1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Book Title Index

To readers and users of the 6th Edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books: If you are looking for any mention of a specific book, magazine, newspaper, radio show, TV show, or award named in the 6th Edition of the book, you can find it below. This is one of four indexes for the book — the second time in history that a book has had four indexes! The first time was with the 5th edition!

1001 Ways to Market Your Books, 6th Edition describes more than 1,000 ideas, tips, and suggestions for marketing books — all illustrated with real-life examples showing how other publishers and authors have marketed their books.

“Without glitzy idealism or funky hopelessness, Kremer does a sound job of talking about marketing, telling stories from his own and others' experiences. He knows his subject, imparting important information in a fast-paced, very open way. Extremely good stuff here.” — The Book Reader

May, 2006. 704-page softcover. $27.95.

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A. M. Chicago,



ABA Basic Book List,

ABA Book Buyers Handbook,

ABA study,

Abbey Press,

ABBY Award, 57

Accused, The,


ACT, 87

Acquisitions and Development Directory,


Acupressure for Your Beauty and Health,

Add Me,

Adelson Sports,

AdNiche List,


Adventures in the Roo World,

Advertising Age,

Advertising Hotline,

Advertising in the Yellow Pages,

African-American Bookselling,

After the Cataclysm,

Agatha Award,

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,

AIGA Awards,

Air Courier Handbook, 79


Airport News,

Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook, The,

Alias Grace,

Alive with Color, 44


All about Sewing Machines,

All American Products,

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,

All My Children,

All the Best! gift registry,

All the President's Men,

All the Pretty Horses,

All Things Are Lights,

All Things Considered,

All We Need Is a Title,

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough,


Allergy & Asthma Catalog,

Allergy Resources,

All-in-One Promotion,

Alpha Five, 87

Alsto's Handy Helpers,


Alternative America,

Alternative Medicine Reference Guide, The,

Alternative Press Publishers of Children's Books,

Always in Style with Color Me Beautiful,

AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising,

Amateur's Guide to the Planet, An,

Amazing Grace,

Amazon.com site,

America at Work,

America Online,

America Online's Writer's Club chat area,

America Then & Now,

America's Business Funding Directory,

America's Choice Mall,

America's Wonderful Little Hotels & Inns,

American Baby,

American Book Awards,

American Book Buyers Study,

American Book Trade Directory,

American Bookseller,

American Booksellers Association bookstore search site,

American Booksellers Book of the Year,

American Express's ExpressNet travel site,

American Girls Collection, 41

American Glass,

American Health,

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 54

American Journalism Review,

American Legion,

American Library Directory,

American List Counsel,

American Medical Association Family Medical Guide,

American Office Dealer,

American Photographer,

American Roads,

American Way,



Andouille sausage,

Andy Awards,

Angel and the Donkey, The,

Angel Cookbook,

Angel of Darkness,

Angel Talk,


Ann-dy's Magic Shop,

Another Sip of Chicken Soup,

Another Way Home,


Antioch Review,

Antiques & Collecting,

Anxiety Web Site,



Appalachia: Spirit Triumphant, 61

Apple and Oranges: An Analysis and Comparison of Distribution Agreements,

Apple Cookbook, The,

Armageddon Books,

Army Times,

Aroma Therapeutix,

Arrowhead Classics,

Art and Auction,

Art Educators Card Deck,

Art of Plain Talk, The,

Arthritis Cure, The, 48

Arthur Frommer's Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel,

Arthur series,

Article Resource Association,

Artist and the Pope,

Artist's Way, The, 51

Arts, Fine Crafts, and Collectibles Directory,

As Seen On TV,

As the World Turns,

As Your Parents Age: A Guide to Hassle-Free Caregiving, 22

Ask Dr. Weil,

Ask Jeeves,

Ask Money,

Ask the Experts,

Assertive Discipline: A Take Charge Approach for Today's Educator,

Association Management,

At Century's End,

At Hand site,

Atlanta Journal Constitution, 48


Atlantic Monthly, The,


Auntie Mame,


Authentic Jane William's Home School Market Guide, The,

Authors in Libraries Directory,

Authors on the Air,

Autograph Collectors Magazine,

Automatic Inventory Distribution program,




Babyhood, 35

Baby-Sitters Club series, 40

Back to the Future,

Back Trouble,

Backlist Bulletin,

Backyard Gardening,

Backyard Scientist,

Bacon's Media Alerts,

Bad As I Wanna Be,


Baker & Taylor,

Baker & Taylor's Book Watch,

Balance: A Guide to Life's Forgotten Pleasures,

Baltimore Sun,


Bantam Independent, The,

Bantam Medical Dictionary, The,

Bargain Book Warehouse,

Barnes & Nobel,


Bart's Watersports,

Bartending Inside-Out,

Basic Book of Business Agreements, 91-92

Basic Guide to Exporting,

Basket Maker's, The,

Basketball Player's Bible, The,

Battering Syndrome, The,

Bay Area Dog Lover's Companion,

Bay Area Reporter,

Be Totally Debt Free, Including Your Home Mortgage, in - Years, on Your Present Income,

Be Whole!, 65

Beach Tech,


Beanie Baby Handbook, The, 37

Bear Necessities, program,

Beardstown Ladies' Common-Sense Investment Guide,

Becoming a Chef,

Bed & Breadfast in New England,

Being Digital,

Believers Book Distributor,

Bell for Adano, A,

Belly Burner,


Benjamin Franklin Awards,

Benny Gets a Bully-Ache,

Benny the Bull,

Benny's Coloring Book from A to Z,

Berenstein Bears Series, 40

Berenstein Bear Scouts and the Sinister Smoke Ring,

Berenstein Bear Scouts Smoke Ring Kit,

Best Bets section,

Best Boss, Worst Boss,

Best Bread Machine Cookbook Ever, The,

Best Companies for Women, The,

Best Edition,

Best Laid Plans,

Best of Everything, The,

Best of the Web,

Best Places to Stay series,

Best Teacher Award,

Best to You,

Best Treatment, The,

Best You Can Bake Chocolate Desserts,

BestSeller Experience Seminars, 60


Beta Books site,

Better Homes and Gardens,

Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks,

Better Homes and Gardens Crafts to Decorate Your Home,

Better Homes and Gardens Eating Healthy Cook Book,

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book,

Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book,

Better You, A,

Betty Crocker's Christmas Cookbook,

Beverly Cleary's Ramona: Behind the Scenes of a Television Show,

Beyond Midnight,

Beyond the Darkness,




Big Books,

Big Books from Small Presses,

Big Ideas for Small Service Businesses,

Big Picture, The, 51

Big Yellow,


Bike Nashbar,


Bird Care Book, The,

Birds Around Us, The,

Birnbaum's Europe for Business Travelers,

Birthday Express, 85

Bits & Pieces,


Black Collegian, The,

Black Resource Guide,

Blackstone Chronicles, The,


Blood Text,

Blooding, The,


Bloomsbury Review, 49

Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal,

Blue Highways,

Blue Skies, No Candy,

Bluefish Cookbook, The,

Boardroom Reports,

Body, Mind & Spriit,

Body in the Transept, The,

Body in the Volvo, The,

Bold Type site,

Bon Appetit,

Book Blitz: Getting Your Book in the News,

Book Building Community program,

Book Fairs,

Book Industry Trends, 43

Book Marketing Bestsellers blog, 72

Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminars,

Book Marketing Handbook,

Book Marketing Made Easier, 38

Book Marketing Tip of the Week,

Book Marketing Update, 71-72

Book of Abraham, The,

Book of Inside Information, 92

Book of Internal Exercises, The,

Book of Inventions, The,

Book of Pigericks, The,

Book of Questions, The,

Book of Ruth,

Book Promotion Calendar,

Book Publishing Resource Guide,

Book Report,

Book Wholesalers & Library Jobbers Report,


BookDealers World,

BookFlash service,


Booklist Selection Policy,


Books A to Z,

Books In Print, 73

Books on Camping and Outdoor Crafts& Skills,




Bookseller's Street Smart Marketing Tips,

Bookselling This Week,

BookSense, 70

BooksPR discussion group,

Bookstore Sales and Promotion Kit,



Born in the USA,

Born to Win,

Boss Lady,

Boston Book Review,

Boston Bookbuilder's Award,

Boston Globe,

Boston Herald, The,

Boston Ice Cream Lover's Guide,

Both Sides Now,

Bottom Line Business,

Bottom Line Personal,

Bounce Back from Backruptcy,

Bourne Supremacy,

BP Report, 72

Brad Messer's Prep Sheet,

Bradshaw On: The Family,


Brain Games,

Brain Quest,


Bran Chex cereal,



Breakfast at Random House,

Breakfast at Tiffanys,

Breaking Point,

Breaking the Surface,

Breathing Lessons,

Breck's Dutch Bulbs,

Bridal Bargains: Secrets of Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget,

Bridal Solutions, 85

Bridges of Madison County, The, 54

Bright Christmas,

Bright Ideas to Make Life Better,

Britannica Information Guide,


Brown Wrapper Bookstore,

Buck Wilder's Small Fry Fishing Guide,

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog,

Build Your Business Daily Tips,

Bummer and Lazarus,


Bus to Paradise,

Business & Incentives,

Business and Legal Forms for Authors and Self-Publishers,

Business Books Mean More Business,

Business Buy the Bible,

Business Classifieds,

Business Marketing,

Business of Book Publishing, The,

Business News Media Directory,

Business Seek,

Business Software: Choosing a Program That Will Help You Sell Books,

Business Times,

Business Travel Adviser for the European Union, The,

Business Week, 49

Busy World of Richard Scarry, The,

Butcher's Theater, The,

Buy It Online,

Buyers Index,

By Myself,




Cable Guide, The,

Cafe des Artistes Cookbook,

Cafe-L discussion list,

Cahners Research survey,

Caine Mutiny, The,

Cajun Magic Seasonings,

Caldecott Medal,

California Beaches,

California Camping,

California Fishing,

California Golf,

California Seafood Book, The,


Cambridge cigarettes,

Campbell's Creative Cooking with Soup,

Campus Life,

Campus Life series,

Campus Source billboards,

Cancer Battle Plan, A,

Canned Art: Clip Art for the Macintosh,

CanSurmount cancer patient program,

Capability's Books,

Card Pack Media Directory,

Care Bears Help Chase Colds, The,

Career & Personal Advancement Card Deck,

Carlisle Chronicles series, 40

Carnivorous Plants,


Case of the Missing Blue Volkswagen, The,

Cash for Unidiscovered Treasures,

Casting of Bells, The,

Cat Fancy,

Cat in the Hat, The, 54

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb, 56

Cat Who Came for Breakfast, The,

Cat's Pajamas,


Catalog Age,

Catalog Finder,

Catalog Mart,

Catalog of Catalogs, The,

Catalog Sales Directory,


Catalogue of Canadian Catalogues,

Catcher in the Rye, 55


Cats, Cats & More Cats,

CBS Sportsline,

CBS This Morning, 48


Celebrate Today, 35

Celebration of Cooking in America,

Celestine Journal, The,

Celestine Prophecy, The,



Champion Imagination Award,


Charlie & Company,

Charlie perfume,

Charlotte's Web, 55

Chase's Annual Events,


Chasing Redbird,


Cheapskate series,

Cheapskate's Handbook, The,

Chef's Catalog,

Chesapeake Regional Authors Week,


Chicago Manual, The, 54

Chicago Tribune, 48, 53

Chicago Tribune Books,

Chicken Soup for Little Souls,

Chicken Soup for the Soul, 29, 41, 56, 75

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, 41

Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, 41

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, 41

Child Magazine,

Child Star,

Children's Books Insider, 72

Childs Work Childs Play,

China Dawn,

Chocolate Bonus Book,

Chocolate Lover's Cookbook, The,

Chocolate News,

Chocolate Truffles,



Choosing a Distribution System,

Christian Book Distributors,

Christian Bookseller Association site,

Christian Science Monitor,


Christmas Box, The, 32

Christmas Collection,

Christmas is the Air,

Chronicle of Higher Education, 49


Cincinnati Post,


Circle This,

Civil Action, A, 50


Clairvoyant, The,

Clan of the Cave Bear, The, 38

Clara's Heart,

Claris Home Page,

Classic Cooking with Coca Cola,

Classic Russian Idylls,


Cleveland Plain Dealer,


Clifford the Dog series, 40

Clifford's Birthday Party,

Closing of the American Mind, The,


Clustering of America, The,

CNN Headline News,

CNN This Morning, 50


C/Net's Search.Com,

Co-Dependent No More,

Coca-Cola's Hotspot Award,

Cocoa Krispies,

Cold Mountain,

Collected Stories, 57

Collected Stories of John Cheever, The,

College Grad Job Hunter,

College Market & Media Overview,

College Outlook,

College Store Journal,

College Take-Ones,

Collegiate dictionary,

Colonial Garden Kitchens,

Color Me Beautiful, 44

Color Purple, The,

Colorado Authors' Week,

Colorado Scenic Calendar, The,

Columbia Journalism Review,

Come a Little Bit Closer,

Come the Spring,


Coming Apart: Why Relationships End and How to Live Through the Ending of Yours,

CommerceNet/Nielson survey,

Common Reader, A,

Common Sense: The Complete Money Management Workbook,

Communications Industry Forecast, The,

Communications Industry Report, The,

Company Store, The,

Complete Book of Running, The,

Complete Bran Flakes,

Complete Country Business Guide, The,

Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook, The,

Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book,

Complete Guide to Home Remedies, The,

Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, The,

Complete Guide to Successful Publishing, The,

Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications, The,

Complete Idiot's Guides, 37

Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh, The,

Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual, The,


Computer Book Publishing discussion list,

Computer Gear,

Computer Press Awards,


Computing Basics,

Concert Photography: How to Shoot and Sell Music-Business Photographs,

Condensed Chicken for the Soul, 41

Conducting a Boutique PR Campaign, -

Confession of an Advertising Man, 32

Consultant's Kit, The,

Consulting News,

Consulting Opportunities Journal,

Consumer Reading Group Kits,

Consumer Research Study on Book Purchasing, 33

Consumer's Buying Guide, A,

Contemporary Authors,

Contests Guide,

Continental Airlines Magazine,

Contra Costa Times,

Contract Killer,

Conversations with God, Book I,

Conversations with God, Book II,

Cook's Magazine,

Cook's Wares, A,

Cookbook-L discussion list,

Cooking in the Nude,

Cooking with Bon Appetit, 43

Cooking with Whole Grains,

Cool Cards,

Cool Site of the Day,


Corporate Coach,

Corporate Meetings & Incentives,

COSMEP newsletter,



Countdown to Armageddon,

Country Bound!,

Country Inns of New England,

Country Store,

Courage to Change,

Cove, The,

Cowles/Simba Media Daily,

Craft King,

Craft Trends,


Crafts 'n Things,

Cream and Bread,

Creating a Bestseller, 20

Creative Cash,

Creative Craft House,

Creative Glow, The,

Creative Loafing,

Creative Products News,

Crime Times,

Crisis Investing,

Crockery Cookery, 37

Crow and Weasel,

Cuckoo's Egg,


Culinary Artistry,

Cumberland General Store,

Cup of Chicken Soup of the Soul, A, 41

Curious George Word-Search Contest,

Curriculum Product News,

Custom Marketing,

Cut & Assemble books, 41







D Magazine,


Daily Bible Verse,

Daily Planet,

Dale Carnegie,

Dallas Morning News, 48, 49

Damage, 45


Dance Mart,

Dandelion Celebration, The,

Danielle Steel Reading Groups,

Daring to Dream,

Dark Forces series, 40

Darkroom Photography,

DataBack Systems,


Dave Barry in Cyberspace,

David O. Selznick's Gone with the Wind,

David O. Selznick's Hollywood,

Day After Tomorrow, The,

Day in the Life of Canada, A,

Day in the Life of Canada Road Atlas, A,

Day in the Lifeseries,


Days of Drums,

Dayton Daily News,

Dazzle the Dinosaur,

Dead Horse Paint Company, The,

Dead Man Walking,

Dear Abby,

Dear America: A Picture of Freedom,

Dear God,

Dear Teacher,

Death of a DJ,

Death of James Dean, The,

Debt to Pleasure, The,

Debt-FREE and Prosperous Living,

Deception Pass,

Deep End of the Ocean,

Deepak Chopra's Infinite Possibilities for Body, Mind & Soul,



Delaneys of Killaroo,


Denver Post,

Denver Quarterly,

Desert of the Heart,

Design Book Review,

Designing Speech-Friendly Web Pages for the Blind,

Destination Fitness,

Detective Donut and the Wild Goose Chase,

Detroit Free Press, 48

Detroit News,

Detroit Public Library's Author Day Award,


Devil at Home, The, 91

DHEA Breakthrough, The,

Dial-a-Piano lesson,


Dianetics, 74

Dick Blick,

Dictionary of Bible and Religion, The,

Diddy-Wa-Diddy National Barbecue Contest,

Did-It Detective,


Diet for the Atomic Age,

Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty,



Digital Bindery,

Digital Camera Companion,

The Dilbert Future, 56

Dilbert Principle, The, 56


Direct Email List Source,

Direct Mail Copy That Sells,

Direct Marketing Magazine,


Directory of Book Printers, 38, 42, 76

Directory of Business to Business Catalogs,

Directory of College Stores Interested in Hosting Authors for Campus Appearances and Book Signings,

Directory of Directories,

Directory of Federal Libraries,

Directory of Literary Magazines, 70

Directory of Mail Order Catalogs,

Directory of News Sources,

Directory of Poetry Publishers,

Directory of Premium, Incentive & Travel Buyers,

Directory of Religious Media,

Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers,

Directory of Women's Media,

Discount Master Animal Care,

Discount Travel Sourcebook,

Discover! America's Great River Road,

Discover the Best Jobs for You,

Distant Replay,

DM News,

Do It,

Doctor, What Should I Eat?,

Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Dogs & Cats, The,

Doctor's Vest-Pocket Sampler of Natural Remedies, The,

Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless, 56

Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook, 56


Do-It-Yourself Book Publicity Kit, The, 20

Dollars for Scholars sweepstakes,



Don't Eat Your Heart Out,

Don't Miss Out,

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, 56

Donna's Day,

Doomsday Conspiracy, The,

Doomsday Mall series, 40

Dorchester Gas Tank, The,

Dori Sanders' Country Cooking,


Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award,


Doubleday Dictionary,

Doug books,

Doug Whiteman,

Down Home Cookin' Without the Down Home Fat,

Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Program for Health, Fitness and Nutrition,

Dr. Andrew Weil's Self Healing,

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, 56

Dr. Berger's Immune Power Diet,

Dr. Burns' Prescription for Happiness,

Dr. Gott,


Dr. Moggle's Alphabet Challenge,

Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Guide to Good Health (For Women Over Forty),

Dr. Scholls Air Pillow insoles,

Dr. Seuss books,

Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day,

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 39

Drawing with Children, 39

Dreams West,

Duct Tape,

Duke: The Life and Times of John Wayne, The,

Dummies Daily,

Dummies series, 37, 56, 68, 93


Dweller on Two Planets, A,



Early Morning Edition,

Earth Care,

Earth Children series, 38

Earth Right,

EarthLink Network,

Eastern Art Glass,

Easy Bazaar Crafts,

Easy Halloween Custumes for Children,

Easy Instruction for Using Your Computer,

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, 79

Eat This—It'll Make You Feel Better,

Eat to Your Heart's Content,


Eating Rich: Recipes from America's Wealthies Families,

Eating Thin for Life,


Economics, 54

Eddie: My Life, My Lovers,

Eddie Bauer,

Eddie Bauer Guide to Backpacking, The,

Eddie Bauer Guide to Cross-Country Skiing, The,

Eddie Bauer Guide to Family Camping, The,

Eden Press Privacy Catalog,

Edge: Rx for Success, The,

Edith Roman Associates,

Editor & Publisher,

EDK Forecast,

Edmund's Scientific,

Education Place web site,

Educational Dealer,

Educators Card Deck,


Edward R. Hamilton,

Egg and I, The,

Eight Quick & Easy Ingredients for Cookbook Publicity,

8 Weeks to Optimum Health, 48

Elderly Instruments,

Electronic Advertising & Marketplace Report,

Electronic Direct Marketing,

Elementary Educators Card Deck,

Elements of Style. The, 55

Elephant Man, The,


Email Alert Service,

Email Marketing Resources,

Emerald Necklace, The,

Empowered Manager, The,

Encyclopedia Britannica,

Encyclopedia of Associations, 71

Encyclopedia of Self-Publishing,

Ender's Game,

Entertainment Industry Contracts,

Entertainment Weekly,


Entrepreneur's Magazine,

Entrepreneur's Road Map to Business Success, The,

Entrepreneurial Couples Success,

Ernest Hemingway Award,

Erotic Silence of the American Housewife,

Escape from Alcatraz,

Escape in Style,


ESPN web site,


Essential Wine Book, The,

Everett Herald,

Every Thing Men Know about Women,

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex,

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Package Inserts and Co-op Mailings,


Excellence Challenge, The, 89


Executive Edge,

Executive Insights,

Executive Orders,

Executive Soundview Summaries,

Exhibit Marketing,


Expert Witness Directory,

Expert's Guide,


Exporter's Guide to Federal Resources for Small Business, The,

Expose Yourself to the Pacific Northwest,


Extraterrestrials: A Field Guide to Earthlings,

Extravagant Gestures,

Eye on the Web,


Facts about Aids,

Fame Game, The,


Family Circle,

Family Matters,

Family Raised on Sunshine, A,

Family Travel Guides,

Fantasy & Science Fiction,

FAO Schwarz,

Farm Journal,

Fast Cash for Kids,

Fast Forward,

Fast Greens,

Father's Book of Wisdom, A, 56

Fatherhood, 35

Fathers and Daughters, 35

Fathers Magazine,


Fear Street series, 40

Federal statistics,

Feed Me, I'm Yours,

Feminist Bookstore News,

Fermat's Last Theorem,

Fiction Finds,

Fielding's Guide to the World's Most Dangerous Places,

Fielding's Guide to Worldwide Cruises,

Fifth Horseman, The,

50 Creative Book Marketing Ideas,

50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth, 34

50 Ways to Lose Weight,

FileMaker Pro, 87

Film Directors Guide,

Film Distribution Guide,

Film Producers, Studios, Agents, and Casting Directors Guide,

Film Writers Guide,

Final Curtain,

Final Days, The,

Financial Peace,

Financial Success Report,

Find Newsgroups,

Find Out series,

Find Series,

Find-the-Typo Contest,

Fine Art of Jumping Off Cliffs, The,

Fine Gardening,

Finishing School, The,

Fire Up Your Communication Skills,

Firecracker Alternative Book Awards,

Firefighter's Catalog,

First Aid for Tantrums,

First and Ten,

First Class Sweepstakes,

First for Women,

First Look program,

First Time series,

First Virtual Holding,

Fit for Life,

Fitness After 50,


5 Day Miracle Diet, The,

5-Minute Cures,

Fix-It and Forget-It cookbooks, 56



Flight of the Intruder,

Flight School Event Kits,


Flirting for Success,

Floatplane Notebooks, The,

Florida Citrus Cookbook, The,

Flower & Garden,

Flying Solo,

Focus Award Sites,

Fodor's on the Road,

Fodor's Touring Europe,

Fold-Out Rainforest,

Food from the Heart,

Food Smart,

Fool 'Em,

Fools Die,

For All the Write Reasons,

For My Daughters,

For the Roses,

Forbes, 53

Forbidden Knowledge,


Foreword, 72

Forrester Research,


Four Success Principles, The,

Fourth Turning, The,

Frank Sinatra, My Father,

Free Information Service,

Free Links,

Free Stuff from the World Wide Web,

Free Things,

Free Vacations & Bargain Adventures,


Freebies for Cat Lovers,

Freelance Writers Report, 72

Freelance Writing,

FreeShop Online,

Freeware Banner Wizard,

Freixenet Book of Toasts and Graces, The,

Fresh Air, 50

Friday Night Videos,

Frisbee Player's Handbook,

From College to the Real World,

From Grandma with Love,

From the Bookshop,

Frommers Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel,

Frontlist on Floppy,

Froot Loops,

Frugal Gourmet, The,

Fundamentals: Book Publishers' Obligations to Book Retailers under the Federal Antitrust Discrimination Law,

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Court, A,

Funny Things Kids Say Will Brighten Any Day,

Funu: The Unfinished Saga of East Timor,



G. Neil,

Gadget Guru,


Gale Advantage Plan,

Gale's Directory of Publications, 72

Gallup Poll Monthly, The,

Gallup Report on Book Buying,

Gallup Survey,

Gambler's Emporium,

Game Room,


Garden Supply Retailer,

Gardener's Book of Sources,

Gardener's Marketplace,

Gardener's Supply Co.,


Gardening: The Complete Guide to Growing America's Favorite Fruits and Vegetables,

Gavel Awards,

Gay & Lesbian Bookselling,

Gebbie Online,

Genetic Connections,


Germs Make Me Sick,

Get BusinessWise,

Get $ Million Worth of Publicity...Free!,

Get Up and Go: A Guide for the Mature Traveler,

Getting Approved: Making the American Credit System Work for You,

Getting Book Distribution,

Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships, 44

Getting Hired: Everything You Need to Know about Resumes, Interviews and Job Hunting Strategies,

Getting Started in Federal Contracting,

Getting the Most from Your Yellow Pages Advertising,

Getting Them Sober, 19

Geyer's Office Dealer,


Ghosts of Fear Street,

Gift and Decorative Accessories,

Gift and Housewares Buyers,

Gift and Mystery,

Gift and Stationery Business,

Gift Show Directory,

Gift of Dyslexia, The,


Gifts of the Heart, 41

Giftware News,



Glory Game, The,


Go to Bed, Fred,

God Knows,


Gold Book Award,

Golden Books line,

Golden Medallion,

Golden Rib Award,

Golden Spur,



GoldMine, 87


Golf Day,

Golf Pro Merchandiser,

Golfweb site,

Gone, But Not Forgotten,

Gone Fishin',

Gone with the Grits,

Gone with the Wind,

Good Food,

Good Housekeeping,

Good Morning America, 48, 80

Good Neighbor,

Goodnight Moon, 55

Goodnight Moon Board Book,

Gooflumps, 40

Goosebumps, 40-41

Goosebumps series, 40-41

Goosebumps Thrillogy,


Government Auctions/Sales Manual,

Government Product News,



Grand Rapids Press,

Grand Street,

Grandpa Mole and Cousin Mole's Journeys,

Graphic Arts Journal,

Graphics Arts Monthly,

Great Alone, The,

Great American Fiction,

Great American Vacations,

Great Book of Catalogs,

Great Getty, The,

Great Outdoor Getaways to the Bay Area,

Great Trails Road Atlas,

Great Vegetarian Dishes,

Greatest Gift Guide Ever,

Greatest Salesman in the World, The, 58

Green Eggs and Ham, 54

Green Mile, The,

Greystone Bakery Cookbook,

Grilling Book, The,

Grimm's Fairy Tales,

Groom & Board,

Grow Old Along with Me, The Best is Yet to Be,

Growing Up Together Contest,

Guardian Angel,

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Guide to Eastern Canada,

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Guinness Book of World Records, 55


Hachette Guide to France,


Hammer of the Gods,

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Little Prince, The, 55

Little Sip of Chicken Soup, A,

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Little Yellow Dog, A,

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Living with the Kennedys,

Llewellyn New Times,

LMP, see Literary MarketPlace.

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Locus, 49

London Sunday Times, 49

Long Beach Press-Telegram,


Lonely Planet site,

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Look Like a Winner with Care, Color & Style,

Looking Out for #1,



Lord God Made Them All, The,

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Los Angeles Times, 52, 53

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Make Your Money Grow, 67

Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age,

Making College Count,

Making It in the Media Professions,

Making Love Work,

Malcolm Cowley Prize,



Mammoth Hunters, The, 38

Man in the Mood: Poems for Laughing, Loving and Living, A,

Man in White,

Man Ray: American Artist,

Man, Woman and Child,

Managing with Lou Dobbs,


Mansion on the Hill, The,

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Mastery: Insights and Wisdom from Remarkable People,

Mastery: Interviews with Remarkable People,

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Mathematics of Bookselling, The,

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Mature Traveler column,

Maude: She Grew Up with the Country,

Max Headroom: The Picture Book of the Film,



Mayo Clinic Family Health Book,

Mayor, 47


McDonald's: Behind the Arches,


McDuff Comes Home,

McDuff Moves In

Meaning of Life, The,

Measure of Our Success, The,

Media Finder,

Media Talk Magazine,




Meeting the Master,







Memories of Midnight,

Memory Can Be Murder,

Memphis Commercial Appeal,

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, 48

Men Who Can't Be Faithful,

Men's Health,

Meow Mix Guide to Cat Talk, The,

Merchant Card Status: Credit Cards for Publishers,

Merlin's Journey,

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 68

Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia,

Messengers, The,

Metamucil brands,

Metropolitan Home,

Metropolitan Museum of Art,


Miami: City of Dreams,

Mick, The,

Microsoft Access, 87

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Midwives, 50

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Miles Kimball,

Milkman's Boy, The,

Millionaire Maker Course,

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Minnesota Monthly,


Miracle on the 17th Green, 32

Missing Link,

Mister Roberts,

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Moosewood Cookbook,

More Random Acts of Kindness,

More Sniglets,

More Than Just Sex,

Morning Drive Radio Tour,

Morning Edition,

Morning Show,

Morning's Gate,

Most Beautiful Place in the World: Impressions of Ten Master Photographers, The,

Most of My Patients Are Animals,

Mother Earth News,

Mother Jones,

Mothers & Daughters,

Mothers Today,

Moving to the Country Once and For All,


Mr. Boston Official Bartender's and Party Guide,

Mr. Food,

Mr. Halley and His Comet,


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MSN's Pick of the Week,

MSN's Sidewalk sites,

Mueller Sporting Goods,


Multicultural Catalog,

Muppets Make Puppets, The,

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Murder Makes the Magazine,

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Mutant Message Down Under,

My American Journey,

My Book for Kids with Cansur,

My Freshman Manual,

My Many Colored Days,

My Say,

My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows,

My Shadow Ran Fast,

My Sister Eileen,

My Traitor's Heart,

Mysteries by Mail,

Mysteries of Pittsburgh, The,

Mysteries of the Unknown,

Mystery Ride, The, 45, 47


NACS Book Buyer's Manual,

Nancy Drew books,



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Nation's Business,

National Associations of the U.S.,

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National Book Critics Circle Book Awards,

National Business Employment Weekly,

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National Enquirer, 48

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National Home Center News,

National Jewish Book Awards,

National Mature Media Awards Program,

National New Age Yellow Pages,

National Poetry Month, 73

National Speakers Association,

National Review,

National Special Events Registry,

National Trade & Professional Association of the U.S.,

National Yellow Pages Advertising Fact Book,

Natural Foods Merchandiser,

Nature Company,

NBC Bestsellers,

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Necessary Madness,


Nero Wolfe Award,

Nestle Tollhouse Morsels,

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Net Surfer Digest,



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New Age Journal, 71

New Age Link Forum,

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New Beverly Hills Diet, The,

New Choices in Natural Healing,

New Consciousness Source Book,

New Doubleday Cookbook, The,

New England Review,

New Frontier,

New Joy of Photography, The,

New Holland Bulbs,

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New Marketing Resource Directory,

New Our Bodies Ourselves, The,

New Riders Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages,

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New Woman,

New Writer, The,

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New York Magazine,

New York Newsday,

New York Post,

New York Sports Scene,

New York Review of Books,

New York Times, 44, 45-47, 52, 53, 54

New York Times Book Review, 47

New York's Master Chefs,

New Yorker,

Newark Dressmaking Supply,

Newberry Medal,

News of the Wierd,

News Resource,



Newsletter Access,

Newsmaker Interview,

Newsweek, 53


Nice Guys Sleep Alone: A Survival Guide to Dating in the 's,

Niche Marketing for Wirter, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs,

Nielsen Media Research,

Night in Eden, A,

NIMA Award,

Nimitz Class,

Nine Princes of Amber,

xx Know-How,

1999 Mobil Road Atlas and Trip Planning Guide to the United States, Canada, and Mexico, The,

1999 Road Atlas,

1999 What Color Is Your Parachute?, The,

No Hang-ups III,

No Shirt. No Shoes. No Problem,

No Time for Tears,

Nobel Prize,

Noble Internet Directories,

Nolo News,

North American Review,

North Carolina Quilts,

North Dakota Quarterly,

North Light,

North of Skarv Island,

Northern Sun,



Northwest World Traveler,


Not Necessarily the News,

Notebook, The, 48

Nothing-Impossible-Possum Stories,

NUA Internet Surveys,

Nursery Manager,



Oath, The,

Obtaining a Merchant Card Account,

Ocean Alphabet Book, The,


Off in Zora,

Off the Face of the Earth, 91

Office Purchasing Guide,

Official Guide to AOL's Kids Connection, The,

Ogilvy on Advertising,

Oh, the Places You'll Go!, 35, 54

Ohio Farmer,

Old Farmer's Almanac,

Old Gringo, The,

Old Turtle,

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On Our Own series, 40

On Q,

On the Grill,

On Travel,

Once Upon a Christmas,

Once Upon a Time: Visions of Old Japan,

One American Must Die,

One Author's National TV Experience,

OneHost site,

101 Top Pasta Sauces,

101 Referrals,

101 Ways to Promote Yourself,

101 Things That Make You Crabby,

101 Ways to Motivate Yourself, 22

One Minute books,

One Minute Father, The, 40

One Minute for Myself, 40

One Minute Lover, The,

One Minute Manager, The, 40, 55

One Minute Manager Get Fit, The, 40

One Minute Mother, The, 40

One Minute Salesperson, The, 40

One Minute series, 40

One More Time,

One Size Does Not Fit All,

One-Stop Catalog Shop,

1001 Ways to Be Romantic, 34, 46, 58

Ongoing Journey, The, 63

Online Epicure, The,

Opera Box,


Oprah, 48, 80

Organic Gardening,

Original Backyard Scientist,

Original Sin, The,

Other Mother, The,

Out of Africa, 57

Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass, 57

Out of Isak Dinesen in Africa,

Out of the Blue,

Out on a Limb,

Outrage: The Five Reasons Who O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder,

Outrageously Delicious,



P Day Parties,

P.S. I Love You, 56

Pacific Northwest Hiking,

Paddington Bear,

Pages & Privileges,

Palm Beach,


Paperback Advance,

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Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook,

Parachuting Manual, The,


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Parents' Choice Awards,

Paris Match,

Parrot Media site,

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Pasadena Star News,

Pasta Diet, The, 91

Pastor's File,

Pastry Bible, The,

Pathfinder site,


Paul A. Witty Award,

PC Soft,

PC World,

PC Zone,


PE/URL award,

Peace: A Dream Unfolding,

Peer Pressure Reversal,

Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction,

Penguin Pete,

Penobscot River Renaissance,



People vs. Larry Flynt, The,



Performance Bicycle,

Personal Computer, The,

Personal Computer in Business Book, The,

Personal Computer Publicity Book, The,

Personal History,

Personal Power,

Personal Power Program,

Pet Age,

Pet Dealer, The,

Pet Product News,

Pet Talk America,

Pet Warehouse,

Peter Plan, The, 40

Peter Principle, The, 40

Peter Pyramid, The, 40

Peter Rabbit,

Peter Rabbit Race Game,

Peter Rabbit site,

Phantom of the Opera,

Philadelphia Inquirer, 55



Pictureback line, 40

Pieces of History,

Pig Iron,

Pill Book, The,

Pillsbury Complete Book of Baking,

Pirate Utopias,

Pittsburgh Post Gazette,

Places of Greater Safety,

Planet Micro,


PlayFair Toys,


Pleasure in the Word: Erotic Writings by Latin American Women,

Pleasure Prescription, The, 48

PMA Co-op Mailings,

PMA's Books for Review,

PMA-L discussion list,

Pocket Dictionary of Signing,

Poe Award,

Poky Little Puppy, The, 55

Politics of Auto Insurance Reform, The,

PoliticsNow Classroom site,

PoliticsNow web site,

Popcorn Report, The,

Popcorn-PLUS Diet, The,

Popular Mechanics,

Popular Nutritional Practices: A Scientific Appraisal,

Popular Photography,

Portable Writers' Conference, The,

PositionAgent search engine,

Positioning Agent,

Positive Parenting,

Positively Outrageous Service,

Post Grape Nuts,

Post Raisin Bran cereal,


PostMaster Direct,

Potboilers: Three Black Comedies,

Potentials in Marketing,

Power City,

Power Lunch,

Power Up!,


Prairie Home Companion,

Prayer for Owen Meany, A,

Prayer of Jabez, The, 56

Pregnant Husband Handbook, The,

Premiere Readers Fiction Club,

Premium/Incentive Business,

Premiums & Incentives,



Prevention for Pets,

Preview Travel,

Price Is Right, The,

Primary Colors,

Prime Time Together ... with Kids,

Prime-Time Live,

Princess Daisy,

Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut,

Princeton Review: Cracking the System: the SAT,


Priorities: The Journal of Personal Success,

Pritikin Diet, The,

Private World of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, The,

Pro-Comm Newsletter,


ProCD's Select Phone,

Procedures for Submitting Review Materials to Booklist,

Producer's Report,

Product Partners Inc.,

Professional Associations,

Professional Cooking,

Professional Secretary's Survival Guide, A,

Professional Selling,

Professional Speakers,

Professional's Guide to Public Relations Services,

Profitable Direct Marketing,

ProfNet's Expert Database,

Projects for Parents,


Promo's Sourcebook,

Prophet, The, 54

Proud to Be Smoke Free,

Prove It All Night: The Bruce Springsteen Trivia Book,

Providence Business Journal,


Public Pulse, The,

Publicity for Authors and Publishers,

Publicity for Books and Authors, 66

Publicity on the Internet,

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists directory,

Publish to Win,

Publisher's Guide to Successful Multinational Mailings,

Publisher's Multinational Direct,

Publisher's Trade List Annual,

Publishers Choice,

Publishers Direct Mail Handbook,

Publishers Weekly, 39, 44, 45-46, 49, 52, 54, 67, 68, 71, 72

Publishers Who Distribute Books,

Publishing Entrepreneur,

Publishing for Profit,

Publishing News,

Publishing Poynters,

Publishing to Niche Markets,

Pueblo Stories and Storytellers,

Pulitzer Prize,


Purification Ceremony, The,

Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care, The,

Putting the One Minute Manager to Work, 40



Questions and Answers on Word Processing,

Quick Silver,

QuickBooks, 87

Quickening, The,

QuickSilver Database,


Quill and Quire, 71




R.C. Steele,

R.T. French Tastemaker Awards,

R&R (Radio & Records),

Radio Directory,

Radio Talk Show System, The,

Radio/TV Interview Report, 79-80


Raiders of the Lost Ark,

Rainy Lake,

Raising Happy Kids on a Budget,

Raising Kids with Just a Little Cash,

Ramona Quimby series,

Rand McNally Nature Guide,

Rand McNally Road Atlas, 55

Rand Youth Poll,

Random Acts of Kindness,

Random Revelations,

Ranger Rick,

Rank This!,

Raymond Chandler Mystery Map of Los Angeles,

Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe,

Read More About It,

Read-Aloud Handbook, The,


Reader's Digest,

Reader's Digest Do-It-Yourself Manual,

Reading House from Ramdom House,

Ready Reference,

Ready-to-Use Alphabets series, 41

Real Barbecue,

Real Goods,

Real Secrets of Beauty, The,

Reclaim Your Health,

Record, The,

Red Rose Collection,


Rediscover American Roads,

Reference & Research Book News,

Reference Desk,

Reference Notebook,

Reference Notebook of Insurance Sources, A,

Reference Quarterly,


Regulators, The, 85


Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked, A, 53

Renovator's Supply,


Report Card for Home Schoolers,

Resource Directory,

Resource Directory of Leading Experts and Speakers,

Restaurant Companion: A Guide to Helathier Eating Out, The,

Restoring the American Dream,

Retail Associates Program,

Retail Continuity Program,

Retirement Planning Book,

Retirement Planning Guide,

Return of Merlin, The,

Return of the Jedi,

Return to Love, A,

Return to Treasure Island,


Reviving Ophelia,

Revolution from Within,

Rhino Records,

Rice Krispies,

Rich and the Famous, The,

Richard Scarry's Best Back-to-School Activity Book Ever,

Right Start,

Right Stuff, The,


Rip Van Winkle Asard for Out of Touch Management,

Rise and Fall of Gay Culture, The,

River at the Door: Unusual Experiences in Remote Areas,

River Runs Through It, A,

Rivera Live,


Road Ahead, The,

Road Less Traveled, The, 45, 50

Rob Roy,

Robert Anderson Publishing,


Rodale's Healthy Ideas,

Roger Maris: A Man for All Seasons,

Rogers' Rules for Businesswomen,

Roget's Thesaurus,

Rolling Stone,

Romantic Times,

Ronald Reagan, the Movie,

Rooster Crows,


Rosie O'Donnell Show,



Rotation Diet, The,

Rotten Ralph,

Rough Guide USA,


RTIR. See Radio/TV Interview Report.


Rudyard Kipling in Vermont,

Ruff Times,

Ruff Times National Conventions,


Rules, The,

Runaway Juror, The,


Running for Health and Beauty,

Rush to Nowhere,


Sacramento Bee,

Saddest Pleasure, The,

Safety Minute, The,

Safety Zone,

Sales & Marketing Digest,

Sales & Marketing Management,

Sales Manager's Bulletin,

Sales Marketing Network,

Sally Jesse Raphael,



Salon Magazine,

Salsa Express,

Sammy and Sara's First Day,


San Antonio Express News,

San Francisco Chronicle, 49

San Francisco Herb Company,

San Francisco's Cooking Secrets,

Santa Barbara Highlights and History,

Satellite TV Tour,

Satin Doll,

Save the Children Fund,

Savvy Discount News,


Scandinavian Times,


Scholarly Publishing, 72

Scholastic Network,

School Library Journal, 71

Sci/Tech Book News,

Science Fiction Chronicle,

Science Friday,

Scientific & Technical Bookselling,

Scientific American,

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought,


Scout Report,

Scribble Cookies and Other Independent Creative Art Experiences for Children,

Scrub the Web,


Search Engine Watch web site,


Second Helping,

Second Sight,

Secretary's Friend, The,


Secrets of Free Advertising,

Secrets of Successful Free-Lancing,

Secrets of the Lost Kingdom,

Seduction of Spirit,

Seeing Beyond 20/20, 64



Self-Publishing Manual, The, 75

Selling Power,

Selling to AAFES,

Seminar Clearinghouse International,

Seminar Finder,

Sending Faxes Over the Internet,

Separate Peace, A,

Service America,

Sesame Street, 40

Seussical, The,

Seusville site,

7 Deadly (and Most Common) Press Release Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,

7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, The,

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The,

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The,

700 Club,


7 Laws of Successful Investing, The,

7 Ways to Win the Age Game,

17 Lies, 22

Sew Business,

Sew News,


Sex and the Single Girl,


Sharing Ideas,

Sharper Image, The,

Shattered Moon,

Sheilah's Fearless Fussless Cooking,

Sherlock's Last Cast,


Shrek, 40


SIE Free Offer Postcard Program,


Silent Witness,


Silver Palate Cookbook,


Simple Abundance,

Simple Guide to Self-Publishing, A,

Simply Southwest,

Simply Strawberries,

Single White Homesteader,

Sink the Nimitz,

Skeleton Crew,


Slaves of New York,

Sleeping Dog,


Small Press Magazine,

Small Press Record of Books in Print,

Small Press Review, 72

Small Press Selection program,

Small Time Operator, 54

Smart Money,

Smart Money with the Dolans,

Smart Starts,

Smart Women,

Smart Women, Foolish Choices,

Smith & Hawken,

Smoke & Spice,

Smucker's ice-cream toppings,


Snow Country,

Snow Falling on Cedars,

Soccer Mom Handbook, The,

Social Issues Organizations,

Soft Sculpture,


Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery, 61

Son of the Morning Star,

Sonya Live, 48


Sophie's Choice,

Sound of the Soul, The, 40

South Beach Diet, The, 56

South Pacific,

Southern Daughter: The Life of Margaret Mitchell,

Southern Living,

Southwest Airlines Magazine,

Sound of the Soul, The,

Source Report, The,

Spanish Lover, A, 49

Spare Time,

Speak & Grow Rich,

Speakers Platform,

Speakers Resource List,


Special Markets News,

Special Sales Seminars,

Specialist, The,

Specialty Advertising: The Medium That Remains to Be Seen,

Specialty Retailer,

Spenser: For Hire,


Spice Merchant,

Spices Etc.,

Spilsbury Puzzle,

Spinetingler series,

Spontaneous Healing,

Spooksville series, 40

Sporting Goods Business,

Sporting Goods Dealer,

Sporting Goods Review,

Sports Afield,

Sports Fan Memorabilia,

Sports Illustrated,

Sports Illustrated for Kids,

Sports Market Place,

Spot Lift-the-Flap book series,

Spot Radio Rates & Data,

Spot's First Easter,

Spring Bouquet,

Spring Hill Nurseries,

Springhouse web site,

Sprint Give-Me-A-Call,

Sprouse's Income Tax Handbook,

Spy Headquarters,

SRDS Business Publication Rates and Data,

SRDS Out-of-Home Advertising Source,

Standard Directory of Publications,

Standard Periodical Directory, 72

Stanford Netnews Filtering Service,


Star Chefs,

Star Telecom Network,

Star Trek,

Star Trek books,

Stark Brothers,

Starting a Small Restaurant,

Starting Out Kit,

Starting Point,

Starting Point Hot Site,

Starvation Heights,

Stash Tea,

State & Regional Associations of the United States,

State V. Justice,

Staying Dry,

Step-into-Reading series, 40


SteppingStones series,

Sting, The,

Stitcher's Sourcebook,

Stocking Up,

Stone ,

Stones for Ibarra,

Stop and Smell the Rosemary,

Stop Committing Voice Suicide,

Stop Struggling with Your Teen,

Storm Tech,

Storming Intrepid,

Story T(r)yme File-Notebook of Stories,

Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business,

Streams in the Desert,

Street Food,

Streetsmart Marketing,

Strokers, The,

Subtext, 72


Success Journal,

Successful Direct Marketing Methods, 81

Successful Farming,

Successful Self-Publisher, The,


Summer Lightning,

Suncoast Discount Arts,

Sunrise Satellite Tour,


Supernatural, The,

Survey of Promotional Practices,

Surviving Motherhood,

Sweepstakes Guide,

Sweet Dreams series, 40

Sweet Valley High series, 40

Sweet Valley Twins series, 40

Swept Away series, 36

Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive, 79

Swiss Army knife,

Sylvie's Life,

Syncronys site,

Syndicating a Column,


T'aint Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do,

Take Care of Yourself,

Takeover, The,

Taking Back America,

Taking Care of Your Cat,

Taking Care of Your Dog,

Tales of the Comet,

Talk of the Trade,

Talk Show Selects,

Talk Shows & Hosts on Radio,

Talk to Win,

Talking with Your Customers,

Tall Ships of the World,

Taming the Dragons: Real Help for Real School Problems,

Tangled Vines,

Tao of Natural Breathing for Health, Well Being and Inner Growth, The,


Tara Publishing site,


Target Market News,

Target Marketing,

Tasso Ham,

Taste of German Cooking, A,

Tax Relief,

Taylor Gifts Catalog,


Teachers Resource Center,

Teaching K-,

Teaching Tolerance,

Teahouse of the August Moon

Teas Nursery,

Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys,

TelePrint Conference,

Television Directors Guide,

Television Writers Guide,

Ten Commandments for Dealing with the Media,

Ten Commandments for Sending E-Mail to the Media,

10 Don'ts of Net Marketing,

10 Minutes a Day Shape-up Program,

10 Ways to Stretch Your Advertising Budget,

Tender Years,

Tenth Justice, The,

Thai Horse, 91

Their Eyes Were Watching God,

There are Babies to Adopt,

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays,

Think and Grow Rich, 55

Think Like a Winner,

3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, A,

30 Ways to Sell More Books on Radio and TV Talk Shows,

This Is America,

This Is True,

Thomas Register of Manufacturers,

Thorn Birds, The,

Three Strikes and You're Out,

Through A Glass Darkly,


Till We Meet Again,

Time, 53

Time for Peace, A,

Time Machine series, 40

Time Out series,

Timeless Wisdom, 92

Times of My Life, The,

Times to Remember,


Tinseltowns, U.S.A.,



TM Book, The,

To My Daughter with Love,

Toastmaster Magazine,

Toastmasters International,


Today Show, The, 80

Today's Health,

Today's Realtor,

Today's Tip-Off,

Together Alone,

Tom Clancy's NetForce,

Tonight Show,

Tools of the Trade,

Top Independent Bookstores,

Top National TV Talk Shows, The,

Top Publishers,

Top Performance,

Top Secret,

Top Shape,

Toronto Star,

Tortoise Report, The,

Total cereal,

Tourist Take Ones,

Toy and Hobby World,

Toys for Tots event,

Toys to Grow On,

Trade Book Marketing,

Trade Book Publishing,

Trade Show Central,

Trade Show Database,

Trade Shows and Conventions,

Trade Shows Worldwide,

Tradeshow Week Data Book,

TradeShows & Exhibits Schedule,


Trail of Secrets,

Transpersonal Psychology,

Trash of Treasure,

Travel Books Worldwide,

Travel Bookselling,

Travel Matters,

Travel with Baby,

Travelers' Tales: A Dog's World,

Travelocity site,


Tree of Life, The,



Triumph of Politics, The,

Trivial Pursuit, 37

Troll Communications Scholarship Fund,

True Betrayals,

True Love,

Trumps of Doom,

Turbo Lightning,

TurboCheck software,

Turntable Illusions,

Turtle Moon,

Turtle Talk,

TV Guide,



20 Questions to Ask Before You Create Your Next Ad Campaign,

20 Tough, But Important Questions Publishers Should Ask a List Broker Before Renting a List,

20th Century Art Book, The,

20/20, 48

20 Ways to Get Publicity for Your Books,

20 Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know,

Two Guys, Four Corners,


U.S. All Media E-Mail Directory,

U.S. News & World Report,

U.S. News/CNN poll,

U.S. WebLink Express,

U.S.A. Cookbook,

Ugly Duckling, The,

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory,

Ultimate Cigar Book, The,

Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book,

Ultimate Rule,

Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide,

Uncle Gene's Bread Book for Kids,

Uncommon Influence, 65

Under a Cruel Star: a Life In Prague -,

Understanding the FFT,

United States Government: New Customer,

Unknown California,

Unlimited Access,

Uppity Women of Medieval Times,


USA Cookbook,

USA Today, 45, 53, 91

USA Weekend,



Valley of Horses, The, 38

Valley of the Dolls, The,

ValueWeb site,

Vanished Child, The,

Vanity Fair,

Variety, 52

Varsity Coach series, 40

Vegetarian Times,

Velveteen Rabbit set,

Venture Communications Free Forum,

Vermont Off Beat,

Veterinary Medicine,

View with a Grain of Sand,


Village Voice,

Vine, The,

Vintage Crime Gun,

Virginia Pilot Ledger,

Virtual Card Deck,

Vitamin Shoppe, The,

Vivian's List of Lists,


Voice Literary Supplement, 49

Voice of the Web,

Voices from the Womb,

Voices of survival in the Nuclear Age,

Volvo Guide to Halls of Fame,

Vox Populi, 45

VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates),


Wacky Uses of WD-,

Wake Me When It's Funny,

Waking the Power Within,

Walden Journal,


Walking the World Wide Web,

Wall Street Journal, 49, 53

Wall Street Journal Guide to Who's Who and What's What on Wall Street,

Wall Street Money Machine, The,


Walter Drake,

War Ends, A,

Washington: Images of a State's Heritage,

Washington Post, 49, 53

Washington Post Book World,

Wealthy Barber, The, 31, 51

Wealthy Paper Chasers, The,

Web, The,

Web After Hours,

Web Audit,

Web Crawler Select,

Web Digest for Marketers,

Web Graphics,

Web Step's Top ,

WebChat Broadcasting System,




WebSite Promote,

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 68

Wee Sing series, 56

Weekly Record,

Weight of Water, The,

Weight Watcher's Quick Start Program Cookbook,

West with the NIght,

West-Tex Collectibles,

Wester Horseman,

Whack on the Side of the Head, A,

What Are Your Goals, 69

What Color Is Your Parachute?, 54

What Do Women Want From Men,

What I Like series,

What the Parrot Told Alice,

What to Eat When You're Expecting, 41

What to Expect Pregnancy Organizer, 41

What to Expect the First Year, 41

What to Expect the Toddler Years, 41

What to Expect When You're Expecting, 41, 56

What's in Your Cosmetics?,

What's Up This Week,

Wheaties cereal,

Wheel of Fortune,

When Food Is Love,

When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, 57

When the Bough Breaks,

Where the Wild Things Are, 55

Where's Waldo series, 40

White Flower Farm,

Who Killed the Robins Family,

Who's Who,

Who's Who guides,

Whole Again Resource Guide,

Whole Mirth,

Whole Work Catalog,

Wholesale by Mail Catalog,

Wholesalers and Library Jobbers: A Select List,

Why Wait? What You Need to Know about the Teen Sexuality Crisis,


Wild Goose,

Wild Heather,

Wiley Ideas,



Win a Great Meal constest,

Win a Trip to the Holy Land contest,


Windows Game Book,

Windows Goodies Disk,

Windows ,

Windows for Dummies,

Windows NT,

Windows . Bible,

Wine and Food Library,

Winner's Style, The, 44


Winnie-the-Pooh Journal, The,

Winning Through Intimidation,

Winning Words,



Wireless Flash,

Wisdom Keepers,

Within a Miraculous Realm,

Woman-at-Work Card Deck,

Woman's Book of Courage, The,

Woman's Day,

Women and Doctors,

Women Search Directory,

Women Who Love Too Much,

Women's Health Special site,

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child,

Woodworker's Store,

Woodworkers Journal,


Word Museum,

Word ',

Word of Mouth,

Word Processing Book, The,

Word Processing on the IBM,

Word Processors & Information Processing,


Working Mother,

Working Parents,

Working Woman,

Working Wounded,

World Almanac, 55

World Almanac Book of Inventions,

World Almanac Book of the Strange,

World Almanac Book of World War II,

World Almanac Consumer Information Kit,

World Almanac Dictionary of Dates,

World Almanac for Kids,

World Almanac Guide to Natural Foods,

World at War,

World Hunger: Twelve Myths,

World of Beatrix Potter, The,

World of Romance site,

World Wide Information Outlet,

World without Walls,

World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets, The,


WorldProfit Malls,

Worst Case Scenario handbook series, 56

Write the Perfect Book Proposal,

Writer, The, 72

Writer's Digest, 72

Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents,

Writer's Guide to Self-Promotion and Publicity,

Writer's Legal Guide, The,

Writer's Northwest Handbook,

Writer's Resource Handbook, The,

Writer's Workbook, The,

Writing on Computers,

Writing the Natural Way, 39


X Files, The,



Yahoo! Internet Life,

Yard & Garden,

Year in New York, A,

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, & Spokespersons,

Yellow Pages,

Yen! Japan's New Financial Empire and Its Threat to America,

Yoga Journal,

You & Your Pet,

You Can Heal Your Life,

You Can't Be Too Careful,

You Don't Know Jack,

You Might Be a Redneck If series, 48

Young Reader's Choice Award,

Your Baby & Child,

Your Body Believes Every Word You Say,

Your Colors at Home, 44

Your Erroneous Zones,

Your Fat Is Not Your Fault,

Your Intelligent Heart,


Zapp: The Lightning of Empowerment,

Zell, Moon-Calf,

Zero Hour, The,

Ziplock storage bags,

Zondervans Bibles,

Zondervan News Service,

Zone, The,


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