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John Kremer's Recommended Resources for Book Authors & Publishers

Here are resources to help you do almost anything you would want to do to market your books as an author or publisher. These resources are provided by me, by other good companies and individuals, or by websites.

Most of these resources pay me an affiliate payment if you sign up for their services by clicking on the links below. I would recommend them anyway, but it is nice to get a little bonus. As you know, 98% of the companies and services I feature on this website pay me no affiliate payment, no advertising income, nothing. I list them because I want to provide the most complete information for you.

Now, you don't want to use all of the programs outlined below. It would cost you $30,000 or more, plus monthly fees of several thousand dollars. That just doesn't make any sense. Pick and choose the things that you know you'll actually use. Of course, you can also always hire someone else to do it for you. Sometimes, that's appropriate. Often, it is not. But even if you hire someone else to do some things for you, you should know the underlying principles and resources that are available so you can help them do their job better for you.

Just click on the titles below to find out more about each program I describe.

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Book Marketing Seminars
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Everything You Need to Know to Become a Best-Selling Author — This 10-CD and guidebook program by Scott Jeffrey and Dr. X feature interviews with an anonymous publishing giant on how to craft a winning book proposal, land a publishing contract, navigate the publishing process, get publicity, market your book, and create a results-oriented author website. Cost: $195.

Million Dollar Author Club — This is the new version of the Book Marketing Update newsletter delivered as a monthly print newsletter and a monthly CD interview with someone very knowledgeable about marketing your books. Right now you can get a two-month trial membership for only $1.00 plus get a free copy of Steve Harrison's interview with Tim Ferriss, author of the New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. Tim doesn't give many interviews, but in this one he tells you how he developed his blogging campaign and other promotions to create a bestseller.

How to Create a New York Times Bestseller — If you want to create the greatest promotional impact for your book, you want to be on the New York Times bestseller list. This course teaches you how to create a New York Times bestselling book in a two-faceted campaign involving a bestseller campaign and effective bookstore distribution.

How to Have 10 Times the Success This Year as an Author — This free teleseminar from Steve Harrison will teach you lots about general marketing principles, including strategies used by many bestselling authors. Join their Million Dollar Author Club for a lot of hand-holding.

General Book Marketing Resources

Best-Selling Sales Letters — This ebook and course by Mark Hendricks not only teaches you how to write those long sales pages you see on many Internet sales pages, but also how to write better news releases, postcard mailings, advertising copy, and more. If you have trouble writing news releases and sales copy, this program will pay for itself very quickly. Cost: $197.

Celebrity Book Endorsements Toolkit — This bonus-packed toolkit from Jordan McAuley provides you with all the information you need, step-by-step, to get celebrity endorsements or blurbs for your book, idea, service, cause, or other product. Includes a free 60-day membership in the Contact Any Celebrity database (see below). Cost: $97. Includes two bonus reports from John Kremer on getting testimonials.

Celebrity Causes Database — This online membership database from Jordan McAuley lists which celebrities contribute time and/or money to various causes. If you're looking for a celebrity to give you a testimonial, write a foreword to your book, co-write a book with you, interview for a teleseminar, or join in your marketing campaign, here is the place to look. Find celebrities who are passionately involved with children, animals, various medical conditions, the environment, social issues like Darfur, and more. You can take a 7-day test-drive for only $1.00 or get an entire year's access for only $197.

Contact Any Celebrity — This database from Jordan McAuley allows you to find the best mailing address, manager, publicist, and production company for more than 54,000 celebrities around the world. Includes phone and fax numbers plus email addresses for each celebrity's representative. You can get a monthly subscription to this database so you always have easy access to the important celebrities you want to reach. You can take a 7-day test-drive for only $1.00 or get an entire year's access for only $197.

Literary, Subsidiary, & Foreign Rights Agents — If you want to contact the best literary agents for your novel or nonfiction book, this listing of more than 1,375 literary agents will allow you to target just the right agent for your book. This report also includes 375 agents that sell foreign rights and another 50 or so that handle subsidiary rights sales. Also includes a sample foreign rights contract. Only $30.

17 Secrets the World’s Most Successful Marketers Know That Other Marketers Probably Don’t — This report from Bob Bly describes how to convince skeptical buyers, how to increase response by up to 1,000%, create a powerful unique selling proposition, and more. Cost: $29.

Spotlight Branding — This is a searchable online database featuring industry contacts for film, television and gaming to be used for product placement and branded entertainment opportunities. Nobody in the book world knows the power of product placement better than Matt Damon’s childhood neighbor. A single mention of his friend’s history book in Good Will Hunting has kept that book a consistent seller since the movie debuted. Cost: $549.

Sell Lots of Books

Sell Books by the Truckload — If you want to sell a truckload of books to catalogs, corporations, organizations, or other premium buyers, check this out. The live seminar last November cost $3,500. Their new Sell Books by the Truckload teleseminar series will cost only $1,997 to $2,497 depending on how much personalization you want.

Gift List Media — This company offers two top media lists: one for the winter holidays and another for the summer (Gift List for Moms, Dads, and Grads). They also offer an online media list (websites and blogs) for the winter holidays. If you want to promote into the gift market, these media lists will help you reach the media that feature gifts of all kinds, not just books. Cost: $349 to $549.

Millionaire Licensing Club — Copywriting legend Bob Serling and Internet marketer Mike Long teach you their TollGate method for selling products even when you don't have a website. Background: Create licensing deals with people who have product and connect them with people who have lists, members, website visitors, etc. Now, as an author, you might not want to broker other people's deals, but you certainly would want to know how to go about getting other people involved in selling your book, courses, etc. This course teaches you how to do that.

Market Your Book Via Speaking

Become an Instant Guru — In this 6-audio CD program, Bob Bly shares proven, pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field in as little as 90 days. You can master the art of being a guru in about a week of listening in your car. Cost: $97. Includes two free $29 reports: How to Write a Book and Get It Published and How to Do Your Own Public Relations.

College Speaking Success Boot Camp — If you want to speak at colleges, James Malinchak is the man to talk to. His boot camp will teach you everything you need to know to become a paid speaker on college campuses around the country (and earn from $100,000 to $1 million per year doing so). College campuses are a great place to promote many kinds of books. For a free report on 10 Deadly Speaker Marketing Mistakes, click on the title. Note: His next boot camp is May 1 to 4, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises — If you would like to travel to exotic destinations at no cost (with your spouse!) and sell some books at the same time, you should check out this information program by Daniel Hall. He provides the inside scoop on how to contact cruise ship lines, which lines are interested in what topics, and how to book speaking engagements for any trip you want to make via cruise ship. We're talking Love Boat experiences galore :)) Cost: Just $97. Neat.

Publicity and PR / Internet Marketing
Creating Books & Products / Writing & Selling Manuscripts

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