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Here are book marketing tips tweeted by John Kremer, the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, during a twitterview with @LobsterandChick (Herb Palmer Jr. of on April 29, 2009. Note that the answers had to be about 120 characters plus the @twitterview tag. I have edited a few to make them longer here so the reply is a bit clearer.

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0. Because your book is filled with information and 543 pages, you may answer in an extra tweet to a question.

John: Please note that my 1001 Ways to Market Your Books has 704 incredible pages. Let's have truth in action here :))

1. How did you decide to write 1001 Ways to Market Your Books?

John: I wrote 1001 Ways to Market Your Book because I needed it. If it's not there, create it.

2. In Chapter 1, you say selling is your responsibility, talk about that.

John: The person most in love with the book is the key person responsible for selling it. No one else has the passion.

3. Why does marketing have to be consistent?

John: Marketing must be consistent in order to have an impact. If you are all over the place, no one notices.

4. How long is a good marketing campaign and why?

John: Marketing campaigns should be a 6-8 week intensive push and a 3-year dedicated push. Give people time to discover you.

5. What about directories for marketing, which ones work?

John: Radio: TV: Magazines: your local newsstand. Newspapers:

6. How does an author pick a good title for their book?

John: A good title must be memorable, short, instantly recognizable, brandable, with good subtitle, and reveal content.

7. You say "You can sell a book by its cover" talk about that.

John: Everyone between the author and the reader judge a book by its cover. So your book cover must be great. Hire a professional designer.

8. Do you work with other publishers and nonprofit associations?

John: I do work with other publishers and nonprofit associations. Not sure what you are asking here.

9. What is the most successful book marketing you have seen?

John: That's easy: Harry Potter. Made JK Rowling the first billionaire author. Good marketing reaches its readers.

10. How do you get publicity by setting a record?

John: Media people love change, new records. If you set a new record, especially Guinness certified, you get noticed.

11. Talk about book reviewers.

John: Personally, I prefer a good media interview over a book review any day of the week. People read interviews; they don't read reviews. Or, more accurately, more people read interviews than read reviews.

12. How has the Internet changed book marketing and promotion?

John: The Internet allows authors to target readers more effectively than any other way and reach a worldwide audience.

13. How does an author know they're ready for national TV?

John: Authors are ready for national TV when national TV producers call :)) But it helps to start with local interviews.

14. Should an author work with a media coach to polish their skills?

John: A good media coach will always make you a better interview subject. And that will mean more interviews.

15. Chapter 9 covers writing a news release. What makes up a good new release?

John: A good news release features a great story, a reason to pay attention, and benefit-laden selling quotes.

16. Talk about some of the best ways to break into media?

John: The easiest way to break into the media is via radio interviews; the best way is via TV (the most impactful).

17. Why is connection to a syndicated columnist a good idea?

John: Syndicated columnists have dedicated readers. If a syndicated columnist likes your book, the columnist can sell tons of books for you.

18. How do you market yourself as an expert and how does someone become an expert?

John: The quickest way to become an expert is to write a book. Market yourself as an expert by giving good interviews.

19. Can you talk about camera-ready news or feature stories and getting those to editors?

John: Camera-ready news stories are so yesterday. Today, use free online press releases and Internet media kits. See online press release services at

20. What is the importance of author interviews?

John: Author interviews sell books. As long as the author gives good content and doesn't hold anything back.

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