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The following are a few of the services that feature page flipping, streaming audio and video, and other useful formatting for online readability and interactivity for text-based books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, reports, catalogs, photo albums, and more.

Advanced Publishing: - Their RIDE (rich interactive digital editions) service allows you to create digital editions. Requires Microsoft Silverlight rather than Adobe PDFs. Buggy.

Alive Ebooks: - 775 E. Blithedale #188, Mill Valley CA 94941. You have to check out these multimedia ebooks. Read The Way of the Peaceful Warrier by Dan Millman in multimedia. Very neat.

Azimuth Fullscreen Publications: - Interesting technology, very interactive. No pricing info.

Blue Toad: - With BlueToad's page-flip technology, you can quickly and easily offer an enhanced online version of traditional paper publications for as low as $3.50 per page. Upload and convert print files to create a one-of-a-kind online publication with streaming audio, streaming video, and as many as 20 direct web links per page, available right from your own website.

Book Buzzr: - A free page-flipping site for authors to recreate their books as dynamic ebooks.

Bondi Digital Publishing: - Bondi designs, creates, and publishes print magazine archive box-sets in digital editions. Example: The Complete New Yorker.

Book Rix: - A social network for writers and readers that includes the ability to edit and publish your books in a flipbook format, using your layouts and graphics. This digital book can be embedded in websites and emails via HTML code. You can use this service for free.

Calameo: - Allows you to upload and convert your books, reports, magazines, etc. to digital publications. It's free and unlimited. You can then share your publication with others. With a premium account, you can offer more services and handle subscribers.

Coverleaf: - A service of Texerity (see below).

Digital Initiatives: - Offers page-flipping editions, email broadcasts, publisher websites, etc.

DocStoc: - Allows uploading and sharing of documents, but does not flip pages. Focuses on legal, business, tech, and educational documents. Free service. I've noticed that a lot of people share their PowerPoint slides as a book via this service.

eDition Digital: - Eddie Coffey, Managing Director, UK; 386-064-166-856. Email: eDition® Digital is a professional multiplatform publishing service that enables publishers with the ability to create innovative and engaging publications across all platforms. Based in Slovenia since 2001, eDition Digital has helped 167 publishers produced over 4,800 issues delivered to 4 million readers worldwide. It provides publishers with the tools to create, manage and track engaging products, reading experiences offering rich, interactive experiences, and products that can be easily branded, customized and personalized.

Edition Duo: - A feature-rich digital publishing solution that transforms static PDF files into dynamic online publications. Back issues for $99 plus $3 per page. Current issues for $229 plus $3 per page (50 cents extra per page to remove their logo).

eMag Creator: - Company or partner licences starting at $2,699. Includes publishing wizard, online or offline publishing, advanced menu setup, image and video insertion, and more. Host on your website (no separate hosting fees).

ePageWiz: - A software program that allows you to create and host your own page-flipping ebooks. $99 to $299.

e-Pub Xpress: - A service of Publishers Press, that allows magazine publishers to create digital editions and magazine websites.

ePublish 4 Me: - 877-649-1535. Can start with a free trial and graduate to an unlimited monthly subscription plan.

Flip@Once: - You can create user-friendly presentations with any PDF file. It comes in two versions: Flip@Once Desktop (a stand-alone unlimited use Windows application for creating and managing multiple interactive digital documents) and Flip@Once Online (a pay per page service for creating online electronic flipping books). Also features video streaming and thumbnail previews.

Flip Viewer: - E-Book Systems offers various versions of their FlipViewer options: online via software download, FlipViewer Xpress, or offline with a download. Also multimedia capable and allows users to add notes, highlight, bookmark, and compare pages. FlipBook Creator, allows you to create a FlipBook from HTML, PDF, JPG, and Flash documents easily within minutes. It lets you add video, audio and animations as well as pictures and graphics. No pricing on site.

Freado: - A website that allows you to upload your book (or excerpt), set up a profile, and interact with readers. BookBuzzr is their widget that displays your book as a page-flipping readable ebook. Their service is free.

FuturPublish: - FuturPublish transforms magazines, newsletters, annual reports, books and catalogs into intuitive digital magazines with real-time tracking capabilities. Digital editions can be hosted on their site, your site, or on a CD. Contact for pricing.

iMirus: - Their iMirus Test Drive program allows you to test their technology free for a two-month period. Their team will create a digital edition of one of your titles and develop an optimal marketing and distribution program to maximize the results of the pilot test. They create digital editions, digital stores, and more.

Issuu: - Allows users to create pageflipping books, reports, whitepapers, and magazines. When uploading a document, you can add audio or video to the document. Allows readers/viewers to download publications (if enabled by the publication owner) or embed them in their blogs or websites. The site is easy to use both for publishers and readers.

Larstan's Flipper: - The page-flipping software used by Blogger & Podcaster magazine.

LinkPath: - Offers page-flipping and other digital effects for magazines and other publications.

Magazooms: - Allows you to quickly create digital editions from PDFs. Limited standard editions are free; more powerful publications with multimedia cost extra.

My Ebook: - A full-fledged UK-based ecommerce website with page-flipping of books, magazines, and other digital documents. Flip books can include embedded video or audio, Flash files, images, etc.

With, we've made it possible for anyone to upload, or create from scratch; beautifully simple or adventurously complex page designs and covers online, in no time. What's more, you can publish your book with a single button and release it to the world before the (virtual) ink's dry! You can create as many publications as you want. And it's all free.

Nxtbook Media: - 866-268-1219. Email: Page-flipping and digital edition creation for magazines, catalogs, travel publications, annual reports, books, etc. Contact for pricing. Their digital magazine newsstand can be found at Also provides page-flipping digital editions designed to work with mobile phones and the iPhone. Their Nxtbook Liberty service features a version for the visually impaired and a text-to-speech option for commuters.

Olive Software: - Their ActiveMagazine solution offers digital magazines. Very slow.

PageFlip Widget: pageflip/fbd1.html?ref=pageflip - Takes ordinary PDF files and makes the pages flip.

Page Suite: - PDF creation, searching, archiving, adspace, keyboard shortcuts, email to a friend, slideshow, bookmarks, print pages, contents browser, page browser and reading view are included in digital editions.

Page Turn Pro: - Page-flipping publications with multimedia embedding. Must go through loops to find out pricing.

PDF 2 Page Turn: - Buy their page-turning software for only $65 one-time fee and create and host as many page-turning books as you want. Their documents are search engine indexable, internally searchable, and uploadable to and for free.

PressMart Media: - Digital editions of newpapers and magazines. Pay-as-you-go hosted services with subscription, ad-ready, and social networking features.

We have served over 350 publications across 38 countries, in over 22 languages. Our digital editions across the world get over 10 million unique visitors per month.

Pressmo: - Allows conversion of PDFs to flash flipbooks which include skimming, zooming, thumbnail sliders, and thumbnail views. Flipbooks are hosted on your domain.

Qmags: - A global newsstand for digital publications. Their QuVu format features cover-to-cover copies of magazines. Can include audio and video clips, hyperlinks, and search and retrieval. They also offer an iPad app as well as a web-based mobile version that works on all smartphones. They also offer full DRM (digital rights management) capabilities.

RealRead: - RealRead offers an off-the-shelf software solution that converts Adobe Acrobat PDFs into a book-like format for an easier and more natural online viewing experience. Cost: $650 plus a hosting fee starting at $10 per month. Full production service as low as $100 per title. I was not impressed by the resolution of one of the sample books.

Scribed: - Allows uploading and sharing of documents, but does not flip pages. Free, but features lots of Google ads on the viewing pages.

Snipp: - Their Mobilize Me platform allows magazines to port their content to mobile phones - and for mobile users to access that content.

Stallion Publishers: - Sell books with 3D page-flipping formats and more. Using PayPal. U.K. company. Their interactive publications are now available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Texterity: - 800-455-5450. Provides systems and services for the creation, delivery, and tracking of digital editions of magazines. Also creates digital editions for the iPhone and iTouch (iPhone apps). No page-flipping.

3D Issue Manager: - A Windows-based software solution that allows you to convert your books or magazines into searchable digital publications. You can add hotspots, video, audio, drop-down menus, keyword searching. Their converter tool allows you to select all the PDFs (whether they are portrait or landscape) relating to your edition, choose the resolution and compression ratio, and click convert. With 3D Issue Manager, a 72 page at 300 dpi press ready PDF can be converted to a searchable digital magazine in less than 5 minutes. Prices range depending on the use of the solution.

TurnPage: - Page-flipping magazines and books.

Yudu Media: - Upload books as PDFs to Yudu; they will then email the URL for your publication to you within seconds. Then share or sell your publication on your website. With the self-publishing account, you can create unlimited free preview editions. To include multimedia, you need to have a pro account.

Zendition: - Their base module allows for page flipping, search, zoom, and print. Add-on modules allow audio, video, pop-ups, registration, and user-tracking.

Zinio: - Online marketplace for digital editions of magazines and textbooks.

Zmags: - 877-233-1201; Email: Allows you to convert ordinary PDFs into Flash publications with streaming video, audio, and more. They offer two web-based software solutions: Zmags Publicator Express ($45 per month) and Zmags Publicator Pro:

Top 700 Independent Bookstores Data Files - This list started out as 500, then 600, and now almost 700 top general bookstores. It includes names of the book buyers and event coordinators, address, phone, fax, email, website, and other information about each bookstore. You will be able to download six different formats (your choice of one or all) as well as an information sheet to let you know what is contained in the various data files (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, comma-delimited ASCII, tab-delimited ASCII, dBase, and rich text format). Data file download, $40.00.

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