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John Kremer's Personal Filing Cabinet for Book Publishing, Self-Publishing, Selling Books Online,
Book Promotion, Print-on-Demand, Book Publicity,
and Marketing Bestselling Books

Have you ever asked yourself: “How do I go about promoting my book?” Book authors, self-publishers, and POD authors often have to search multiple search engines for terms like “promote your book”, “promoting books”, “marketing books”, “self-publishing”, “promote my books”, “printing books”, “book promotion”, “print-on-demand publishers”, “e-book publishing”, “book marketing”, “book publishing”, etc. And still they will not find any web resource that has as many listings and such detailed self-publishing, book publishing, and book writing information as you will find in my personal filing cabinet. I now share that file cabinet with you so you can promote your book the way you want to.

Below are the pages on this website where I store the names, addresses, phones, faxes, websites, etc. of key ebook/book marketing, book publishing, book promotion, and self-publishing resources and contacts in producing, printing, publicizing, promoting, and distributing books, ebooks, print-on-demand books, and more. These are my personal Rolodex® files. They are now yours as well. Enjoy. — John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Publicity Services — PR agents, publicity services, and related companies.

Book Marketing Resources and Services

Blog Advertising — Advertising opportunities to feature on your blog or to advertise your blog or website.

Blog Tours — Blog tour services, Virtual author tours, book trailers, and online publicity services.

Blogging — Blogging software, hosting services, and search engines.

Book Awards — A listing of some of the awards given to authors, books, and publishers.

Book Clubs — A list of some of the major book clubs such as Literary Guild, Book of the Month Club, etc.

Book Marketing Consultants — Book marketing consultants, including the great John Kremer ;)).

Book Publisher Associations

Bookstore Associations — Contact information for the American Booksellers Association and other regional bookseller associations.

Bookstores on the Net — Websites that feature links to bookstores.

Catalog Listings — Websites and other resources for selling to mail order catalogs.

Children's Bookstores — A small listing of children's bookstores and gift shops.

Distributors of Books — The top 20 distributors of books (not wholesalers).

Internet Marketing Resources on

Internet Marketing Sites

Knowledge-Sharing WebsitesFeatures knowledge-sharing, photo-sharing, wikis, and content management services.

Mail Order Catalogs — A data file of 1,350 catalogs known to carry books, videos, and audios.

Mailing List Sources — Mailing list owners, brokers, and managers. You can rent lists from these companies or have them manage your customer list (for rent to others).

Mystery Bookstores — A small listing of mystery booksellers.

Online Article Distribution Services — Free article directories and free article websites. They provide sources for additional content for your site or other projects. Also places where you can submit articles for other sites to feature.

Online Press Release Services — Free press release services. Includes both free and paid distribution of news releases via the Internet.

Podcasts — Podcasting tips and recommendations to sell more books.

Podcasting Resources — Podcasting websites. Plus Internet radio shows.

Selling Books in Bookstores and Working with Distributors: Q&A

Social Networking Websites — This web page features social networking websites.

Specialty Booksellers and Retailers — A select listing of specialty retailers who stock books (taken from previous issues of the Book Marketing Tip of the Week ezine)

Telemarketing Services — These companies provide in-bound and out-bound telemarketing services.

Teleseminars — Teleseminar resources, plus more.

Video-Sharing Websites — Features the top 50 video-sharing and creation websites.

Widgets — Various wonderful widgets and widget hosting sites for your blog or website.

Media Lists and Directories

Ezines for Publishers — A list of 25+ ezines of interest to book authors and publishers.

England: Newspapers — A list of reporters and editors at major daily newspapers in England (April 1999).

Fly High with Publicity in In-Flight Magazines — This 34-page report by publicity hound Joan Stewart teaches you how to get into the airline magazines, what sort of stories they look for, how to pitch them, working with freelance writers with existing magazine relationships, and more. Plus contact info for 43 in-flight magazines. Cost: $37. On the page the above link sends you to, you can also buy all 51 reports and interviews Joan offers for half price (cost: $287). Reports include writing letters to the editor, writing the perfect pitch letter, creating media kits on a shoestring, building a celebrity image, writing kick-butt news releases, running contests, using polls and surveys, 67 PR tips for speakers, creating an online media room, and much more. The collection is an incredible value.

Gift List Media — This company offers two top media lists: one for the winter holidays and another for the summer (Gift List for Moms, Dads, and Grads). They also offer an online media list (websites and blogs) for the winter holidays. If you want to promote into the gift market, these media lists will help you reach the media that feature gifts of all kinds, not just books. Cost: $349 to $549.

Internet Media Links — Links to media lists and links.

Major Newspaper Book Reviewers — A list of book reviewers at major newspapers (more than 60).

Media Directories — A listing of some of the major directories and databases for doing PR.

Publicity Services — PR agents, publicity services, and related companies. I highlighted this listing because people seem to have a hard time finding it.

Publishers Weekly — A list of PW editors and reviewers, plus tips on getting ink in PW after the review. — When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex Carroll's program. His top radio show database, tapes of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star. Cost: Ranges from as little as $49 for a manual, to $397 for a database of 1,364 top shows sorted into 21 categories, to $997 for the complete package that shows you how to carry out a great national radio campaign. Alex knows his stuff. — If you want to get on top national TV talk shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, Today and Larry King, Bradley Communications offers a directory of the top 240 national TV & cable shows that interview authors and other guests. You not only get contact names, addresses and emails but also detailed profiles on each show including what types of guests they want and the best ways to approach them. A great resource. Cost: $347 to $697, depending on whether or not you want any updates or bonuses.

USA Today — A list of USA Today reporters and editors, covering all subjects.

U.S. Regional Magazines — A list of regional and local magazines.

Printing and Production

Book Cover Designers, Typesetters, etc. — Features book cover designers, interior text designers, and other book design services

Book Editors, Indexers, and other Editorial Services

Book Printers — The first place to look for a great book printer.

Catalog Printers — Printers of catalogs, primarily full-color.

Designing and Pricing Your Books: Q&A

eBook Publishers — Producers and publishers of e-books.

Full-Color Printers — Features printers of full-color catalog sheets, posters, postcards, business cards...

Imprinted Apparel, etc. — Imprinted t-shirts, jackets, caps, and other apparel as well as coffee mugs, pens, tags, and much more.

Audio/Video Production Services — Audiotape and CD-Rom producers.

Online Print Brokers — Seek print bids at these online print bid engines.

Print-on-Demand Printers and Publishers — Printers and publishers of print-on-demand or POD books.

Miscellaneous Publishing Services

Book Publishing Basics — Copyright, ISBN, ABI, LCCN, Library of Congress, Books in Print, etc.

Book Fulfillment — Book fulfillment companies (if you don't want to store and ship books yourself).

Book Publishing Software Systems — Software systems for tracking orders, royalties, etc.

Display Providers — Corrugated book displays, counter top displays, wire racks, etc.

Publisher Associations — A list of publishing associations as well as some other marketing and writing associations.

Publishing Attorneys — A few attorneys specializing in publishing law, intellectual property rights (trademarks, copyrights, and patents), etc.

Remainder Dealers — The final resting place for many books. If you have left-over copies, printed too many to begin with, or simply need to get rid of some inventory, you can sell to remainder dealers at or below your print cost. What a deal.

Retail & Marketing Associations — Other associations that might interest a book publisher, including the Electronic Retailing Association, Direct Marketing Association, Game Publishers Association, Software Publishers Association, and Toy Industry Association.

Venture Capital and M&A Resources — Sources of money and acquisition/selling advice for book publishers and computer software companies.

Book Writers and Author Resources

Business/Finance Book Editors and Publishers

Children's Book Editors and Publishers

Cookbook Editors and Publishers

Health Book Editors and Publishers

First Fiction and Debut Novel Editors and Publishers

Christian, Spiritual, and Inspirational Book Editors and Publishers

Reference, Humor, and Writing Editors and Publishers

Sports Book Editors and Publishers

Top 101 Independent Book Publishers

Writers' Groups and Associations

John Kremer's Recommendations

Recommended Resources for Book Authors and Publishers

Recommended Publicity Resources for Books and Authors

Recommended Internet Marketing and Website Resources

Recommended Resources for Creating Information Products

Recommended Resources for Writing and Selling Manuscripts

Free Reports for Marketing Your Books

The rest of my personal filing cabinet can be found in the databases featured here: Book Marketing Databases

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