"If you want to sell 128 million books like we have, read and use this book." - Mark Victor Hanson & Jack Canfield, authors of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

The 6th edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books helps you sell more books! Buy several copies to give to your good friends. - John Kremer, author

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What does every good marketer really do? He creates relationships. She make friends.

When you begin to think of marketing in this way, everything about marketing becomes more fun. Suddenly there is no foreignness, no fear, no feelings of inadequacy.

We can all make friends. It's a talent we've had since we were little children. Use it.

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Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes complete information on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales representatives to the chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.

Top 680 Independent Bookstores - This database features 680 stores with address, book buyer, owner, event coordinator, phone, fax, email, website, and more! Cost: $40.00. This data file features an updated list of the largest indie bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers. The report comes as a data file download (your choice of Microsoft Access, Excel, comma-delimited ascii, tab-delimited ascii, d-Base, or rich text format). The data files do require that you know how to use a database or word-processing program.
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Book Marketing Expert John Kremer is the author of many books including 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Celebrate Today, Book Marketing Magic, and many other titles.