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1001 Ways to Market Your Books1001 Ways to Market Your Books, 6th Edition describes more than 1,000 ideas, tips, and suggestions for marketing books — all illustrated with real-life examples showing how other publishers and authors have marketed their books.

“Without glitzy idealism or funky hopelessness, Kremer does a sound job of talking about marketing, telling stories from his own and others' experiences. He knows his subject, imparting important information in a fast-paced, very open way. Extremely good stuff here.” — The Book Reader / May, 2008. 704 pages PDF. $8.00.
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“John Kremer is the ultimate researcher, detective, and packrat. With his ear to the ground, his eyes in the media and his nose in the Net, he ferrets out all the inside information and details on places to promote and sell books. Then he generously shares it in 1001. Kremer's book is every publisher's most important resource. The successful ones keep the latest edition next to their dictionary within immediate reach. You can have this treasure too. Invest in it now.

“Kremer writes from detailed research and heard-earned experience. He covers advertising, promotion, distributors, bookstores, book design, libraries, spin-offs, and more. In fact, there is little he does not cover and cover well.” — Dan Poynter, author and publisher, The Self-Publishing Manual

Self-Publishing Hall of FameJohn Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame — This book features the stories of hundreds of self-publishers who have gone on to great success. It also features tips from many of the hall of famers on how to do what they did. I publish this book as an ebook because I’m continually adding new heroes to it. A great motivational and educational tool! November, 2009. 254-page ebook download. $20.00.
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Special Mini-Guide Reports

Book Marketing 101: How to Create a National Bestseller — How to out-sell the New York Times bestsellers without breaking the bank. This is an inside guide on how other authors and self-publishers have created national bestsellers with persistence, elbow grease, and some investment of time or money. Also includes John Kremer’s insight on how to create a bestseller. Ebook download. $30.00.
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Book Marketing 102: Editorial as the First Step in Marketing — An incredible book about creating effective editorial that will sell a book, when you should publish a book and when you should not, how to get the best testimonials, creating selling book titles, and more. 78 pages, ebook download, $20.00.
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Book Marketing 103: Designing Your Books as Sales Aids — You can sell a book by its cover. Learn how to design both the inside and outside of your books for most effective sales. No other investment can increase the sales of your books more than effective cover designs. In addition, learn how to price your books for greatest sales and ask for the order. 60 pages, ebook download, $20.00.
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Book Marketing 104: 192 Marketing Ideas I've Learned from Other People — In this mini-guide, I describe 192 marketing ideas I’ve learned by reading bestselling books and magazines, attending seminars, and watching TV. Learn the seven successful strategies of every bestseller, guerilla marketing for writers, the meaning of success, a bestseller’s take on selling books, the ten secrets of publishing success, Mohammad’s guide to gaining paradise, how to be a good talk radio guest, how Terry McMillan became a bestselling author on her own, and how Elmore Leonard became HOT! Ebook download, $20.00.
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Book Distributors

Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System — This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes complete information on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales representatives to the chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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Foreign Book Distributors, Wholesalers, and Sales Representatives — This mini-guide features more than 345 companies that provide foreign distribution or sales representation. This report also includes a sample foreign distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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Literary Agents

Literary, Subsidiary Rights, and Foreign Rights Agents — This mini-guide includes more than 1,425 literary agents, including 325+ agents that sell foreign rights, 400 that have sold a first novel, and another 50 or so that handle subsidiary rights sales. This mini-guide also includes a sample foreign rights book contract. Ebook download, $6.00.
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"The old traditional way of getting an agent is the best way to get published. It really is the way we get most of our material." - Louise Burke, publisher, Gallery and Pocket Books

Using Teleseminars to Create and Market Books — You can use teleseminars to create new content, write new books, build important relationships, promote your books, and sell more books. In this seminar, I reveal a secret tip on how to begin creating relationships with top media and book buyers, even months or years before your book comes out. This one tip could boost your book marketing program to levels few authors or publishers have ever enjoyed. May, 2007. 100 minutes. Mp3 audio download, $47.00.
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Sit in as I do a consulting session: Great tips in a 1-hour session
In May 2010, I did a consulting session with Clare Albright, aka Dr. Clarity, on how to market Neurofeedback - a Drug Free Therapy. This one-hour session (a $500 value!) was packed with advice from me on how any author can market a book online, with a special focus on creating relationships with top websites, using free articles as a tool for making sales, and creating and using targeted viral videos. You can order the Dr. Clarity Consulting Session Audio mp3 for only $13.97 by clicking here: You really don't want to miss this session. That's why I priced the audio so low. You'll find at least 3 good money-making ideas within this detailed audio consult. $13.97
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