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Below are some of the major directories listing various media, from radio and TV stations to newspapers, magazines, and syndicated columnists. You can use these to develop your in-house media database. You should be able to find some of these at your local library or advertising agency. Some you might want to buy to keep on your desk for ready access.

If you find that any of the addresses are incorrect or you discover additional information (email, web site, toll-free number, etc.), please email the author at Note: Many of the prices have probably changed since I compiled this list. Thank you.

Radio, Alex Carroll, AceCo Publishers, 924 Chapala Street #D, Santa Barbara CA 93101; 805-962-7834; Fax: 805-564-6868. Email: A database of more than 1300 radio talk shows on more than 300 major news/talk stations.

Cision US, 332 S Michigan Avenue #900, Chicago IL 60604; 312-922-2400; 800-972-9252; Fax: 312-922-3127. Web: Formerly known as Bacon's Information

Bacon's Internet Media Directory — $425.00.

Bacon's Media Calendar Directory — Editorial calendars for 2,200 media. Also includes a free bimonthly newsletter highlighting new publications, special issues, and calendar changes. $425.00.

Bacon's Newspaper/Magazine Directory — Features 100,000 editors at 2,200 media: 1,700 daily newspapers, 8,100 weekly newspapers, 11,100 business, trade, and consumer magazines. Bacon's Media Lists make these lists available on labels or diskettes. $425.00, including free midyear update.

Bacon's Radio/TV/Cable Directory —Features 110,000 editorial contacts at 9,000 radio and 1,300 TV stations (with call letters, addresses, phone numbers, format, and programming. $425.00, including midyear update. All four of the above media directories, plus access to online searching, for $1,350.00.

Business Media Directory — Thousands of business newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV talk shows, syndicated columnists, and freelance writers. $425.00.

Computer/Hi-Tech Directory — $425.00.

Medical & Health Directory — $425.00.

Media Source Database & Software — Features more than 200,000 editorial contacts at 40,000 print and broadcast media. $2,895.00.

Burrelles Luce, 75 E Northfield Road, Livingston NJ 07039-9812; 201-992-6600; 800-876-3342; Fax: 800-898-6677. Web:

Burrelle's Media Directory — Includes print and disc-based directories. Features 200,000 contacts at 46,000 media. $1,000.00 regular price; $525.00 special offer. Also available on CD-Rom only for $795.00. Separate magazine, newspaper, and broadcast directories available for $250.00 each.

Minnesota Media Directory — $60.00.

New England Media Directory — $95.00.

New Jersey Media Directory — $95.00.

New York State Media Directory — $95.00.

Pennsylvania Media Directory — $95.00.

Texas Media Directory — $85.00.

Gale Research Company, 835 Penobscot Building, Detroit MI 48226-4094; 313-961-2242; 800-877-4253; Fax: 313-961-6083. They also publish the Encyclopedia of Associations and other directories.

Black American Information Directory — Features 5,000 media, associations, agencies, and programs.

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media — Features 25,000 print media and 10,000 broadcast media. $280.00.

Hispanic Americans Information Directory — Features 4,700 associations, media, agencies, and other Hispanic programs.

National Directory of Newsletters and Reporting Services — $175.00.

Grey House Publishing, Pocket Knife Square, Lakeville CT 06039; 860-435-0868; 800-562-2139; Fax: 860-435-0867. Email: Also publishes the Complete Directory for People with Chronic Illness, Complete Directory for People with Disabilities, Complete Directory of People with Learning Disabilities, Encyclopedia of Education Information, and Food and Beverage MarketPlace.

Directory of Business Information Resources — 12,000 associations, newsletters, magazines, and trade shows in 85 major business areas, from accounting and advertising to transportation and wholesalers. Paperback: $165.00. Hardcover: $199.00.

Directory of Mail Order Catalogs — Thousands of catalogs. Paperback: $165.00. Hardcover: $199.00.

Directory of Business-to-Business Catalogs — Thousands of catalogs. Paperback: $135.00. Hardcover: $170.00.

Directory of Overseas Catalogs — Thousands of catalogs. Paperback: $165.00. Hardcover: $199.00.

International Business and Trade Directories — 4,000 worldwide directories. Paperback: $125.00. Hardcover: $155.00.

Larriston Communications, P O Box 20229, New York NY 10025; 212-864-0150.

Business & Financial News Media
Medical & Science News Media
Travel, Leisure, & Entertainment News Media

The Newsletter Clearinghouse, Hudson Associates, 44 West Market Street, Rhinebeck NY 12572-1403; 914-876-2081; 800-572-3451; Fax: 914-876-2561.

Hudson's Subscription Newsletter Directory — 4,800 subscription newsletters. $159.00.

Hudson's Washington News Media — 5,000 DC news media contacts. $191.00.

Hudson's State Capital News Media — State capital news contacts. 1993 edition: $108.00.

Oxbridge Communications, 150 Fifth Avenue #302, New York NY 10011-4311; 212-741-0231; 800-955-0231; Fax: 212-633-2938.

College Media Directory — 6,000 student newspapers, magazines, and radio shows. $195.00.

National Directory of Magazines — $495.00. Now also available in CD-Rom format for $545.00.

Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters — 15,000 titles. $395.00.

Standard Periodical Directory — Features 85,000 magazines and newsletters. $695.00.

Public Relations Plus, P O Box 1197, New Milford CT 06776; 203-354-9361; 800-999-8448; Fax: 800-588-3827.

Metro California Media — 1,500 media. $185.00 for two issues per year.
New York Publicity Outlets
— 1,700 media. $185.00 for two issues per year.

R R Bowker Company, 121 Chanlon Road, P O Box 31, New Providence NJ 07974; 908-665-2818; 800-521-8110;Fax: 908-665-6688. Email orders:

Broadcasting & Cable MarketPlace — Features radio and TV stations. $159.95.

Internal Publications Directory — Features 3,500 in-house magazines.

Talk Show Directory: Radio-TV — Features 11,000 radio and TV shows for $105.00.

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory — Features 140,000 magazines. $395.00. Besides being available in a 5-volume set, Ulrich's is also available online, in microfiche, on CD-ROM, and on tape.

Working Press of the Nation — 5 volumes which feature 6,000 newspapers, 8,000 radio & TV stations, and 5,000 magazines. $315.00.

Standard Rate & Data Service, 1700 Higgins Road, Des Plaines IL 60018-5605; 847-375-5000; 800-851-7737; Fax: 847-375-5001. Publishes many advertising directories that can be used for researching editors and producers.

Business Publication Advertising Source — Features 7,300 U.S. business, 1,200 international business, 800 healthcare publications, and 550 direct response opportunities. 12 issues per year for $549.00.

Canadian Advertising Rates & Data — Features Canadian media. 12 issues per year for $495.00.

Community Publication Advertising Source — 2,500 weekly community magazines. 2 issues per year for $95.00.

Consumer Magazine Advertising Source — 2,700 consumer magazines. 12 issues per year for $529.00.

Direct Marketing List Source — Features data on 16,000 mailing lists. 6 issues per year for $384.00.

Hispanic Media and Market Source — 1,700 Hispanic media. 4 issues per year for $199.00.

Interactive Advertising Source — Features advertising and marketing opportunities on the Internet and other interactive media. 4 issues per year for $249.00.

Newspaper Advertising Source — 1,800 newspapers. 12 issues per year for $529.00.

Out-of-Home Advertising Source — Formerly known as Advertising Options Plus, this directory features 2,000 out-of-home ad opportunities. Annual: $149.00.

Radio Advertising Source — 10,000 radio stations. 12 issues per year for $405.00.

Technology Media Source — Features 3,100 advertising opportunities in high tech markets. 1 issue per year for $199.00.

TV & Cable Source — 4,700 television outlets. 4 issues per year for $380.00.

The National Hispanic Media Directory: CD-Rom Version, WPR Publishing, 3445 Catalina Drive, Carlsbad CA 92008-2856; 760-434-7474; Fax: 760-434-7476. Email: Features 1,250 Hispanic publications, 94 Spanish-language TV, 625 Hispanic radio, 475 online sites, and many other Hispanic media related listings. The CD-Rom also includes listings in Central and South America.

Infocom Group, 5900 Hollis Street #L, Emeryville CA 94608; 510-596-9300; 800-959-1059. Email: Web: National PR Pitch Book and Bulldog Reporter’s MediaBase custom lists.

Utah Media Directory

Everything You Should Know about Publicity, Publishing, and Building a Platform — If you want to learn from a master book publicist all the techniques that have worked for her for more than twenty years, Arielle Ford offers an intensive PR course for new authors. She was the book publicist for many bestselling authors, including Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Neale Donald Walsch, etc. Only $497 plus shipping.

Fly High with Publicity in In-Flight Magazines — This 34-page report by publicity hound Joan Stewart teaches you how to get into the airline magazines, what sort of stories they look for, how to pitch them, working with freelance writers with existing magazine relationships, and more. Plus contact info for 43 in-flight magazines. Cost: $37. On the page the above link sends you to, you can also buy all 51 reports and interviews Joan offers for half price (cost: $287). Reports include writing letters to the editor, writing the perfect pitch letter, creating media kits on a shoestring, building a celebrity image, writing kick-butt news releases, running contests, using polls and surveys, 67 PR tips for speakers, creating an online media room, and much more. The collection is an incredible value.

Gift List Media — This company offers two top media lists: one for the winter holidays and another for the summer (Gift List for Moms, Dads, and Grads). They also offer an online media list (websites and blogs) for the winter holidays. If you want to promote into the gift market, these media lists will help you reach the media that feature gifts of all kinds, not just books. Cost: $349 to $549.

PR Leads Article Marketing Publicity Program — This service submits your articles to hundreds of online article directories, ezines, and other users of articles. A great way to promote your book online. You can do it yourself (using the resources at or by following their Complete A to Z Article System) or by paying them to automate the process for you. Their Serious Article Marketing Publicity Program (14 articles over 12 months) costs $5,000. Their Starter Article Marketing Publicity Program (7 articles over 6 months) costs $2,500. Their Test the Waters Package costs $500 for 1 article.

PR Leads Expert Resource Network — This service provides you with the names and contact info of reporters and editors who are looking for experts and other people to interview for stories, news, etc. You can do a one-month trial for only $99, or a year for $995. I know people who have gotten into major newspapers and magazines using the hot leads this service provides. It's a lot less expensive than hiring a PR service or publicist and probably as effective. — When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex Carroll's program. His top radio show database, tapes of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star. Cost: Ranges from as little as $49 for a manual, to $397 for a database of 1,364 top shows sorted into 21 categories, to $997 for the complete package that shows you how to carry out a great national radio campaign. Alex knows his stuff.

Radio/TV Interview Report — If you want to be booked on major radio shows around the country, advertise in this print publication that reaches more than 5,000 of the top radio and TV shows nationwide. Still the best service out there. Recommended. If you sign up for their free RTIR Info Kit, they'll also send you a bonus copy of 39 Ways to Get FREE Publicity as a Guest on Radio/TV Talk Shows Nationwide.

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