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2012 Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminars


Are You Ready to Sell More Books?

Would you like to sell more books — a lot more books? If you do, I can show you how! I wrote the book on the subject: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. For the past twenty years, I've edited the newsletter on the subject: Book Marketing Update. And, also for the past twenty years, I've consulted with some of the top bestselling authors in the country. Who am I? I'm John Kremer. If you want to sell more books, I can show you how!

  • I designed the strategy that enabled a self-published author to become a New York Times #1 bestselling author of 9 books!
  • I've worked with several other small publishers to set up publicity campaigns and distribution networks that enabled them to sell hundreds of thousands of books!
  • I've ferreted out little-known book markets that enabled publishers to sell 5,000 ... 10,000 ... 20,000 books in a single sale!
  • And I've saved publishers hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars by telling them what works and what does not work — and why!

I can help you do the same. In three days, I will teach you all the inside secrets of how other book publishers are selling more books every day!

The 2012 Blast-Off Seminar

You are invited to attend the next Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar in ... None scheduled right now.

During this seminar, I'll share with you everything I've learned in the twenty years that I've been editing the Book Marketing Update newsletter and hosting No pie-in-the-sky theory. No puffed up New York glitz. No hype. Just the facts. All based on the experience of hundreds of other publishers just like you — proven experience that works!

In addition, I'll help you design a personal action plan for your book or publishing company. I'll outline exactly what to do. Who to contact. When. How. Where. And why. I'll help you discover the sales potential for your books! I'll do this both during the seminar and in a one-on-one session with you — either during the seminar or right after!

“I thought you would want to see what one of your students accomplished recently... We hit #1 spot at on Friday and stayed there for 29 hours (in the top 10 for 55+ hours). We're self-published and did it in 76 days from the time we had the book actually up on Amazon. We did it with no PR, no public speaking, no traveling, and no money spent!!! We also recently sold foreign translation rights in Korea and have 9 other countries after us to do the same (that was before we hit #1)!!” — Jason Oman, co-author, Conversations with Millionaires

This seminar is designed to help authors, self-publishers, and regular publishers sell thousands of more copies of their books. All categories are covered, including novels, business books, children's books, self-help, religion, travel, cookbooks, reference books, and more. All three days of the seminar are relevant to anyone wanting to sell more books.

Here's What You Will Learn

Here are just a few of the things you will learn during John Kremer's Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar:

  • The seven secrets of success in book marketing.
  • Your 5 basic distribution options, with their strengths and weaknesses. Also which options you should use, in what combination, and why.
  • How to create a national bestseller without breaking the bank.
  • How to use new technologies to promote and sell your books. Learn how to sell books via your website, Web 2.0, blogs, podcasts, ezines, wikias, and more!
  • How to get national publicity for your books, even when book reviewers aren't interested in your book! Don't worry about pub dates ever again!
  • How to book your authors on local radio shows that they can appear on from the comfort of their homes!
  • How to get on Oprah, The View, David Letterman, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and other national TV shows.
  • How to sell rights to your books — mass-market paperbacks, book clubs, foreign rights, serial (both first and second), multi-media, and other rights.
  • How to open new markets for your books. Who to contact. What to do. How to find out more.
  • How to sell quantities of books to mail order catalogs, premium buyers, and other special markets.
  • How to set priorities. How to get the most out of your book marketing dollar and hour!
  • How to use the 5x5 Matrix Marketing System™ to sell more books!
  • The new revolution in e-books — and how you can profit from it!
  • How to discover and implement the best marketing strategies for YOUR book.

I guarantee you that I won't let you leave the seminar until I've lit your fuse, fired up your engines, and set you on a course that will generate more sales for your books!

What People Are Saying . . .

“We are just a bit excited about being nominated for Book of the Year! You know it all started when Denise and Cari took your workshop. Since then we won the Ben Franklin Award for Children's Picture Books. We spent 10 weeks plus on the BookSense bestseller list and for two weeks at Christmas we were #4 putting us ahead of two of the four Harry Potter Books. We have spent 12 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list and have gone as high as #2. We have won the International Reading Association Young Readers Award for fiction. What we are most proud of is that we have raised over $50,000 for wishes for kids and for protecting special places with the Nature Conservancy since the book was released. Thank you setting us off in the right direction.” — Carl R. Sams II, author/publisher, Stranger in the Woods

If you want to sell books, the smartest thing you can do is invest in John Kremer's Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar. John is truly the top authority on marketing books. — Mike Walker, author, Cinemental Journeys

“Just wanted you to know that the seminar was everything we could have hoped for. You did a great job.... Besides being a good book marketer, you're a good man.... Thanks for your knowledge, wisdom, warmth, and sense of humor.” — Hal Urban, author, Life's Greatest Lessons, Or 20 Things I Want My Kids to Know

“Thanks for the GREAT seminar. My head is spinning with ideas, and I have my authors supercharged now. You definitely believe in the PLUS part of your 7 Steps to Success.” — Victor Loos, publisher, Bayou Publishing

“Just a quick note to tell you how fortunate I feel that I was able to attend your Blast Off Seminar this past weekend. I found you to be such a warm and generous person not to mention vastly knowledgeable and patient. ... On a practical level, I feel I have been grounded in terms of what I need to do every step of the way for my book. It has helped put my fear and anxiety in check and has left me energized and motivated. Thank you.” — Cara Johnson, author of Mama Do-Right and the Black Cat Bone

“You're fabulous. I'll never be the same again. Thank you a million times for the opportunity to hang out and learn from you, and for assembling such an interesting mix of information, people, and pastries.” — Patt Pugliese, publisher, The Pugliese Group

“Thanks again for a super fantastic class this past weekend! I've taken over 100 classes and seminars and yours was by far the best in all categories: valuable content, organized delivery of content, interesting, value for the money.” — Jill Ferguson, publisher, Truth Endeavors

“Thank you so much for the great information you provided at your seminar. You've helped me find the renewed energy and passion I needed to finish my book. Thank you!” —Liane Yamamoto

“The seminar was fantastic. Gene and I learned so much I swear my brain hurt by the end of the day on Sunday. We are still trying to get organized and prioritize our activities. ... I wanted you to know how much we both enjoyed the three days spent with you and the other participants. It was a great group of people. The action plan is fantastic — we just need to implement it! Thanks again for all of the information, suggestions, experience that you imparted to us.” — Cindy and Eugene Kappler, publishers, SBC Publishing; authors, We're Pregnant

“Playboy will review our book for their Christmas issue (with direct response information, no less) — a real coup for this small New England publisher! ... Where in heaven's name do you get such hard, reliable, inside information?” — R. Timothy Moses, publicity director, Down East Books

“Your Blast-Off Seminar gets the gold. It's the best writing workshop or conference I've ever attended, and I've been to a lot of them, from Hawaii to Manhattan.” — Warren Jamison, author and consultant

“I just want to offer a testimonial for your Book Marketing Blast-Off that I attended last February. Since then, my book (Notes from the M.O.B.) was published in September 1999 (5,000 copies). Last week I went into my second printing! I have been on national radio talk shows, regional TV interviews, am touring presently for B&N (they ordered 3,200 copies before my actual release date), and am the resident expert on A national bridal chain is about to carry my book... All due to everything I learned about shamelessly promoting myself at your seminar! It was the single most influential factor in my budding success.” — Sherri Goodall, author, Notes from the M.O.B.

“Georgia and I thank you from our hearts for presenting such a great seminar. You gave us wonderful ideas for which we are doing our best to carry through! ... We try to make contacts every day and see the light to start our new book!” — Cyndi Duncan, C&G Publishing

“The seminar was wonderful and, as you predicted, not the least bit redundant. This is the single best thing I've done as far as workshops, etc. Thank you for all your information and for being who you are. That really shines through.” — Meredith Boyd, Healing Visions Press

“It was the best workshop that I have ever attended. John Kremer talked seriously over a three-day period about over 2,000 book marketing tips, yet his humor and mesmerizing voice made the time fly by. This book marketing guru loaded us up — empowered us — with incredible, practical, doable, realistic book marketing ideas. When you think about how much you would have to pay a publicist, this seminar is money well spent and the best possible investment for promoting your book. No matter where you stand now, either thinking about writing a book or with a book already out for two years, this seminar will prove invaluable to you. I know it has been for me.” — Py Kim Conant, author of Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man

“Staggering. No one tells the author these things — not the publisher, not the writer's rep. Just John Kremer.” — John Robert Marlow, screenwriter and author of Nano

“I was a student in the Toronto Book Marketing Seminar in October 2004. I want to let you know that I took your advice and things are going very well. We've sold over 2,500 books to reading clubs and schools. The Toronto Sun contacted me for an interview and photo session to discuss my "atypical kids book." The article was published in their December 11, 2005 Sunday newspaper. The Black Family Channel (in Atlanta, Georgia) is using 3 poems from my book as public service announcements and I am in talks with a local producer who is interested in using the characters Marcus & Calley for an upcoming cartoon. I've done a couple of radio interviews (one for an Alabama radio station!) and even received a letter from the Premier of Ontario advising that he enjoyed the book and suggested that I contact our Education Minister. All in all, I want to convey my thanks as your seminar was amazing and produced unbelievable results when I took action.” — Claudette McGowan, Web:

“More valuable info per hour than any program I've attended.” — Nate Booth

“Enclosed is some show-and-tell to demonstrate the learning that I internalized from your seminar last winter! First, you will see some significant changes to the Energize resource catalog. ... Initial response to the catalog from our traditional audience has been very positive. ... I certainly feel that we are gaining momentum and thank you for your advice.” — Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize Inc.

“It was a great and diverse group. ... You are more literary and generally classy than others, and I really admire literary, classy people who evidence passion.” — Eldon Braun

“I highly recommend John Kremer's Book Market Blast-Off Seminar. Within two weeks of attending, taking pages of notes and firmly deciding to actively market my book, I was called out of the blue and interviewed by an editor of Money Magazine. Take note, that I had only made a List of 100 Things To Do and done four of them when I received this call. John's seminar made the difference. John knows what he is talking about and will save you tons of money and lots of missteps. Plus he's funny, kind and wise. Go, just go! It will be the best marketing money you spend during the first five years of your publishing career.” — Suzan Hilton, author of The Feng Shui of Abundance

“I've been reading John Kremer books and attending the Kremer seminars ever since I first got into the publishing business about ten years ago. I've especially enjoyed the BMU newsletter because John always comes up with interesting information that I can put into practice right away. His insight into specific ways of approaching specific magazine editors, radio and television producers are really the greatest.” — Stuart Sobel, Pro-Action Publishing

“Thank you for the most generous seminar I've ever attended. Stay healthy. We all need you.” — Karen Okulicz, author

“Fabulous seminar. Great content—the live analog of the book, only better. I enjoyed it tremendously and am still processing all I learned. The price doesn't even begin to match the value received. I'm amazed at how much you know and how generously you share it. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience.” — Helga Hayse of

“I really enjoyed learning from you because you are so genuine, authentic, and totally honest. And you deliver your material in such a simple understandable way. You treat everyone with such fairness and equanimity and establish an environment where it is easy to learn and everyone feels comfortable. It was great the way you keyed into each and everyone's special needs as well.” — Gaylah Balter, Learning Tree Books

“I want to thank you for a truly eye- and ear-opening seminar. It had added value because of my new relationships with others in attendance and because your presentations will help me more readily process your book on 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.” — Ed Weinsberg, author, Conquer Prostate Cancer Fast

Other bestselling graduates of John Kremer's Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar include Robert Allen, author of Multiple Streams of Income; Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?; Greg Godek, author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic; Dan Gookin, author of PC for Dummies; and Teri Lonier, author of Working Solo.

Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar

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To attend the Book Marketing Blast-Off Seminar, sign up today. The seminar fee is only $697.00. For additional attendees from the same company, the charge is only $200.00 more per person. To sign up, call 575-751-3398.

It's your choice. Hire me as your book marketing consultant for $3,000 per month or spend three power-packed days with me for only $697.00!

Note that space is limited to 30 attendees. If you want to be one of those lucky people, be sure to sign up today! Call me at 575-751-3398 if you want to sell more books in 2010 and beyond! Reserve your spot today.

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