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This vital 96-page mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes detailed information on 30 distributors, 4 library book distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales reps to the major book chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library book wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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Selling Books to Book Clubs

Here is som advice from one book club editor (supplemented with advice from John Kremer) on how to sell your books to book clubs:

1. Work way in advance, six months to a year before publication date.

2. Send out your upcoming lists of new books as early as possible.

3. Target multiple clubs. Send to as many as seem remotely relevant to your list of new titles.

4. Each book club has different criteria for selecting books.

5. Include a cover letter with every book manuscript or galley you send. The cover letter should sell them on why they should be featuring your book. Tell them why your book fits into their club (you might even tell them on what page of their current monthly mailing your book should be). Include publication date, retail price, page count, trim size, and any other important details.

6. Appearance matters. Bound galley proofs are best but typeset manuscripts are acceptable. Include a sample jacket design and interior illustrations.

7. You will only hear a response if the club is interested. It will take four to eight weeks for them to evaluate your book.

8. To check on status, it is okay to email or phone the editor of the club.

For a list of mail order and online book clubs, click here.

Real Fast Book Marketing

Selling to Book-of-the-Month Club

The following information is taken from a BOMC flyer sent out to publishers in 1996. It was titled Submitting Manuscripts to the Book-of-the-Month Club: A Guide for Small Presses. It is dated, but the advice still holds true - for the most part.

Every year we receive from publishers, and evaluate, over 10,000 manuscripts; of those we select about 1500 titles for use. Most of those manuscripts are submitted by larger publishing houses with established subsidiary rights departments.... It is both a key part of our work and a personal pleasure for the editorial staff to “discover” worthy books from smaller publishing houses....

BOMC and QPB are general-interest clubs that offer books in many subject areas: history, biography, cooking, science, how-to, self-help, fiction, mathematics, language, spirituality, personal finance, current affairs, reference, pets, humor, etc. The areas of interest of our other affiliated clubs are self-explanatory.

Books that are unusually expensive, such as reference works or art, photography or other heavily illustrated books, are likely to be considered as Dividend books, offered at a deep discount to members who have earned credits through earlier book purchases.... Books that are primarily regional, academic, technical, or otherwise highly specialized are not appropriate for our use and are generally not worthwhile to submit for consideration.

To submit a manuscript, please address it to the editorial department of the appropriate club at [our main address]. There is no need to address the package to any specific person; all manuscripts are logged in at our manuscript room, and all submissions are equally and carefully considered. Manuscripts should be submitted six to nine months in advance of publication date. We would rather have a typescript early than a set of bound galleys or a finished book late. Late submissions have a reduced chance of adoption.

It is essential that you include with the manuscript a cover letter giving the estimated publication date, the price, the estimated number of pages, a brief description of the book and summary of its contents, and the number and type of illustrations. Also very helpful are photocopies of sample illustrations and brief biographical material about the author (noting his/her previous books, if any).... Do not send original artwork, transparencies, and other valuable materials.

If one of the clubs is interested in offering to its membership a book that you have submitted, a club editor or production supervisor will let you know of our interest and call to negotiate terms. Generally you can expect to hear from us, if we are interested in a title, within about two months.... In general, prolonged silence means that we are not likely to use a book that you have sent for our consideration.... Early and/or frequent calls are unhelpful to all concerned. We hope that this clarifies the way we do things at BOMC. We look forward to receiving your catalogs, reviewing your promising titles, and doing business with you.

For a list of mail order and online book clubs, click here.

Foreign Book Distributors, Wholesalers, & Sales Reps
- This report features more than 345 companies that provide foreign distribution, wholesaling, or sales representation (outside the United States). This report also includes a sample foreign distribution contract. Just $30.00.
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Top 700 Independent Bookstores - This database features 790 stores with address, book buyer, owner, event coordinator, phone, fax, email, website, and more! Cost: $40.00. This data file features an updated list of the largest indie bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers. The report comes as a data file download (your choice of Microsoft Access, Excel, comma-delimited ascii, tab-delimited ascii, d-Base, or rich text format). The data files do require that you know how to use a database or word-processing program.
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1001 Ways to Market Your Books, 6th Edition
describes more than 1,000 ideas, tips, and suggestions for marketing books all illustrated with real-life examples showing how other publishers and authors have sold thousands of copies of their books, sometimes even millions of copies.

"Without glitzy idealism or funky hopelessness, Kremer does a sound job of talking about marketing, telling stories from his own and others' experiences. He knows his subject, imparting important information in a fast-paced, very open way. Extremely good stuff here." The Book Reader

May, 2008. ISBN: 0-912411-49-X. 704-page softcover. $27.95.

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