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10% of all proceeds from sales on this website are donated to the following groups. That means 10% of what you actually pay (excluding postage), not what we net or profit. We like to keep it clean and simple.

When people promise to give 10% or some other percentage of their profits, that means nothing. So many companies, books, etc. don't generate a profit, so 10% of nothing becomes nothing. It's all smoke and mirrors. We actually give 10% of the proceeds from sales via this website's shopping cart to the following causes. Now you know.

Nature Conservancy, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Multiple Sclerosis Association, Special Olympics, National Wildlife Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Institute of Noetic Sciences, National Museum of the American Indian, National Audubon Society, The Ocean Conservancy, The Humane Society of the United States, Worldwatch Institute, American Rivers, Habitat for Humanity, Arthritis Foundation, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Arbor Day Foundation, Easter Seals, American Lung Association, The Archaeological Conservancy, St. Labre Indian School, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Smithsonian, CARE, National Parks Conservation Association, March of Dimes, National Geographic Society, Alzheimer's Association, UNICEF, Environmental Defense, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Paralyzed Vets of America, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, and American Diabetes Association.

We hope you enjoy our website and gain much value from its use. ó John Kremer, publisher

Book Marketing 101: How to Create a National Bestseller ó How to out-sell the New York Times bestsellers without breaking the bank. This is an inside guide on how other authors and self-publishers have created national bestsellers with persistence, elbow grease, and some investment of time or money. Also includes John Kremerís insight on how to create a bestseller. Ebook download, $30.00.

Book Marketing 102: Editorial as the First Step in Marketing ó An incredible book about creating effective editorial that will sell a book, when you should publish a book and when you should not, how to get the best testimonials, creating selling book titles, and more. 78 pages, ebook download, $20.00.

Book Marketing 103: Designing Your Books as Sales Aids ó You can sell a book by its cover. Learn how to design both the inside and outside of your books for most effective sales. No other investment can increase the sales of your books more than effective cover designs. In addition, learn how to price your books for greatest sales and ask for the order. 60 pages, ebook download, $20.00.

Book Marketing 104: 192 Marketing Ideas I've Learned from Other People ó In this mini-guide, I describe 192 marketing ideas Iíve learned by reading bestselling books and magazines, attending seminars, and watching TV. Learn the seven successful strategies of every bestseller, guerilla marketing for writers, the meaning of success, a bestsellerís take on selling books, the ten secrets of publishing success, Mohammadís guide to gaining paradise, how to be a good talk radio guest, how Terry McMillan became a bestselling author on her own, and how Elmore Leonard became HOT! Ebook download, $20.00.

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