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January 24, 2007: National School Nurse Day


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-- African-American Pavilion at BookExpo America 2007
-- How to Create Relationships with Key Media People
-- Upscale Lifestyle Magazines on the Rise

African-American Pavilion at BookExpo America 2007
If you would like to participate in the African-American Pavilion at BookExpo America later this year, check out the details at: You can exhibit, speak, or do other events at this show if you are an African-American author or publisher. They hosted some great events last year.

Some of the best book publishers I've met during the past 25 years were members of this pavilion last year.

How to Create Relationships with Key Media People
Would you like to know an effective way to create a real relationship with a top-tier media contact? It's really quite simple. Just follow what Darrell Gurney, the Career Guy, is doing.

What is he doing? He is inviting top media people to answer questions via free teleseminars with his clients. If you'd like to see how he is doing it, listen in on January 30th (next Tuesday) at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time while he interviews Joyce Lain Kennedy, perhaps the top syndicated columnist on careers (and author of a ton of bestselling books). Her Careers Now column is syndicated in over 100 newspapers.

Now, she benefits from the additional exposure Darrell is providing her via the teleseminar. And he is benefiting by creating a relationship with her while he is also gaining additional credibility with his potential customers. That's a win-win for everyone.

Prior to the teleseminar, Joyce has asked people to send in questions ahead of time by going to her website ( Thus, besides the exposure from the teleseminar itself, she is also encouraging lots of people to visit her website.

These are two smart authors working together to create real value for their readers while also exposing more readers to their work.

By the way, to find out more about the Career Guy, go to his website at

Upscale Lifestyle Magazines on the Rise
According to Deborah Striplin, editorial director of the Standard Periodical Directory, there has been an incredible increase in magazines aimed at the affluent -- from 90 such publications in 1997 to 456 in 2007.

The Standard Periodical Directory, which features 58,018 magazines, journals, newspapers, and newsletters, also has seen an increase in ethnic magazines -- going from 899 magazines in 1997 to 1,696 in 2007. Meanwhile, internal corporate newsletters have dropped from 1,357 to 222, business management titles have dropped from 920 to 231, and political titles have dropped from 1,147 to 512 -- all in the past ten years.

This directory features 5,546 new titles as well as 15,732 magazines, 12,069 journals, 13,529 newsletters, 9,735 newspapers, 3,489 directories, and 1,010 yearbooks. Available in print form from Oxbridge Communications ( for $1,695, it is also available online as part of the MediaFinder database service for only $1,295 per single user (

Personally, I've found that the printed directory is at least 10% out of date by the time it is printed. So, if I were to use this data, I'd do it with the online MediaFinder database service.

Meanwhile, in the first three issues of The Kremer 100 PR newsletter, I've featured updates on two hot upscale magazines. More updates on these key magazines will be coming in future issues.

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