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September 4, 2007: Beetle Bailey's Birthday, Cook a Great Meal Day,
and Newspaper Carrier Birthday


In this issue . . .
-- QBR: The Black Book Review
-- a novel blog
-- Spirit of Aloha magazine
-- another great publicity gimmick
-- Mother Jones magazine
-- Bookmarks magazine
-- More magazine

QBR: The Black Book Review
This bimonthly magazine reviews books by and about African-Americans, Africa, and related subjects. Send review copies to QBR: The Black Book Review, 9 West 126th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10027; 212-348-1681; Fax: 212-427-9901. Web:

  • Max Rodriguez, Publisher and Executive Editor
  • Reeshemah Brightley, Associate Editor. Email:
  • Trisha Greene, Fiction Editor. Email:

A novel blog . . .
Arthur Levine has started up a new blog, one that is written by a fictional character to promote a new novel called Johnny Oops. Johnny thinks he is a guru who is a prophet in the making, while some others view him as simply a charlatan. It is up to the reader to decide.

Starting this week, readers will be able to suggest the topics for a series of speeches Johnny will be giving in major U.S. cities. But, please note, since Johnny thinks he is a messenger sent by God, he intends to have the last word.

Want to know more? Check out

Spirit of Aloha magazine
The Spirit of Aloha is the bimonthly magazine of Aloha Airlines. The January/February issue featured reviews of Kim Taylor Reece's The Eternal Dance, MacKinnon Simpson's A Century of Aloha, A.S. Yost's Combat Chaplain, and Henry Nalaielua's memoir No Footprints in the Sand. All books had a Hawaii connection. Stuart Coleman, author of Makaha Means Fierce, wrote an article on interracial couples (1/07).

Send info to the editor at Spirit of Aloha, Tom Chapman, Editor, Honolulu Publishing Company, 707 Richards Street #525, Honolulu HI 96813; 808-524-7400. Web:

Another great publicity gimmick
A reader liked the contest that Voyageur Press offered for the book about the Green Bay Packers. So he offered a similar prize for you.

Howard Cohen at Clerisy Press will send a copy of Black and Blue: A Smash-Mouth History of the NFL's Roughest Division to the farthest flung fan from each of the four teams in the division: Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and Green Bay Packers. To apply for this free offer, email Howard at, tell him where you live and which team is the one you love. The book was published just this month. A great book if you love professional football.

Mother Jones magazine
This bimonthly progressive political magazine features many authors and books. Send info to the editors at Mother Jones, 222 Sutter Street #600, San Francisco CA 94108; 415-321-1700; Fax: 415-321-1701. Web:

They offer a bookseller's marketplace called In Print, where you can advertise your books. Readers can then buy the books by going to

  • Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery, Editors
  • Dave Gilson, Senior Editor
  • Julia Whitty, Environmental Correspondent
  • James Ridgeway, Senior Correspondent, Washington Bureau
  • Young Kim, Web Producer,
  • Josh Harkinson, Reporter, reviewed Matt Bai's The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics (9/07).
  • Joshua Kurlantzick, Contributing Writer. Author of Charm Offensive, he wrote an article on China (9/07).
  • Jennifer Gonnerman, author of Life on the Outside, wrote an article on the Rotenberg Center (9/07).
  • Maia Szalavitz, author of Help at Any Cost, wrote an article on the tough-love teen industry (9/07).
  • Jeff Sharlet, author of Jesus Plus Nothing, wrote an article about Hillary Clinton's faith (9/07).
  • Elizabeth Grossman, author of High Tech Trash, wrote an article on plastics (9/07).
  • Ted Genoways wrote an article on fake news stories with quotes from Sarah Chayes's The Punishment of Virtue and Ashley Gilbertson's Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (9/07).
  • Nick Turse reviewed Dahr Jamail's Beyond the Green Zone (9/07).

Bookmarks magazine
This bimonthly magazine features reviews of novels and a few memoirs, biographies, and current event essays. Much of their content is drawn from reviews printed in various newspapers and magazines. Send info to the magazine at Bookmarks, Jon Phillips, Editor and Publisher, 1818 MLK Boulevard #181, Chapel Hill NC 27514; 888-356-8107. Email: Web:

More magazine
More is a 10 times per year magazine for women over 40 and under 60. Circulation: 850,000. Their July/August 2007 issue featured an excerpt from Gail Belsky's Over the Hill and Between the Sheets: Sex, Love, and Lust in Middle Age and Connie Schultz's And His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man (7/07).

Send info to the editors at More Magazine, Meredith Corporation, 375 Lexington Avenue, New York NY 10017; Fax: 212-499-1794. Email: Send article proposals and unsolicited articles to Web:

You can join the More Reader Panel by going to As a panel member, you participate in brief online polls, receive exclusive event invitations, try new products before they hit the shelves, and receive other special offers.

More Must Haves: A guide to products, promotions, and special events from advertisers. Their July/August 2007 issue featured 100 free copies of Leading Ladies: The 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Era. Contact More to find out how your book can be featured in a giveaway.

Peggy Northrop, Editor-in-Chief. Email: (7/07)

Barbara Jones, Deputy Editor, Books. Their book section features about
ten books and authors per issue. Reviewed Phil Borges's photography
book, Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World (7/07).

  • Lois Joy Johnson, Beauty & Fashion Director. Email: (7/07).
  • Stephanie Young, Health Director
  • Denise Maher, Associate Health and Fitness Editor (7/07)
  • Jessica Henderson, Senior Associate Editor, More Now. Features who, what, when, where, and wow! Interviewed actress Lili Taylor (7/07).
  • Liz Ozaist, Senior Associate Editor, Travel (7/07)
  • Dawn Raffel, Editor-at-Large. In her previous positions with other magazines, she featured many books and authors (7/07).
  • Rebecca Adler, Editorial Assistant, interviewed novelist Kim Addonizio, author of My Dreams Out in the Street (7/07).
  • Dara Pettinelli, Editorial Assistant. Interviewed Luanne Rice, novelist of What Matters Most, on what to do in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island (7/07).
  • Elizabeth Devita-Raeburn, Editor, Body + Mind (7/07)
  • Kim Johnson Gross, Contributing Editor, Fashion. Email:
  • Mary Lou Quinlan, Contributing Editor. Email: Author of Time Off for Good Behavior, quoted Nella Barkley, author of The Crystal-Barkley Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career, in her column on self-improvement (7/07).
  • Amy Wilentz, author of I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen, interviewed actress Holly Hunter (7/07).
  • Nigel Parry, author of Blunt, photographed journalist Connie Schultz (7/07).
  • Margaret Heffernan, author of How She Does It, wrote an article on women in business (7/07).
  • Mia Geiger interviewed Ellen Sussman, editor of Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbehave (7/07).
  • Rebecca Barry interviewed Rosemary Mahoney, author of Down the Nile, and Akiko Busch, author of Nine Ways to Cross a River (7/07).
  • Thelma Adams wrote an article on two authors whose novels have formed the basis for TV series: Kathy Reichs's Bones to Ashes and Lynda La Plante's The Red Dahlia (7/07). Interviewed Katie Roiphe, author of Uncommon Arrangements: Seven Portraits of Married Life in London Literary Circles (7/07).
  • Martha Fay reviewed Kate Braestrup's memoir Here If You Need Me (7/07). Andrea Chapin reviewed four novels: Irini Spanidou's Before, Danielle Ganek's Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, Diana Abu-Jaber's Origin, and Marianne Wiggins's The Shadow Catcher (7/07).
  • Cathy Garrard, in an article on fooling ourselves, quoted Katherine, author of Diet Simple, and Eve Wood, author of 10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Emotional Life (7/07).


They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it? Jeanette Winterson

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