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by John Kremer

During the past few years, I've done many seminars, talks, teleseminars, etc. where what I had to say was recorded. On this page, I feature low-cost MP3 downloads of some of these sessions. I also feature a few higher priced audios guaranteed to help you sell more books.

Marketing Nonfiction Books Using Free Articles and Viral Videos
In May 2010, I did a consulting session with Clare Albright, aka Dr. Clarity, on how to market Neurofeedback - a Drug Free Therapy. This one-hour session (a $500 value!) was packed with advice from me on how any author can market a book online, with a special focus on creating relationships with top websites, using free articles as a tool for making sales, and creating and using targeted viral videos. Order the Dr. Clarity Consulting Session Audio mp3 for only $13.97 by clicking here: You really don't want to miss this session. That's why I priced the audio so low. You'll find at least 3 good money-making ideas within this detailed audio consult. $13.97

Using Teleseminars to Create and Market Books In May 2007 I hosted a teleseminar on how you can use teleseminars to create new content, write new books, build important relationships, promote your books, and sell more books. In this seminar, I revealed a secret tip on how to begin creating relationships with top media and book buyers, even months or years before your book comes out. This one tip could boost your book marketing program to levels few authors or publishers have ever enjoyed. May, 2007. 100 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $47.00.

The 30 Best Ways to Market Your Books This audio features an interview between John Kremer and Steve Harrison of Radio/TV Interview Report. The audio is a little garbled at times, but the talk features 30 of the best ways to market your books. February, 2007. 100 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $10.00.

What I Have Learned in 20 Years of Book Marketing An interview between John Kremer and Alex Carroll where John describes the ten most important book marketing tips he's learned in the last 20 years of helping other authors create bestselling books. Fall 2005. 2 hours. Mp3 audio download, $10.00.

Secrets of Successful Book Marketing A great interview between John Kremer and Author's Access, loaded with good book marketing tips. January 2007. 42 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $10.00.

More Tips on How to Market Your Books A wonderful interview between John Kremer and Cheree Warrick of The Profit Partner, it is loaded with good book marketing tips. This is the teleseminar where I came up with the New York Times Bestseller promotion program. Great interview! February 2007. 46 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $10.00.

Book Marketing Tips for Professional Speakers An interview between Pam Lontos of the National Speakers Association writers group and John Kremer, where John describes the best ways for speakers to market their books. I always do some of my best interviews when stimulated by great questions from speakers. February 2007. 41 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $10.00.

How to Sell Your Children's Books
- live consultation

Last week I did a one-hour consultation with the author of a children's picture book and a children's board book. You can now listen in on this consultation - which featured the 7 most effective ways to market a children's book. You can access this consultation recording in one of two ways.

1. Buy it as a solo recording for $39.97. You can listen to this recording online or download it as an mp3 for listening via an iPod, etc.

Children's Book Consultation Audio - $39.97 -

2. Or listen to it as part of my How to Sell Your Novel, Children's Book, or Memoir as a Pro multimedia program - including a 215-page ebook, 4 audio sessions, 1 four-hour seminar, and 3 Q&A teleseminars. I've added the Children's Book Consultation Audio to this multimedia program.

How to Sell Your Novel, Children's Book, or Memoir Like a Pro - $127.00 - 1&prodID=31103.

The last ten minutes of this audio are incredible, including advice rarely found on selling children's books - that also applies to novels and memoirs.

Book Marketing Videos

The Seven Secrets of Success in Book Marketing A talk given by John Kremer at Dottie Walter's Master Summit in 2002. In the talk, he describes the seven secrets that any author or publisher needs to know to sell more books. May 2002. 90 minutes. Internet video. $30.00.

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