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September 25, 2007: XM Satellite Birthday, National Ask a Question Day, Child Divorce Day, National Office Workers Day


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-- one million books sold!
-- newspaper book editors
-- sports reporter who likes books . . .
-- speaking at colleges
-- specialty retailers

one million books sold!
Since 1984, Dr. Thomas W. Phelan (father of an ADD child and a clinical psychologist) has spoken to hundreds of thousands of parents and professionals. As part of his seminars, he created a video and booklet to describe his simple, effective child-management program. In 1986, he published his booklet as a book: 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12. On September 17th of this year, he sold his one millionth copy of the book! Fantastic congratulations!

newspaper book editors
Here are a few more newspaper book review editors along with other contact info for other editors at these newspapers:

Contra Costa Times, Sue Gilmore, Book Editor, Bookends, 2640 Shadelands Drive, Walnut Creek CA 94598; 925-977-8482; main phone: 925-935-2525. Email: Web: and They have just reinstated their Bookends book review section in print. Other staff info:

Salt Lake Tribune, 90 South 400 West, Salt Lake City UT 84101; 801-257-8742; Fax: 801-257-8525. Web: Brandon Griggs, General Assignment Reporter, Arts Section (often writes about books and authors as well as music & art); 801-257-8689. Email: Alicia Greenleigh, compiler, Literary Briefs (event listings). Staff info: They don't have an official book page.

San Jose Mercury News, Karen Casto, Books Editor, 750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose CA 95190; 408-920-5924; main fax: 408-288-8060; Karen's fax: 408-271-3786. Email: Web: Karen is also the editor for the House & Home section. Other staff contacts:

sports reporter who likes books . . .
Here is an excerpt from Peter King's Sports Illustrated online column for today: 09/23/mmqb.week3/4.html

“No pride of authorship here. I totally credit a highly respected peer for this idea, because it is Rick Gosselin's doing. Gosselin is the NFL columnist for the Dallas Morning News, and he occasionally takes one of the many football books we all get mailed and picks out a passage or two relevant to today. Like last week. He picked a couple of things from the book of well-traveled former Cowboys front-office ace Bob Ackles (who ran the front office under Jimmy Johnson), including, ironically, the fact that Ackles felt Pete Carroll's Patriots were pilfering Dallas' signals when they played.”

Dallas Morning News, Rick Gosselin, NFL Columnist, 508 Young Street,
Dallas TX 75202; 214-977-8222. Web:
Send football book review copies to him. Apparently he actually reads
them AND writes about them.

speaking at colleges
Here's one reader's recommendation:

“You may want to encourage authors to contact local colleges and see if there is a speaker series available. My first presentation on my new book was at Jefferson College at the Hillsboro, Missouri campus. Not only did the college bring in a crowd of 60 persons but taped the lecture and it is currently showing on the local educational cable station. My book is titled Legends, Leaders, Legacies and tells the stories of 18 global leaders who were killed for advocating a particular cause. For more details, see my site at:”

Speaking at colleges can be a great way to promote your books, especially when you get paid for speaking.

Note how Susan received a mention about her book and website by providing a newsletter some good content. Two things made it more interesting to me than a generic story: 1. She mention how many people came. 2. She noted that beyond the college appearance, the event also resulted in a taped cable show. That's something a little more unusual than the run-of-the-mill college talk.

College Speaking Success Boot Camp — If you want to speak at colleges, James Malinchak is the man to talk to. His boot camp will teach you everything you need to know to become a paid speaker on college campuses around the country (and earn from $100,000 to $1 million per year doing so). College campuses are a great place to promote many kinds of books. For a free report on 10 Deadly Speaker Marketing Mistakes, click on the title.

specialty retailers
Here are a few more special interest bookshops and other retailers:

Andy Warhol Museum Store, 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh PA 15212; 412-237-8303. Web: Art museum bookstore.

The Big Idea Infoshop, 504 S Millvale Avenue, Bloomfield PA 15224; 412-687-4323. Email: Web: Left-wing and alternative political bookshop. Hosts several book discussion groups.

Carnegie Museum of Art Store, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213-4080; 412-622-3216. Web: Features art books, gifts, jewelry, posters, notecards, children's books, apparel, and videos. Museum:

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Museum Shop, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213-4080; 412-622-3309; Fax: 412-687-8986. Web: The shop features toys, art, books, and gifts related to animals, dinosaurs, wildlife, botany, geology, fossils, American Indians, ancient Egypt, and other nature topics. Museum web:

Carnegie Science Center, XPLOR Store, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15212-5850; 412-237-3400. Web: Museum web:

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Museum Store, Allegheny Square, 10 Children's Way, Pittsburgh PA 15212; 412-322-5058, store ext 302; Fax: 412-322-4932. Email: Web:

Journeys of Life, Jean Haller, 810 Bellefonte Street, Pittsburgh PA 15232-2214; 412-681-8755. Email: Web: Founded in 1990, this store
specializes in psychology, self-help, new age, spirituality, men's and women's issues, recovery, and related topics. Also music, gifts, crystals, 12-step items, aromatherapy, and jewelry.

Mattress Factory Museum Shop, 500 Samsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA 15212-4444; 412-231-3169, ext. 205; Fax: 412-322-2231. Email: Web: A museum of contemporary art.

The Open Mind Bookstore, Phil Harris, Book Buyer, 439 Beaver Street, Sewickley PA 15143; 412-741-1888; Fax: 412-741-8539. Email: Web: Email Phil: Mind/body/spirit bookstore. Phil works Thursday through Saturday.

Senator John Heinz History Center, Museum Gift Shop, 1212 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh PA 15222; 412-454-6300; Fax: 412-454-6211. Email: Web: History, political, and regional books.


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