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Below are links to some interesting audio interviews of editors, bestselling authors, sales directors, publicists, and agents that could help you to sell and market your books, especially your novels. These interviews are courtesy of Jeff Rivera, author of the novel, Forever My Lady.

Jenoyne Adams, agent, Levine Greenberg

Andie Avila, former editor, Warner Books

Mia McPherson, editor, Triple Crown Publications

Christopher Moore, bestselling author, The Stupidest Angel

Jerry Simmons, former director of field sales for Time Warner Book Group and author of Inside the Business of Publishing

Paola Soto, book publicist, HarperCollins — “When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex Carroll's program. His top radio show database, tapes of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star.” — John Kremer A wonderful way to get top rankings in Google and other search engines as well as a lot more traffic. These guys make it easy to use video to drive traffic. Fantastic resource.

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