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I've hosted two two-hour teleseminars on how to create a New York Times bestseller. The system I described on these teleseminars is a proven method of getting your book on the New York Times bestseller list and by extension onto the discounted front shelves of every bookstore in America. Details at

This program is a combination of the Bestseller Strategy on steroids aligned with an intensive plan to ensure the widest possible distribution of books into bookstores. Since the New York Times bestseller list measures the sales of books via bookstores, this plan is aimed at selling books through bookstores lots of books.

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Note that this program includes a series of 12 Q&A telesessions with John Kremer, the Book Marketing Ambassador of Fun.

Even if you don't plan on becoming a New York Times bestselling author, this program offers unprecedented access to the most up-to-date book marketing resources and insider tips. You can have all your book marketing questions and concerns answered in 12-plus telesessions as part of this one-of-a-kind program.

Using Teleseminars to Create and Market Books This teleseminar tells you how to use teleseminars to create new content, write new books, build important relationships, promote your books, and sell more books. Download this incredible teleseminar now for only $47.00 for unlimited use. You will want to listen to this teleseminar more than once so you can assimilate the incredible amount of detail hidden in this seminar.

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John Kremer's Create Amazing Friends Course

Several years ago, I presented a teleseminar on how to Create Amazing Friends real and lasting friendships with top media, key book-selling contacts, and other people who matter. If you know anything about marketing, you know that the key lies in building relationships that count.

The Create Amazing Friends course includes full documentation and an additional webinar where you will learn the secrets on how to become a friend not just a name in the news with top media people as well as other essential contacts (booksellers, wholesalers, catalog directors, movie producers, bloggers, website owners, or whomever else you want to know).

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to create friends in all the right places in as little as a few hours.

If you missed the teleseminar, you can still sign up for the seminar and listen to it at your leisure. To sign up for this course, click here: Create Amazing Friends Course

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