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March 28, 2007: Ambulance Service Birthday,
Respect Your Cat Day, Children's Picture Book Day,
and Human Values Day


In this issue . . .
-- Give Wings to Your Dreams Book Trailer
-- The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing
-- How to Create a New York Times Bestseller
-- PC World Magazine
-- Spirited Woman Conversation Series: Lisa Hagan, literary agent
-- A Sample Book Marketing Campaign: Global Renaissance

Give Wings to Your Dreams Book Trailer
Via her book trailer at, Lauren Sullivan has grown her mailing list by more than 4,000 people in just a little over a month. In addition to the book trailer, she has a book distributor and a publicist working on promoting her book. Check out her book trailer. You'll see how easy it is to create an effective book trailer that grows your mailing list.

The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing
The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing, Bruce Marcus, Editor; 203-459-2993. Email: Web: Among other things, Bruce reviews books on marketing, consulting, publicity, and related topics in his newsletter.

How to Create a New York Times Bestseller
On Tuesday, April 10th, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, I'll be hosting a two-hour teleseminar on how to create a New York Times bestseller. The system I will be describing on this teleseminar is a proven method of getting a book on the New York Times bestseller list. During the teleseminar, I'll be describing a step-by-step method for getting your book on that list -- and by extension -- onto the front shelves of every bookstore in America. Front and center, discounted, prime placement -- all yours for the asking.

If you want to sign up for this step-by-step, full-disclosure seminar, go to On that page are listed all the bonuses you will received as part of this teleseminar program.

Question: Is this program just for new books or can it be done for any book? My book came out in May 2005.

Answer: It can be used for any book no matter how old, but you do have to have bookstore distribution in place. That doesn't mean your book is in the stores now, but you have to have access to the stores.

If you believe that your book deserves to be on the New York Times bestseller list, then you need to hear this teleseminar. More info at:

PC World Magazine
PC World, 501 Second Street #600, San Francisco CA 94107; 415-243-0500; Fax: 415-442-1891. Email: Web: Monthly computer magazine focused on Windows, Linex, and Intel computers and software. Few book items, but several authors are contributing editors or write freelance articles.

  • Harry McCracken, Editor. Email:
  • Ramon G McLeod, Editor,
  • Alan Stafford, Executive Editor, Next Gear.
  • Eric Dahl, Senior Editor, Plugged In. Email: Features buzzworthy products, ideas, and trends.
  • Dan Tynan, Contributing Editor, Gadget Freak. Email: Author of Computer Privacy Annoyances.
  • Scott Dunn, Contributing Editor, Windows Tips. Email: Answers Windows-related questions and offers related tips.
  • Kirk Steers, Contributing Editor, Hardware Tips. Email:
  • Stephen Manes, Contributing Editor, Full Disclosure. Email: Writes about technology.
  • Lincoln Spector, Contributing Editor, Answer Line. Email: Q&A column.
  • Stuart Johnston, Contributing Editor, Bugs & Fixes. Email:
  • Anne Kandra, Contributing Editor, Consumer Watch. Email:
  • Scott Spanbauer, Contributing Editor, Internet Tips. Email: Answers questions and offers tips.
  • Steve Bass, Contributing Editor, Home Office. Email: Bass is the author of PC Annoyances.
  • Woody Leonhard, author of Office 2003 Timesaving Techniques for Dummies, wrote about tech fixes in a previous issue.

Spirited Woman Conversation Series: Lisa Hagan, literary agent
The Spirited Woman Circle is hosting a teleseminar with literary agent Lisa Hagan on Tuesday, April 3, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific time. Lisa specializes in nonfiction books. To sign up for this teleseminar, see

She'll be talking about the best ways to get an agent, what an agent looks for in an unpublished author, the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, how the book business
has changed, etc. Lisa does few interviews, so this might be your only chance to ask her questions.

A Sample Book Marketing Campaign: Global Renaissance
Martin Rimm, publisher at Global Renaissance, would like to share a few of the things he's been doing lately to promote their new book series:

Book Videos: Our final breakthrough was to find a way to quickly present the verbal and visual contents of the entire book. We created a fast animation slide show with a great script and music. This could
become a standard for illustrated books. View it here:

Sample Pages: Five full color pages in pdf format with text to whet your appetite:

How to get a free book! Every author and publisher should be doing this. It's a no brainer:

A long home page: Not many people realize this, but the stats for just about every website on planet earth bear this out: most of your traffic goes to your home page ONLY. So if you have anything to say, you BETTER say it on your home page! The thinking is, if the first few paragraphs don't grab you, you're not interested in our work, and so we're not losing a client or a relationship. If it does grab you, then we have succeeded. Short text just doesn't move people to action. See:

His samples should provide some good ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

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