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February 13, 2007:
American Magazine Birthday


In this issue . . .
-- The Kremer 100 PR Newsletter Bites the Dust
-- Book Covers: What Has Happened to Good Book Covers?
-- CIPA College: March 22 to 24, 2007
-- Creative Website Marketing
-- Mosquito Marketing for Authors
-- Free Books for All: Nonfiction Books
-- Book Buzz Online Book Club

The Kremer 100 PR Newsletter Bites the Dust
Online delivery is still not a piece of cake. When I discovered that only about 70% of the people who subscribed to my Kremer 100 PR newsletter, I had to pull the plug. You can't charge people for newsletters they don't receive. I couldn't live with those kinds of delivery rates for a paid newsletter.

If you subscribed to the paid newsletter and did not receive the notice, email so I can give you the options for a refund or getting another great newsletter, Book Marketing Update.

You might not be aware of it, but something like 30 or 40% of email on the Internet ever gets delivered. Sometimes it doesn't even make it to your spam filter. For a free newsletter like this one, I can live with such delivery rates; but for a paid newsletter, no way.

If you are with one of the bigger email services (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, Comcast), chances are that some of your email -- even some you might want -- isn't making its way to you or even to your spam in box. Many of these providers are filtering emails completely out so you don't even get a chance to say yes or no to emails. I don't know when this problem will be solved. If I wanted to pay money for every email I sent, I could get pass many of these filters, but there would still be people who wouldn't receive a paid newsletter because of spam filters, blacklists, white lists, and other filtering done by your email provider and your own email software. There are still some naive email users who have thousands of emails stuck in some spam folder or other black hole and don't know better how to retrieve that mail to see if there is anything important to them.

The Internet isn't the Wild West it once was. Now, it's more like Prohibition. Some day, hopefully, we'll get an email system that really works.

Last Minute Note: Yahoo! Mail Beta program is now blocking images in email messages!

Book Covers: What Has Happened to Good Book Covers?
Well, I received some interesting feedback from my article on the demise of good book covers. Some of the people at New World Library objected to using their book covers as examples. That bothered me because I really like the books New World publishes and I've always liked their book covers in the past. I tried to make that clear, but no matter how hard you try to be clear, some people will misinterpret your intentions.

If you haven't viewed the covers and remakes yet, go to my blog here:

CIPA College
Rick Frishman, John Kremer, Barry Spilchuk, Annie Callanan, Ellie Bryant, and many others will be speaking at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association College on March 22 to 24, 2007, in Denver. For more info, go to Creative Website Marketing
Just saw a television commercial for Kleenix tissues with a wonderful use of a URL: Fantastic name for a website that encourages you to let it all out, cry, and use Kleenix tissues. What are you doing to uncover interesting website names that will attract your potential customers to view your books? Come on, let it out.

Mosquito Marketing for Authors
Michelle Dunn is working on a new book, Mosquito Marketing for Authors. If you email her at, she'll send you a free 10-page excerpt from the book.

Among the contributors to the book include John Kremer, Dan Poynter, Penny Sansevieri, Stephanie Chandler, Kathleen Gage, Nikki Leigh, and Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Free Books for All: Nonfiction Books
My other free books website,, is now up and running. It features free non-fiction books: cookbooks, self-help, political, social issues, biographies, memoirs, spiritual, travel, sports, etc.

Also check out my new website for giving away free novels, poetry books, children's books, and short story collections. You can find it all here:

Again, with both of these websites, you are encouraged to offer your free books or samples to give Internet visitors an opportunity to sample your books or books.

Book Buzz Online Book Club
Book Buzz, Sheila Dalton, Moderator, Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Email: Web: An online book club open to anyone around the world. They read one book a month and hold free live online author chats that anyone can join.

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