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August 9, 2007: Smokey the Bear's Birthday,
International Day of the World's Indigenous People


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-- Newspaper book editors
-- Great publicity gimmick
-- New York Times buys book blog!

Newspaper book editors
Chicago Sun-Times, Teresa Budasi, Books Editor, 350 N. Orleans Street, 10th Floor, Chicago IL 60654; 312-321-3000. Email: or Web: One of the ten largest newspapers in the U.S. “Each week we offer free local listings of author readings and feature an interview with a local author.”

Detroit Free Press, Sharon Wilmore, Books Writer, 600 West Fort Street, Detroit MI 48231; 313-222-8733; Fax: 313-223-4726. Email: Web:

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Great publicity gimmick
My friend Dorothy Molstad, marketing manager at Voyageur Press, sent a copy of Green Bay Packers: The Complete Illustrated History to Joan Stewart, editor of the Publicity Hound newsletter because she knew that Joan was a Packer fan. Dorothy included a handwritten note that said: “I'll bet you'll find many Packer fans read your newsletter if you print something about the book. I'll send a copy to the most distant fan who responds.”

Well, she offered that for Joan's newsletter and I'm sure she'll do the same for this newsletter. So, if you're a Packers fan in a distant land, email Dorothy and tell her how many miles you live from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Email:

Tell her I sent you and you'd like that free book.

And, if you have friends who publish a newsletter or blog, you might make their readers a similar offer. Do you have a book that others would lust after? Then offer your key supporters an opportunity to give away a copy to their dedicated readers. Will it work? Well, here's the evidence: Would I, an avid Minnesota Vikings fan, be writing about a dastardly Green Bay Packer book for any other reason?

New York Times buys book blog!
The New York Times has added a book blog to its website. The site now features the Freakonomics blog written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Vivian Schiller, an executive at, has said that “This is the first established blog that we've picked up. But it won't be the last.”

Will your blog be the next? It could be if you make it really interesting. Of course, it would help to have a bestselling book to back it up.

Look for more media websites to be picking up blogs and other web content. If you make your website or blog valuable enough, you could find various websites begging to give you money to have you post content for them. Your book makes your content already more valuable than content from ordinary websites with no books to back them up.


I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation. — George Bernard Shaw, playwright

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