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Animal Magazine Editors: Pet, Animal, Farm, Ranch, and Cowboy Magazines

These book reviewers and magazine editors have been updated as noted at the end of any listing (10/10). If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's or editor's name and address before making submissions. Please send us any corrections or additions. Email Thanks. Let's keep this list up-to-date for everyone.

Pet and Animal Magazines

All Animals

Angus Journal, American Angus Association, 3201 Frederick Avenue, Saint Joseph MO 64506-2997; 816-383-5100; Fax: 816-233-9703. Email: Web: Monthly journal of the association (2/11).

Best Friends

Birds & Blooms, Reiman Media Group, 5925 Country Lane, Greendale WI 53129. Web: Bimonthly magazine on birding and gardening (2/11).

  • Stacy Tornio, Editor. Featured an article on birding basics by Anne Schmauss, author of For the Birds (2/11).
  • Crystal Rennicke, Senior Editor
  • George Harrison, Birding Expert. Writes a Q&A column on birding.
  • Melinda Myers, Horticulture Expert. Wries a Q&A column on gardening.

Cat Fancy, Bowtie Magazines, P O Box 6050, Mission Viejo CA 92690-6050; 949-855-8822; Fax: 949-855-3045. Email: Web: Monthly magazine for cat lovers (1/11).

  • Susan Logan, Editor
  • April Balotro, Associate Editor. Reviewed Karen Rostoker-Gruber's children's book Bandit's Surprise, Allan Goldstein's The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie, and Mo Willems' Cat the Cat Who Is That? and Let's Say Hi to Friends Who Fly! (7/10).
  • Elisa Jordan, Special Product Correspondent, Top Products (for cats)
  • Stacy Hackett, Special Correspondent, Cat Book Club. Reviewed Eve Adamson's Pets Gone Green (7/10).
  • Arnold Plotnick, Columnist, Ask the Veterinarian (lives in New York)
  • Marilyn Krieger, Columnist, Ask the Behaviorist. Web:

Catnip, P O Box 8517, Big Sandy TX 75755. Monthly newsletter.

Dog Fancy

Dog World, Bowtie Magazines, P O Box 6050, Mission Viejo CA 92690-6050; 949-855-8822; Fax: 949-855-3045. Email: Web: and Monthly magazine for dog lovers.

  • Jackie Brown, Editor
  • Amy Fernandez, Contributor. Reviewed John Ensminger's Dogs and Mark Poveromo's To Your Dog's Health (3/11).
  • Melissa Kauffman, Editorial Director, Internet
  • My Story. Stories of readers and their dogs. Email: to submit your story.

Equus Magazine

Fetch!, Petplan Pet Insurance, 1 International Plaza #140, Philadelphia PA 19113. Email: For pet health questions and advice as well as comments on articles, email: Bimonthly magazine about dogs and cats (12/10).

  • Natasha Ashton and Chris Ashton, Executive Editors. Their Healthy Reads section featured short reviews of Rachel Hale's Smitten, Tamar Geller's 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog, and Kyra Sundance and Chalcy Quarry's 101 Dog Tricks (12/10).
  • Sara McMillan, Managing Editor. Interviewed Tamar Geller, author of 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog. Also excerpted from the book (12/10).

L.A. Tails, 866-803-TAILS; Fax: 773-561-3030. Email: Web: Monthly pet newspaper for Los Angeles. Note: other Tails magazines are published in Boston, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and St. Louis. Featured mini-reviews of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care and Paws & Effect (10/09).

Living Bird, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca NY 14850; 607-254-BIRD. Email: Quarterly journal published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (6/10).

  • Tim Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief
  • Stephen Bodio, Contributing Editor, Books for Birders. Reviewed A Year on the Wing and The Private Lives of Birds (6/10).
  • Hugh Powell, Science Editor

Modern Arabian Horse, Arabian Horse Association, 10805 E Bethany Drive, Aurora CO 80014-2605; 303-696-4500; Fax: 303-696-4599. Email: Web: Bimonthly magazine for Arabian horse owners (12/10).

Pet Age, H H Backer Associates, 18 S Michigan Avenue #1100, Chicago IL 60603-3233; 312-578-1818; Fax: 312-578-1819. Email: Web: Monthly trade magazine for pet retailers. Motto: Practical ideas for the busy pet retailers of today and tomorrow (10/10).

  • Karen Long MacLeod, Editor in Cheif
  • Cathy Foster, Managing Editor. Email:
  • Katherine Hajduch, Editorial Assistant, New Products. Email: Featured short reviews of Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice, David Alderton's The Dog Selector, and Claire Arrowsmith's Brain Games for Dogs (10/10).

Petroglyphs, 7601 Vista del Arroyo NE, Albuquerque NM 87109; 505-989-5789. Web: Quarterly resource publication for animal lovers in New Mexico (7/10).

Poultry Press, Karen Davis, Editor, United Poultry Concerns, P O Box 150, Machipongo VA 23405-0150; 757-678-7875. Web: Quarterly magazine working to save poultry. Reviewed their own children's book, Hatching Good Lessons (11/10).

Western Horseman, 3850 N Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80907-5339; 719-633-5524; Fax: 719-473-0997. Email: Web: World's leading horse magazine since 1936. Monthly horse magazine (2/10).

  • A J Mangum, Editor
  • Jennifer Denison and Ross Hecox, Senior Editors

Farm, Ranch & Cowboy Magazines

American Cowboy, Active Interest Media, 2520 55th Street #210, Boulder CO 80301; 303-625-1600; Fax: 303-413-1602. Web:

  • Philip Armour, Editor-in-Chief. Email:
  • Tom Wilmes, Managing Editor. Email: Also reviews music and video games. Reviewed Leif Videen's Bunkhouse Built, Rocco Wachman's Cowboy: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Cowboy Gear, Jim Arndt's How to Be a Cowboy, and A P Greenwood's novel Lakota Dreams (8/10). Excerpted recipes from True Grits by Lee Pfeiffer and Michael Lewis (8/10).
  • Tim Murrell, Gear Editor. Email:

Cowboys & Indians, 6688 N Central Expressway #650, Dallas TX 75206-3956; 214-750-8222; Fax: 214-750-4522. Email: (editorial submissions) and (letters). Web: Motto: The premier magazine of the West. Published 8 times a year, this is a magazine about contemporary and historical cowboys and Indians (12/10).

  • Margaret Brown, Executive Editor
  • Dana Joseph, Editorial Director. In their holiday gift guide, the featured Native American Night Before Christmas, Texas Traditions: Contemporary Artists of the Lone Star, and Glenna Goodacre Sculpture (12/10).
  • David Hofstede, Contributor, Kids' Bookstall. Reviewed The Mystery of the Maize, With One Sky Above Us: The Story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Indians, Charlie Russell: Tale-Telling Cowboy Artist, For a Girl Becoming (12/10).
  • Jordan Rane, Contributor. Featured Real Cowboys & The Old West in an article on chuck wagon cooking. Interviewed Cliff Teinert, co-author of Barbecue Biscuits & Beans: Chuck-Wagon Cooking (12/10).
  • Steven Phelps, Website Content Manager
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

Hobby Farms, BowTie Magazines, P O Box 8237, Lexington KY 40533; 859-260-9800; 888-245-3699; Fax: 859-260-1154. Email: Web: Bimonthly magazine. Send in news or calendar items at least 4 months in advance (3/10).

The Progressive Farmer, 2204 Lakeshore Drive #415, Birmingham AL 35209; 205-414-4700; Fax: 205-414-4746. Monthly magazine for farmers (9/10).

  • Marcia Zarley Taylor, Executive Editor, Minding Ag's Business. Email:
  • Andy Biebl, Tax Specialist
  • Claire Vath, Assistant Editor

Rural Heritage, P O Box 267, Cedar Rapids IA 52406-2067; 319-362-3027. Email: Web: Bimonthly journal on horse farming and logging. Reviewed Bill and Andy children's book and The Ultimate Book of Horse Bits (11/10).

Working Ranch, Abundant Life Media, P O Box 91269, Henderson NV 89009-1269; 702-566-1456. Web: Published 7 times a year. Might review a ranch history book (9/10).

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