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Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books by Penny Sanseveri

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We all know that audio can be a powerful way to engage your audience, but can it really help you make a book sale? You bet it can. Here are some ways you can use audio to help sell your book:

1. Audio book samples: Do a reading from your book, maybe a chapter or two and load it onto your website (if you don't think you're a good reader, have someone else do it or hire some voice-over talent).

2. Audio on your website: While I'm not in favor of having an audio file load when your website does, there's some merit to having a short little audio "Hello, welcome to my site message." For an example of this, check out the Author Marketing Experts site at: (scroll down to A Word From Penny).

3. Daily/weekly podcast: Podcasting is powerful, there's no two ways about it and it's here to stay. Creating your own podcast that you update daily or weekly is a great idea and a terrific way to draw some interest to your book.

4. Teleclasses: I've personally done teleclasses for years and I love them. They're not only a fantastic way to promote your message, but you're also educating on your topic which is always a great idea. Remember: record every teleclass you do so you can use it as another sales item on your website.

5. Audio series: Consider creating an audio series based on your book's topic. Remember though, if you're just rereading the content from your book then these CD's aren't necessarily an added value item but an audio book. Your audio CD needs to be different from your book in order to entice the reader to buy it in addition to the book. So, for example, if you finish your book and you say, "Gee, I wish I had included a chapter on XYZ," now you can create that additional chapter (or chapters) in your audio series.

6. Freebies: Offer any of your audio products as a freebie to add value to a sale is a great idea. Something I'll do at the end of a speaking gig is offer a free audio CD to anyone who buys a book after my session!

7. Speak up! It's not always about a recorded product or podcast. Get out and talk about your topic in front of a crowd. Passion sells, and if you speak passionately about your topic, your audience will resonate with your message and (hopefully) book sales will follow.

8. Book trailers: Well, maybe that's cheating a little. Technically it's audio and video, but we're still talking about hitting the same sensory targets. Book trailers are hot. If you don't believe me, just Google them and see what I mean. Getting your book into a visual medium can be powerful. Don't believe me? Check out this trailer about my book: Candlewood Lake:

9. Radio is another powerful way to sell books. Keep in mind that one radio show often doesn't sell books but doing many shows might. Also, if you're going to do radio, get some media training so you're spot-on in your presentation and can relay your most important points in succinct, bulleted, benefit-driven points. These will help engage the listeners and encourage them to buy.

10. If you're going after radio, don't forget Internet radio. While the podcasting craze is taking over a lot of the Internet radio territory, there are a still a lot of shows out there in need of guests. Also with Internet radio you tend to find more niche topics so you can really target your shows and your readers!

Using audio to promote your book is a powerful way to gain additional reader attention. Not only that, but you never know who will respond better to audio than to a printed review, ad, or article. Putting the audio element into your sales arsenal can make for a powerful partnership, and the good news is that every day, audio and the creation of audio products becomes more accessible.

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