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May 15, 2007: International Day of Families


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-- Using Teleseminars to Create and Market Books
-- -- I love this new service
-- Mind-Body-Spirit Radio Database
-- Radio PR Guy

In this special issue of my Book Marketing Tip of the Week, I wanted to feature a few new programs that I think you will be interested in. The teleseminar described below is totally free, but I do make money if you
sign up for the Instant Teleseminar service (which I heartily recommend).

The reason for this special issue is that the teleseminar service and the new radio program both have deadlines this week. So I had to tell you now or you would miss out on signing up or getting a great discount.

Using Teleseminars to Create and Market Books
On Wednesday evening, May 16th (that's this week!), at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, 5:00 p.m. Pacific, I will be hosting a no-cost teleseminar on how you can use teleseminars and webinars to create new content, write new books, promote your books, and sell more books.

To listen in on this teleseminar by John Kremer, go to:

This seminar will have an incredible amount of great content to help you create many new products and sell like crazy. -- I love this new service
Now, as part of the teleseminar, I will be recommending that you use if you don't already have a low-cost webinar or teleseminar provider. is a new service that allows you to give any number of teleseminars and/or webinars every month -- all for one low cost of $47 per month. If you have ever used a teleseminar service before, you know that this is cheap.

I signed up as a charter member of a few weeks ago and the service is amazing. If you want to make money online, if you want to create tons of new content, you need to do teleseminars.

This new service makes it easier, faster, and better. It is so easy that I set up the Teleseminar on Teleseminars for Books in just three minutes. Again, you can listed to that teleseminar on Wednesday evening by going to:

I am using it. I love it. I will continue to use it to create lots of new products, offer lots of free Q&A teleseminars, and do many, many wonderful interviews. I recommend you do the same. Listen in on my Wednesday teleseminar to learn how to do it.

To learn more about, click here:

To sign up for $1 this week, click here:

Membership for this new service is invite-only right now, so if you click on the regular order-link in the sales letter, it will say they are not taking orders now ... but if you click on this invite-only link above then you can bypass their block, and become a new charter member today. This offer ends on Friday May 18th, so make a decision today! That's why I'm sending out this special newsletter issue.

Again to learn more, click here:

To sign up for $1 click here:

Mind-Body-Spirit Radio Database
My friend Alex Carroll has developed a new database of self-improvement / mind-body-spirit / inspirational radio shows. If your book covers any of these topics, his hot new radio database will help you to launch your book sales into the stratosphere.

As you know, I like the work that Alex does. There is no one in the world that knows more about selling books via radio shows. Here's what Alex has to say about his new database:

The Mind-Body-Spirit / Self-Empowerment shows are the types of radio shows that interview people like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch ... and you ... if your topic fits into their category.

My clients have been bugging me for years to create a database of Mind-Body-Spirit / Self-Improvement shows because so many of them were in that genre. I already had a database of all the top shows in America, but because I cut it off at 100,000 listeners, many of these Mind-Body-Spirit shows didn't make it because they were smaller shows, or satellite shows, or internet shows.

However, because they are so focused and have such loyal, dedicated listeners, I think it's likely that if you fit their category, you may get a bigger response from these shows than you might from a big mainstream general interest show with 100,000+ listeners.

I suspect many of these shows have never been listed in a database before ... which probably means they've never been deluged by guest pitches either. So if you jump on this right away and get busy, I bet
your chances of getting booked will be much higher than later on down the road when everyone is banging on their door. You know how it is ... the early bird gets the worm.

There are a grand total of 213 shows listed in this new database.

Here are the data fields in the database:

* Host's Name
* Show Name
* Producer/Program Director's Name
* Show format/Description
* Time slot
* Phone
* Address
* E-mail
* Website
* And company info (Syndicator, Frequency, Satellite etc.)

For the next 7 days only, you can get Alex's brand new list for a very special introductory price of $249. After that the price will go up to $297.

If you know anyone who needs this database ... please do them a favor and forward this e-mail to them.

Order now by going here:

That special URL gets you direct to the introductory lower-priced page. This is a digitally delivered database. After you complete the order form, you will automatically be taken to the download page where you can save the database to your computer. It comes as an Excel formatted spreadsheet.

Again, to get the new list of 213 Self-Improvement / Mind-Body-Spirit / Inspirational radio shows, click here now:

Radio PR Guy
Don't forget Alex's much larger Top 1000 radio database. For more info about that, go to

Full Disclosure Statement
Just so you know: I make a little bit of money if you buy into any of the above three programs. That's via an affiliate program. I encourage you to get involved in similar affiliate programs aimed at your audience or website visitors.

My website and other websites currently earn several thousand dollars in income each month from affiliate programs, Google AdSense, affiliates, and similar programs. Your websites could be generating similar income for you. At the very least, check out the Google AdSense program and the many, many products offered at

Be sure, though, that whatever affiliate programs you get involved in, you keep one thing as top priority: You must like and be able to heartily recommend anything you are affiliated with. I won't affiliate with any program that I can't recommend independently and with confidence.

That's why I love recommending Alex's programs. And, as you will find out if you come to my teleseminar on Wednesday, that's why I am so in love with the new program. I did an audio
testimonial for them three days after first using their service. That's how much I loved it. I'll be doing at least five to twenty teleseminars every month -- now that it's so easy, cheap, and reliable.

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