition. Get to know who your competition is!
  88. Check out: for some great free info about book marketing.
  89. Enter your book into competitions. Look for contests that don't require steep entry fees.
  90. Attend a trade show for your target market.
  91. Create or join a mastermind group, and ask others how they would suggest marketing your book.
  92. Help others as much as you can.
  93. Get a business card from everyone you meet, and take notes as to where you met them and what you talked about. When you contact them, they will appreciate that you remembered details.
  94. Practice your elevator pitch - a short 2-3 sentence, 30 second description that exactly describes your book, product or service.
  95. Get a booth at a local festival, fair or flea market.
  96. If a friend is having a party, offer to provide a local author to do a book signing - that would be you!
  97. Create a list of people or companies you'd like to market your book to. Start a file on each and start building contacts there. Remember, the magic is in the follow-up!
  98. Don't be afraid to cold call!
  99. Create booklets, by producing simple inexpensive samples of your book and give them away for free.
  100. Offer free consulting services.
  101. Sponsor a local event and do a joint sweepstakes with other sponsors.
  102. Don't ever give up!

— Sally Shields, author, The Daughter-in-Law Rules. Check out her website at She is doing a special book launch on Tuesday, May 6th. Check out her sales page at

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