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July 10, 2007: Smile Power Day
and Quadriplegic Race Day


In this issue . . .
-- Sunset magazine
-- PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit
-- Alibris Basic for Publishers
-- ESPN magazine
-- Book Proposal Service from Reader Views
-- Incentive magazine
-- Ebony magazine

Sunset magazine
Sunset is a monthly home, garden, food, travel, and lifestyle magazine for the American West. Each month The Sunset View features someone famous. The July 2007 issue featured novelist Pam Houston.

Send appropriate book and author info to the editors at Sunset Magazine, 80 Willow Road, Menlo Park CA 94025-3691; 650-324-5632 and 650-321-3600; Fax: 650-327-7537. Email: Web:

Katie Tamony, Editor-in-Chief. Email:

Margo True, Food Editor. Email:

Sara Schneider, Wine Editor.

Kathleen Norris Brenzel, Garden Editor. Email: Covers gardening and garden products as pertaining to Western living.

Kathy Barthelemy, Home Editor. Email:

Peter Whiteley, Senior Writer, Home Design and Decorating. Email:

Jess Chamberlain, Writer, Home Design and Decorating. Email:

Peter Fish, Editor at Large. Email: Covers travel in the Western U.S. Wrote an article on Lewis and Clark where he recommended the following titles for best reading: Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage, Julie Fanselow's Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail, Verne Huser's On the River with Lewis and Clark, Gary Moulton's The Lewis and Clark Journals, and Elizabeth Grossman's Adventuring along the Lewis and Clark Trail (3/04). Wrote a feature on Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss (5/04). In a story on Carmel, he mentioned The House Dog's Grave (7/04). In his column, he featured the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and many famous science fiction authors and books (8/04).

Amy Wolf, Travel Editor.

Rachel Levin, Associate Travel Editor. Specializes in adventure travel and the outdoors. Email:

Lisa Taggart, Senior Travel Writer. Covers Northern California. Email:

Sheila Schmitz, Online Editor

PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit
PressKit 24/7 is an online media kit technology with keyword optimization designed to raise your press kit's search engine ranking automatically. That means more people will find you faster.

Most author websites are designed for the end user in mind, yet 93% of journalists prefer online source material (TEK Group International survey). The new PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit is designed to drive media to your door.

Their PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit offers you an online press kit, inclusion in an expert database, multi-media capability, and quick editing to get you up and running fast. Cost: Only $29.95 per month.

To sign up, go here: PressKit 24/7 Quick Kit: http://www.marketers =3611373&AffiliateID=569847

For more information, go here: PressKit 24/7; or call 888-513-5302.

Alibris Basic for Publishers
For a charge of $19.99 per year plus $1.00 per order plus a small commission, you can list all your books and sell them via They provide free seller tools to manage your inventory and order
management, with access to over 7,000 academic and public libraries. Alibris connects you to over 50 million customers through multiple sales channels, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders, and Chapters.

For more information, go to:

Or contact: Dan Enright, Director, Alibris Seller Network. Email:

ESPN: The Magazine
ESPN is a biweekly sports magazine with a circulation of 1.75 million. Their December, 2003 issue featured an excerpt from Lawrence Taylor's LT: Over the Edge. Their June 2007 issue featured an excerpt from David Walsh's From Lance to Landis.

Send info and review copies to the editors in care of ESPN The Magazine, 19 East 34th Street, New York NY 10016-4303; 888-267-3684. Email: Web:

Gary Hoenig, Editor in Chief

Mark Hudson Giles, News Editor

Christopher Berend, Senior Editor, Articles

Sam Alipour, Contributing Editor, Media Blitz. Covers movies, music, books, TV, and stage. Reviewed James Blake's Breaking Back (6/07).

Book Proposal Service from Reader Views
Irene Watson of Reader Views is now offering a new service for book authors who need help in writing a book proposal and presenting the proposal to agents and publishers. They provide step-by-step coaching on how to write a book proposal and then present the completed book proposal to agents and publishers. They charge $75 to review your manuscript, $200 to coach you through the process of writing a book proposal, and $300 or 15% for selling a book to a publisher.

For more about the program, click here:

Incentive magazine
Incentive is a monthly magazine for sales and marketing professionals. Send info to the editors at Incentive, VNU Publications, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595; 646-654-4500; Fax: 646-654-7650. Email: Web:

Donna Airoldi, Executive Editor and Travel Editor

Leo Jakobson, Senior Editor. Email: Their Backtalk section featured an interview with Cindy Ventrice, author of Make Their Day! (6/07).

Jacqueline Durett, Online Executive Editor

Ebony magazine
Ebony is a monthly magazine for and about African-Americans. Their Bookshelf reviewed the following books: Russell Simmons's Do You!, Michael Eric Dyson's Debating Race, and Big Boom's If You Want Closure in Your Relationship (6/07). The June 2007 issue featured an excerpt of Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas by Kevin Merida and Michael Fletcher.

Send review copies and info to Ebony, 820 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60605. Email news tips and story ideas: Letters: Web:

Joy T. Bennett, Kevin Chappell, and Sylvester Monroe, Senior Editors

Lynette Holloway, Associate Editor. Interviewed Eddie Levert Sr., author of I God Your Back (6/07).

Charlotte Lyons, Food Editor

Shirley Henderson, Associate Editor. Wrote an article on life after prison that featured several authors, including Jeff Henderson, author of Cooked; Vickie Stringer, author of Let That Be the Reason; Victor Woods, author of A Breed Apart; and novelist Relentless Aaron.

Lynette Holloway, Associate Editor. Wrote an article on swimming to stay fit where she quoted Ian Smith, author of Extreme Fat Smash Diet, and Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent's Fitness for Dummies (6/07).

Monica Jones, Assistant Editor. Wrote an article on in-law relationships where she featured the advice of Audrey Chapman, author of Getting Good Loving (6/07).

Terry Glover, Senior Editor, Online

George Wallace, Columnist, For Brothers Only. Wrote about Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now (6/07).

Glinda Bridgforth, author of Girl, Get Your Credit Straight, wrote a column about personal finance (6/07).


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the more they give, the more they possess. Rainer Maria Rilke, poet

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