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June 18, 2007: International Declaration of Human Rights Day


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John Kremer's Making Friends Who Count Course
On Tuesday, June 19th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, I presented a teleseminar on how to create relationships with top media and other key book selling contacts. This teleseminar is the first of a two-part package on how to make lasting friendships with key media and other people who matter.

The full course also includes full documentation and an additional webinar where John will teach you all his secrets on how to become a friend -- not just a name in the news -- with key media people as well as other key contacts (bookstores, wholesalers, catalog directors, movie producers, bloggers, website owners, or whomever else you want to know). You will be amazed at how easy it can be to create friends in all the right places in as little as a few hours.

To sign up for this course, click here: SIGN ME UP: FRIENDS. Only $97 and worth every cent!

If you missed the teleseminar on Tuesday, June 19th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, you can still sign up for the seminar and listen to it at your leisure. Plus you'll still be eligible to attend the webinar to follow in three weeks where John will show you as well as tell you how to follow his amazing Make a Friend Anywhere System. John will not be teaching this system in any other venue, so you must sign up now if you want to take part.

Again, To sign up for this course, click here: SIGN ME UP: FRIENDS

New York City Bookstores
The American Booksellers Association website had a list of some general and special-interest bookstores in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It's not a complete list, but it is a useful list:

Brooklyn Bookstores

BookCourt, 163 Court Street; 718-875-3677. Web:

Promiseland Christian Bookstore, 4823 Avenue N; 718-377-2170. Web:

Unnameable Books, 456 Bergen Street; 718-789-1534. Web:

Brownstone Books, 409 Lewis Avenue; 718-953-7328. Web:

Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers, 218 Bedford Avenue; 718-387-7322. Web:

WORD, 126 Franklin Street; 718-383-0096. Web:

Here's A Book Store, 1964 Coney Island Avenue; 718-645-6675.

The Book Mark Shoppe, 8415 3rd Avenue; 718-833-5115. Web:

Manhattan Bookstores

Asia Store, 725 Park Avenue; 212-327-9309. Web:

Jim Hanley's Universe, 4 West 33rd Street; 212-268-7088. Web:

Posman Books @ Grand Central, 9 Grand Central Terminal; 212-983-1111. Web:

Bank St. Bookstore, 610 West 112th Street; 212-678-1654. Web:

Lower East Side Tenement Museum Shop, 108 Orchard Street; 212-982-8420. Web:

Rainbows & Triangles Books, 192 8th Avenue; 212-627-2166.

Bluestockings Women's Bookstore, 172 Allen Street; 212-777-6028. Web:

McNally Robinson Booksellers, 52 Prince Street; 212-274-1160. Web:

Rizzoli Bookstore, 31 West 57th Street; 212-759-2424. Web:

Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street; 212-989-3270. Web:

Metropolitan Museum of Art Bookstore, 6 East 82nd Street; 212-650-2535. Web:

St. Paul the Apostle Church Bookstore & Gift Shop, 405 West 59th Street; 212-315-0918. Web:

Choices -- The Recovery Bookshop, 220 East 78th Street; 212-794-3858.

New York University Book Center, 18 Washington Place; 212-998-4650. Web:

St. Mark's Bookshop, 31 3rd Avenue; 212-260-7853. Web:

Dahesh Heritage, Fine Books, 1775 Broadway #501; 212-265-0600.

New York University Computer Store, 242 Greene Street; 212-998-4655. Web:

The Corner Bookstore, 1313 Madison Avenue; 212-831-3554.

Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th Street; 212-944-0595. Web:

NYU Health Sciences Bookstore, 333 East 29th Street; 212-998-9990. Web:

The Juilliard School Bookstore, 60 Lincoln Center Plaza; 212-799-5000. Web:

East West Books, 78 Fifth Avenue; 212-243-5994. Web:

NYU Professional Bookstore, 530 Laguardia Place; 212-998-4681. Web:

The Museum of Modern Art Bookstore, 3 East 54th Street, 19th Floor; 212-333-6545.

Librairie de France, 610 Fifth Avenue; 212-581-8810. Web:

Oscar Wilde Bookshop, 15 Christopher Street; 212-255-8097. Web:

The Shop at RMA, Rubin Museum of Art, 150 West 17th Street; 212-620-5000. Web:

Hudson St. Books, 510 Laguardia Street, 3rd Floor; 212-475-0113. Web:

Penn Books, 16 Penn Plaza; 212-239-0311. Web:

Three Lives & Co., 154 West 10th Street; 212-741-2069. Web:

Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe, 2319 Frederick Douglass Boulevard; 212-665-7400. Web:

Workman's Circle Bookstore, 45 East 33rd Street; 212-889-6800. Web:

Meetings & Conventions magazine
A monthly magazine for the business meetings market, Meetings & Conventions regularly features articles on careers, meetings, and related subjects written by book authors. Their April issue featured an article by Paul Falcone, author of The Hiring and Firing Questing and Answer Book. They also sometimes feature articles or interviews of speakers.

Send info to the editors at Meetings & Conventions, Northstar Travel Media, 100 Lighting Way, Secaucus NJ 07094-3681; 201-902-2000; Fax: 201-902-2032. Email: Web:

Lori Cioffi, Editor in Chief; 201-902-1975. Email:

Lisa Grimaldi, Senior Editor; 201-902-1968. Email:


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