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People You Should Know Teleseminars
by John Kremer and Friends

Several years ago, I hosted a weekly teleseminar series where I interviewed someone I thought book authors and publishers should know. Why?

1. Because you will learn some useful tips from them, and

2. Because they offer a service or product I think might help you produce and market your books more effectively.

The primary purpose of these teleseminars was to teach you practical and effective book marketing tips, with tips coming from me as well as my guests.

Just a note of appreciation for your teleseminar series. What I've found so valuable about the teleseminars is that they not only teach how to market books generally, but they also allow me to ask a current expert on the telephone questions about how to market MY book. That is so unique and valuable. - Jim Wawro, author, Ask Your Inner Voice

Past Teleseminars

Teleseminars you'll still be able to hear if you sign up for this series. These teleseminars have already taken place, so you won't be able to attend them live, but you will still be able to listen to them and learn from them.

Liora Mendeloff, founder of - Get Seen! Simple Strategies for Standing Out in a Crowded Digital Age. For more info on her services, see

Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals, The Success Formula, and The Go-Giver - How to build a Relationship Leveraging Machine and create Personal Walking Ambassadors for your books. This was a great teleseminar for both business book authors and novelists.

John Harricharan, bestselling author of When You Walk on Water, Take the Boat and co-author of The Power of Simplicity. And founder of

Bill Quain, bestselling author of Overcoming Time Poverty, 10 Rules to Break, 10 Rules to Make, and Pro-Sumer Power. Listen in free to this very informative teleseminar:

Jeanne Hurlbert and Joan Stewart, founders of and Topic: Social Media Made Simple.

Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series as well as founder of the Mega Book Marketing Universities. Has sold over 157 million books worldwide. His newest venture is

Mitch Mortimer, president, Author Source. Author of The Science of Sponsorship. Topic: How to find corporate sponsors for your books, websites, book tours, speaking gigs, and more.

Brad Walton, radio personality, media consultant, author, and speaker. Founder of AuthorRadio. com and as well as the author of How Does the Heart Know Love? Topic: How to Create an Impact with Radio Interviews.

Frank Marquette, director of Light Box Trailers. Topic: How authors can promote their books with video.

Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of HubSpot and developer of Author of Inbound Marketing. Topic: Using to sell more books. Buy for only $10.00 if you want to listen only to this teleseminar: This teleseminar covered a wide range of social media and online marketing topics.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller, founder of and author of What You Should Know about Launching a Book on the Web. Topic: Make Your Book Author Website Easy for Book Buyers to Say Yes to You.

Sharon Williams, founder of The 24 Hour Secretary and the International Association of Virtual Author Assistants. Topic: Learn 24 services authors need that personal virtual author assistants know how and when to do.

Marika Flatt, founder of PR by the Book. Topic: Rock Star Publicity: Book Promotion for the Bold and the Bashful.

Ron "Hobie" Hobart, book cover designer with Dunn & Associates Design. Topic: From Bestselling Book Cover to Blockbuster Brand: How Choosing the Right Book Cover Can Launch Your Business Empire.

Jackie Lapin, founder of Life Wisdom Network and Topic: Learn How to Market to the Fast-Growing Consciousness World. Check out her media tour website:

Alex Carroll, creator of the program and guest on over 1,200 radio shows during the past ten years. Topic: Get Rich & Become Famous Being a Guest on Big Radio Shows.

Daniel Hall, creator of many info products, including,, and Topic: Promote your speaking and sell your books while cruising exotic locations for free.

Michelle Tennant Nicholson, co-founder of Wasabi Publicity,,, and Topic: Breaking News: How to Tie Current Events into Your Pitch for Maximum Relevance and Impact.

Eric Gruber, The Article Template Guy, is an article marketing expert. Topic: How to Use Article Marketing to Get Millions of Eyeballs for Your Books and Products.

Danek Stephen Kaus, author of You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity. Webmaster of Topic: Why you should be famous, and how you can become a media darling and ultrafamous.

Joanna Penn, creator of the Author 2.0 Blueprint and The Creative Penn blog on writing and publishing. Topic: How to use web 2.0 tools to build your author platform.

Tim McCormick, senior buyer, Imagine Nation Books and Books Are Fun. Topic: How to work with Books Are Fun to sell thousands of books.

Listen in to his interview here:

Barbara McNichol, book editor and author of Word Trippers: The Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters. Topic: What It Takes to Make Your Expertise Come Across Powerfully in Print.

Graham Van Dixhorn of Book title, subtitle, and back cover experts. Topic: Creating Book Titles and Subtitles: The Process, Tips, and Techniques for Becoming a Bestselling Brand.

Judith Briles, book shepherd, consultant and coach to authors and publishers. Topic: How to Create a Book and a Business That Snaps, Crackles, and Pops.

Ellen Reid, book shepherd, book consultant, seminar leader, and speaker who practices what she preaches: Putting forward your best in all that you do. Topic: The Importance of Excellence When Producing Your Book.

Jeff Rivera, novelist, media personality, publishing consultant, and founder of Topic: Build your author's platform today and land a book deal!

Rick Frishman, co-founder of Planned TV Arts, president of Morgan James Publishing, and creator of the Author 101 Universities. Topic: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Creating a Website and Getting PR.

Robyn Freedman Spizman, book publicist and America's foremost gift expert ( Topic: Your Book Is a Gift! How to Make Your Sales Sizzle and Turn Your Product into a Brand and Make Your Profits Soar!

Michael Tasner, president of TAZ Solutions and author of Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First. Topic: How to use the latest Internet marketing techniques to sell more books.

Karen Strauss, president of Strauss Consultants and co-founder of Topic: How to sell more books by working with the major chains and wholesalers.

Daniele Stoddard, CEO, Author Source Inc. Topic: Branding Yourself Online: Google, Facebook and Twitter - How these free Internet tools can be used to market you and your book.

Fran Capo, world's fastest talking woman and developer of the Secrets of Publicity CD series. Topic: Creative Marketing: How to Use Creativity, Imagination and Energy to Contribute to the Success of Your Marketing Efforts & Branding.

Sue Collier, co-author of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th edition, and CEO of Self-Publishing Resources. Topic: Social Media Marketing for Authors and Self-Publishers: New Rules for Added Revenue.

Trish Stevens, president, Ascot Media Group. Topic: Publicity for books and authors.

Robert Nahas, president of, author of over 50 books for others, and webmaster of Topic: How to have a book that is a page-turner, that people can't stop reading, and that has all the potential of being a bestseller.

Carol Tuttle, creator of the The Center for Living Your Truth, sold 70,000 copies of a self-published book, Remembering Wholeness. Topic: How to Brand Yourself to Create a Loyal Following of Customer that Become Marketing Ambassadors for You!

Emma Walton Hamilton, author, editor, arts educator. Editorial director of the Julie Andrews Collection. Topic: The basics of writing and publishing for children.

Peter Fogel, the reinvention guy, and developer of the Public Speak Like a Pro program. Topic: How Every Consultant, Service Professional, and Author Can Use Public Speaking to Earn Expert Status, Sell More Products, and Gain New Fans!

John Eggen, publishing and marketing mentor; CEO of Mission Marketing Mentors. Topic: How to Write a Client-Attracting Book Fast That Makes Up to $150,000 Before It's Is Published.

Bryan Hane, CEO of Speakers Fulfillment Services and Topic: How to use Shopping Carts to get more fans, sell more books, and build an on-going business.

Daniel Hall of Topic: Publish an Ebook Today Using Amazon's Kindle - Complete Step-By-Step.

Replay Link:

Amy Collins MacGregor of The Cadence Group and New Shelves Distribution. Topic: Getting Your Books the Distribution They Deserve. When distribution is a good idea and when it is not. How to find, evaluate, and partner with a distributor.

Gemini Adams of Topic: Learn how to successfully structure, write, edit, package, pitch, sell, and publish your book.

Dan Janal of PR Leads Expert Resource Network. Topic: How to get a ton of targeted prospects to your website by using press releases that are guaranteed to appear on top media websites and search engines.

Lisa Chapman, author of The Savvy Woman's Guide to Cars, The Buck Stops Here: The Beginner's Guide to Smart Financial Choices, Country Stars Shine, and Just For You. Also Global Blog Manager for Free Management Library's Marketing blog. Topic: Ever

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