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September 11, 2007: 9/11 Memorial Day, American Short Story Day, National Emergency Responders Day


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InStyle magazine
InStyle is a monthly fashion magazine that does very little with books, except for their Instant Style section. Send info to the editors at InStyle, 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10020; 212-522-1212. Los Angeles bureau: 11766 Wilshire Boulevard #1700, Los Angeles CA 90025; 310-268-7200. Web:

John Huey, Editor-in-Chief

Honor Brodie, Features Editor

James Patrick Herman, Senior Entertainment Editor

Jacqueline Goewey, Senior Design Editor

Sydne Bolden Long, Senior Style Editor, Instant Style. This section featured two books in their style layouts: Pamela Keech's The Curious Shopper's Guide to New York City and Candace Simpson-Giles's How to Be a Lady (2/07).

Jennifer Tung, Senior Beauty Editor

Brandy Shearer, Editorial Producer,

Lisa Rechsteiner, Contributor, Television

Lisbeth Levine, Contributor, Weddings & Home

Book Marketing Bestsellers blog
If you don't visit John Kremer's Book Marketing Bestseller blog on a regular basis or subscribe to it via RSS, you are missing out on a lot of resources, information, examples, and tips I have to share. Here are a few of the entries you might have missed in the past few weeks:

AdWords for Dummies: How to Make Money with Google AdWords

How to Make People Happy

Blog Tours: An Opportunity Not a Loss

Books You've Bought for the Cover

A Book Bought for Its Cover

Some Great First Lines

Are You Worthy of Who's Who? Now You Are!

Book Signings Are Your Best Friends

The Motivational Manager newsletter
This monthly newsletter for managers features a dozen short excerpts from books as well as 20 to 30 quotes, statistics, anecdotes, and other tips. Here are a few of the titles that were excerpted in previous issues: Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium, Indispensable You!, Arthur Pell's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing People, Granville Toogood's The Articulate Executive, George Fuller's The First-Time Supervisor's Survival Guide, Charles Garfield's Second to None, Lyle Sussman's Smart Moves for People in Charge, and more.

Send excerpt suggestions and review copies to the editor at The Motivational Manager, Carol Jackson, Editorial Director, Ragan's Management Resources, 111 E. Wacker Drive #500, Chicago IL 60601; 312-960-4140; 800-878-5331; Fax: 312-861-3592. Email: or Web:

blogging a book
A note from a reader: “I see you mentioned a blog that is about a book. I am actually writing my next book on my blog. Readers can follow along as the rough draft takes shape, post by post. The working title is From Z to A about that magic space in between.

“You can find it at: It's an exciting adventure in creativity and a very different way of writing, going public post by post. My previous books have been written before I showed them to anyone.” -- Best Regards, Eva Dillner

Have you started blogging your new book? You should be. It's what Seth Godin does with all his books. It's an easy way to start building an audience while creating content and getting feedback on your book.


You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world. — Sheila Graham, author

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