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Science Magazine Editors

These book reviewers and magazine editors have been updated as noted at the end of any listing (10/10, for October 2010). If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's or editor's name and address before making submissions. Please send us any corrections or additions. Email Let's keep this list up-to-date for everyone.

General Science Magazines

American Scientist, P O Box 13975, Research Triangle Park NC 27709; 919-549-0097; Fax: 919-549-0090. Email: Web: Bimonthly science journal (9/10).

  • David Schoonmaker, Editor
  • Flora Taylor, Editor, Scientists' Bookshelf.
  • Anna Lena Phillips, Assistant Editor, Scientists' Bookshelf. Featured reviews of What Darwin Got Wrong, A Nuclear Winter's Talke, Science As a Contact Sport, The Age of Wonder, The Eerie Silence, First Peoples in a New World, A Brilliant Darkness, Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method. Reviews of A Grand and Bold Thing, Merchants of Doubt, Beyond Uncertainty, The Invisible Gorilla, The Great American University, Whole Earth Discipline, The Cultural Logic of Computation, Natural Experiments of History, Why America Is Not a New Rome, Dazzled and Deceived, Nanoviews (9/10).
  • Greg Ross, Managing Editor, American Scientist Online
  • Twitter:


Invention & Techynology, 416 Hungerford Drive #216, Rockville MD 20850-4127. Email: Web: Quarterly historical magazine focused on inventions and new technology (10/10).

  • John Ross, Executive Editor
  • Tom Huntington, Senior Editor
  • Jeffrey Martin, Web Editor

Nature, The Macmillan Building, 4 Crinan Street, London N19XW United Kingdom; 44-20-7833-4000; Fax: 44-20-7843-4596. Web: Weekly science magazine (1/11).

New York office: 75 Varick Street, 9th Floor, New York NY 10013-1917; 212-726-9200.

  • Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief
  • Tim Appenzeller, Chief Magazine Editor
  • Ursula Weiss, Insights/Reviews/Perspectives. Featured the following Books in Brief: The View from Lazy Point, A Century of Eugenics in America, Engaging the Public with Climate Change, The Truth About Grief, The Great White Bear (1/11).
  • Daniel Pollock, Associate Director,
  • Clive Schofeld reviewed Troubled Waters: Ocean Science and Governance (1/11).
  • Owen Flanagan reviewed Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain (1/11).

NewScientist, Lacon House, 84 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8NS, United Kingdom; 44-20-7611-1202; Fax: 44-20-7611-1250. Email: and Web: Weekly magazine on all areas of science (9/10).

US editorial offices: 225 Wyman Street, Waltham MA 02451; 781-734-8770; Fax: 720-356-9217. Email: Also: 201 Mission Street, 26th Floor, San Francisco CA 94105; 415-908-3348; Fax: 415-704-3125.

Australia editorial office: Tower 2, 475 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia; 61-29422-2666; Fax: 61-29422-2633.

  • Jeremy Webb, Editor-in-Chief
  • Roger Highfield, Magazine Editor
  • Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Online Editor
  • Graham Lawton, Deputy Magazine Editor
  • Colin Barras and Michael Reilly, Technology News Editors
  • Celeste Biever, Physical Sciences and Space News Editor. Reviewed Jennifer Quellette's The Calculus Diaries (9/10).
  • Catherine Brahic, Environment News Editor
  • Maggie mcKee, Space News Editor (Waltham)
  • Helen Thomson, Biomedical News Editor
  • Paul Marks, Senior Technology Correspondent
  • Wendy Zukerman, Asia/Pacific Reporter (Australia)
  • Liz Else, Associate Editor, Opinion. Reviewed Cordelia Fine's Delusions of Gender and Rebecca Jordon-Young's Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences (9/10).
  • Kat Austen, Letters and Comments Editor
  • John Hoyland, Feedback Editor
  • Amanda Gefter, CultureLab Editor (Boston). Arts and books.
  • Clint Witchalls, Books and Arts Editor (England)
  • Valerie Jamieson, Chief Features Editor
  • Jessica Griggs, Careers Editor
  • Jo Marchant, Consultant. Reviewed Justin Pollard's Boffinology: The Real Stories Behind Our Greatest Scientific Discoveries (9/10).
  • Justin Mullins, Consultant. Reviewed Christopher Barnatt's A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing (9/10).

Popular Mechanics

Popular Science

Science, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington DC 20005; 202-326-6550; Fax: 202-289-7562. Email: Letters: Book reviews: Web: Weekly science magazine (11/10).

UK office: Bateman House, 82-88 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LQ, United Kingdom; 44-1223-326500; Fax: 44-1223-326501.

  • Bruce Alberts, Editor-in-Chief
  • Monica Bradford, Executive Editor
  • Colin Norman, News Editor
  • Jennifer Sills, Associate Letters Editor
  • Sherman Suter, Book Review Editor
  • Kristen Mueller and Jake Yeston, Editors, Editor's Choice. Reports from various scientific studies.
  • Caroline Ash, Editor, This Week in Science
  • Lauren Schenkman, News Writer, Random Samples
  • Tara Marathe, Senior Web Editor
  • Jeremy O'Brien reviewed Anton Zeilinger's Dance of the Photons (10/10).
  • Erik Myin reviewed Richard Menary's The Extended Mind (10/10).

Their book review board consists of John Aldrich of Duke University, David Bloom of Harvard University, Angela Creager of Princeton University, Ed Wasserman of DuPont, Richard Shweder of University of Chicago, and Lewis Wolpert of University College, London.

Featured reviews of Richard Holmes' The Age of Wonder and Ehsan Masood's Science and Islam (3/10).

Featured a review of Steven Shapin's Never Pure (10/10).

Featured reviews of Daniel McShea and Robert Brandon's Biology's First Law, Michael Loreau's From Populations to Ecosystems (11/10).

Science News

Scientific American

Skeptical Inquirer, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, P O Box 703, Amherst NY 14226-0703; 716-636-1425. Email: Web: The magazine for science and reason.

Specific Science Magazines

Astronomy, Kalmbach Publishing, 21027 Crossroads Circle, P O Box 1612, waukesha WI 53187-1612; 262-796-8776. Web: Monthly astronomy and star-gazing magazine (7/10).

  • David Eicher, Editor
  • Michael Bakich, Senior Editor, New Products. Email:
  • Glenn Chaple, Contributing Editor, Observing Basics. Recommended three classic books for astronomers: The Friendly Stars, Astronomy with an Opera-Glass, and Astronomy with the Naked Eye (7/10).
  • Matt Quandt, Online Editor
  • Ask Astro. Email: Astronomy Q&A answered by expert astronomers.

The Mind Health Report

Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association, 750 First Street NE, Washington DC 20002-4242. Web: Monthly journal.

  • Rhea Farberman, Executive Editor
  • Sara Martin, Editor. Email: At the end of many articles, the authors suggest references and books for further reading.

Psychology Today

Sky & Telescope, 90 Sherman Street, Cambridge MA 02140-3264; 617-864-7360; Fax: 617-864-6117. Email: Web: Monthly astronomy magazine (2/10).

  • Robert Naeye, Editor in Chief
  • New Product Showcase email: Features new products including new books. Featured John Hicks's Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory (2/10).

Please note that most magazines like to review new books. So they need to see books (galley copies or advanced review copies) 12 to 24 weeks before the publication date of the book. For more about publication dates, see

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