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July 17, 2007: Disneyland Birthday
and U.S. Paper Money Day


In this issue . . .
-- Marketing News magazine
-- Women for Hire Speakers Connection
-- Highways magazine
-- Self Pub News
-- Forest Magazine
-- Gift List Media
-- Book Marketing Network: 630 and counting
-- Gourmet magazine

Marketing News
This marketing newspaper is published 20 times per year. Circulation: 27,500. You can check out their editorial calendar at

Send info to the editors at Marketing News, Lisa Keefe, Editor-in-Chief, American Marketing Association, 311 S. Wacker Drive #5800, Chicago IL 60606; 800-262-1150. Email: Web: and

They prefer pitches and news sent via email at (include submission in the subject line). They encourage brief letters to the editor, Viewpoint columns, and comments to their blog at:

Women for Hire Speakers Connection
Women for Hire Speakers Connection is a new members-only program promoting qualified experts for speaking opportunities. Not a normal speakers bureau, it is a well-connected resource to support authors, coaches, trainers, consultants, and speakers in reaching new audiences. It can help you bridge the gap between your business and the gatekeepers in the corporate event and conference planning community.

For more information and a special introductory rate, check out:

Highways is the monthly magazine of the Good Sam Club, the country's largest RV club. They might be interested in some travel guides as well as any books on traveling light, cooking, etc. If you want to increase your chances on getting a book reviewed, find a Good Sam Club member and encourage them to write in and do a review. Send review copies and info to the editors at Highways, Good Sam Club, 2575 Vista Del Mar Drive, Ventura CA 93001; 805-667-4100; Fax: 805-667-4454. Email: Web:

Letters: Dear Good Sam, P O Box 8545, Ventura CA 93002. Email:

John Sullaway, Editor. In the June 2007 issue, they featured a review of The RV Repair and Maintenance Manual. In the July issue, they reviewed Let's Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free (which was also reviewed by a club member). They also reviewed Towing Behind Your Motorhome DVD and Selecting an RV Home Base.

Bob Livingston, Technical Editor. Email: Focuses on electrical and other technical requirements of RVing.

Sherman Goldenberg, Midwest Editor

Bob Blumer, author of four cookbooks, writes a regular column featuring recipes for traveling (7/07).

Self Pub News
Self Pub News is a new website for making announcements about new books, upcoming conferences, book signings, special deals, and more. If you want your news included, send an email to Tom Nixon, editor, at Web:

Tom Nixon is the blogger at

Forest Magazine
Forest is a quarterly magazine published by Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics that is devoted to conserving forests. Their winter 2007 issue featured an excerpt from David Petersen's Postcards from Ed (featuring Edward Abbey) Also freelance writer Camilla Mortensen reviewed Wildfire by George Wuerthner.

Send review copies and other info to Forest Magazine, Patricia Marshall, Editor, FSEEE, P O Box 11646, Eugene OR 97440; 541-484-3170; Fax: 541-484-3004. Email: Web:

Gift List Media
Gift List Media offers two media lists: one for the winter holidays for $449 and another for the summer (Gift List for Moms, Dads, and Grads) for $379. For more info, contact Gift List Media, Amy Bates Stumpf, President, 1711 Lila Lane, La Canada CA 91011; 818-790-0775; Fax: 818-790-0725. Email: Web:

Book Marketing Network: 642 and counting!
If you haven't joined the Book Marketing Network yet, you should. The network now as 642 members -- all of who are sharing inspiration and tips. As one member noted: “Thanks for the good advice from this network on how to get the most from Amazon -- my ranking tonight is 16,569 -- the best it has been as a REALLY long time.”

Shouldn't you join the network? It's free. I started it up, but it is really operated and controlled by its members. Start a conversation. You'll be surprised at how many wonderful, talented, and generous people are already on the network. Check it out at:

Gourmet is a monthly fancy food magazine. Motto: The magazine of good living. For information on books by Gourmet contributors, see Send review copies and other info to Gourmet, The Conde Nast Building, 4 Times Square, New York NY 10036-6563. Web:

Ruth Reichl, Editor in Chief

John Willoughby, Executive Editor

Jocelyn Craugh Zuckerman, Deputy Editor

Jane Daniles Leer, Senior Articles Editor. Their Shopping List section features information on where to get recipe ingredients as well as sources for their statistics. For their Good Living section, they used several books as sources of stats: Better Than Homemade: Amazing Foods That Changed the Way We Eat and The Complete Book of Spices (6/07). If you have interesting food stats, send them to Gourmet (could be useful for a cookbook, book about food, or travel-related book).

Nanette Maxim, Senior Features Editor

Zanne Early Stewart, Media Food Editor

Kemp Miles Minifie, Executive Food Editor. In their What's Next section, they featured the Michelin Guide and Slow Food Guide (1/04).

James Rodewald, Drinks Editor

William Sertl, Travel Editor

Shelton Wiseman, Travel Food Editor

Adam Brent Houghtaling, Web Editor

Joe Dolce, in an article on raw foods, quoted Robert Wolke, author of What Einstein Told His Cook. Also referred to a raw foods cookbook by Roxanne Klein and Charlie Trotter (1/04).

O. Rufus Lovett, author of Weeping Mary, photographed for an article on Texas barbecue (6/07).

Nicole Mones, author of three novels, wrote an article on food in China (6/07). Her third novel, The Last Chinese Chef, was excerpted in August, 2006.

Robb Walsh, author of a number of Texas cookbooks and restaurant critic for the Houston Press, wrote an article on a Texas jamboree (6/07).

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