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"The old traditional way of getting an agent is the best way to get published. It really is the way we get most of our material." - Louise Burke, publisher, Gallery and Pocket Books

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General Reports

E-zines: A list of 25+ ezines of interest to book authors and publishers

Independent Book Publishers Hall of Fame

Passion and Publishing: Persistence Wins

Scams and Ineffective Advertising Opportunities: A Report from the Field

Selling Your Books Outside of Bookstores

Selling Your Company and Other Rights: Q&A

Top 101 Marketing Sites

Top 25 Independent Bookstores

Reports for Authors

Advice to Book Authors and Wannabees

Business Book Editors at Publishers

Children's Book Editor at Publishers

Cookbook Editor at Publishers

Health and Self-Help Book Editors at Publishers

Success Stories: Poetry

Success Stories: Selling Direct to Consumers Face to Face

Ten Ways to Use Podcasts to Sell More Books

Reports for Novelists

Author Websites: Why You Need One

Create a Book Trailer on a Shoe-String

Debut Novel Editors at Publishers

How to Get a Top Literary Agent and a 6-Figure Deal

How a Self-Published Author Can Get a Legitimate Agent

Pen Names: How to Use Them

Success Stories: First Novelists

More Success Stories: Novels

Book Design and Printing Reports

Book Cover Designers: A Great List

Book Printers: A Great List

Designing and Pricing Your Books: Q&A

Designing Your Books as Sales Aids

Editorial: The First Step in Book Marketing

On-Demand Printers and Publishers

Book Marketing Reports

Book Marketing Tips I Learned While Watching TV Commercials

Email Marketing Tip: Promoting a Great Story

Getting to #1 at

How to Set Up a Book Promotion Tour on Your Own

Mailing List Owners, Brokers, and Managers

Major Book Clubs: How to Contact Them

Selling Books in Bookstores: Q&A

Success Stories: Selling Books via Bookstores

Success Stories: Selling Books to Prisons

Top 101 Book Marketing Sites

Top 101 Marketing Sites

Top 20 Distributors of Books (Not Wholesalers)

Top 25 Independent Bookstores

Websites That Feature Links to Bookstores

Book Publicity Reports

Book Publicity Services

Chapter 9 on Publicity from 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

15 Ways to Make Nice with the Media

The 5 Biggest News Release Mistakes

Getting Publicity for Your Books: Q&A

How to Get into Publishers Weekly

How to Make the News in USA Today

Media Directories and Databases for Doing PR

National Book Days, Weeks, & Months

Newspaper Book Reviewers: The Top 60 U.S Newspapers

Success Stories: Promoting Books via Contests

Success Stories: Promoting Books via Publicity

United Kingdom Newspapers

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Recommended Resources for Book Authors and Publishers

Recommended Publicity Resources for Books and Authors

Recommended Internet Marketing and Website Resources

Recommended Resources for Creating Information Products

Recommended Resources for Writing and Selling Manuscripts

Internet Marketing Reports

Article Marketing & Book Promotion

Blog Advertising Resources

Blog Tours, Virtual Author Tours, and Book Trailers

Blogging Sites, Software, and Directories

Internet Marketing Resources on

Internet Marketing Sites

Knowledge-Sharing Websites

Online Article Distribution Services

Online Press Release Services

Podcasting Tips and Recommendations to Sell More Books

Podcasting Resources

Social Networking Websites

Success Stories: Selling Books Online

Top 10 Trends for Internet Marketing

Video-Sharing Websites

Halls of Fame

The Independent Book Publishers Hall of Fame

The Independent Publishers Bestsellers Hall of Fame

The Self-Publishing Hall of Fame

Top 101 Independent Book Publishers

Authors Featured in 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Book Publishers Featured in 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Book Titles Featured in 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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