Women's and Fashion Magazine Editors

These book reviewers and magazine editors have been updated as noted at the end of any listing (10/10 for October 2010). If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's or editor's name and address before making submissions. Please send us any corrections or additions. Email JohnKremer@bookmarket.com. Let's keep this list up-to-date for everyone.

Women's Magazines and Fashion Magazines


Brides Magazine

Celebrating Women, Bennett Communications, 424 West 800 North #201, Orem UT 84057; 800-219-8575. Email: editor@celebratingwomenmagazine.com. Web: http://www.celebratingwomenmagazine.com. Quarterly magazine celebrating women succeeding in direct sales, home parties, and related businesses (6/09). Not sure if the magazine is still being published, although the website is still active.



Family Circle

First for Women


Harper's Bazaar



Marie Claire


O, The Oprah Magazine



Vanity Fair


W Magazine

Woman's Day

Woman's World

Women's Edition, Janet Van deWalle, Publisher, 2450 Central Avenue #A2, Boulder CO 80301; 303-396-0221. Web: http://www.womensedition.com. There are similar monthly magazines for women in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Lincoln, Colorado Springs, Quad Cities, south and west Denver, and Des Moines (3/10).

Please note that most magazines like to review new books. So they need to see books (galley copies or advanced review copies) 12 to 24 weeks before the publication date of the book. For more about publication dates, see http://www.bookmarket.com/pubdate.htm.

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