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Here's one way to sell books . . .
To promote the new book he co-wrote with Donald Trump, Learning Annex president Bill Zanker stood outside a Barnes & Noble and paid people to line up outside to buy the book and get it signed by Donald Trump. He apparently paid $100 to the first 100 people in line, $50 to each of the next 100, and $10 to each of the next 1,000.

Well, for a cost of $25,000, he got 1,200 books sold, made Trump happy, and helped boost the book's chances to get on a bestseller list. Now, that's one way to promote a book that's called Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life.

Of course, not the most cost effective way. Given a retail price of $26.96 and a royalty of one or two dollars per book, he couldn't make the money back. But he did get the story of his ploy in a number of book-related blogs and websites. Perhaps that alone was worth the cost to him.

Publishers Weekly Online
Diane Patrick is the compiler of the Authors on the Air feature on PW Online. It features authors who are to be interviewed on major TV or radio shows with a national audience. To be included in the compilation, email Provide her with date, show name, author, book title, and some info about the book.

Again, note, don't bother her unless you are going to be interviewed on a major national radio or TV show.
Smart Man Daily is a website aimed at giving men the inside information and expert advice on health, family, career, money, and more. They are eager to get additional content from authors of self-help books useful to men. They are especially interested in interviews with authors and other experts. Contact David Freeman, webmaster at 212-580-0887. Email: Web:

free novel ebooks
In addition to the All Books Free site (, here is another website that features free fiction ebooks: (that's arcs for advance review copies).

Both sites don't charge to feature your free fiction ebooks.

WidgetBuck blog ads


WidgetBucks: Mpire Corporation, 1725 Westlake Avenue N #203, Seattle WA 98109; 206-706-5588; Fax: 866-828-3876. Email: Their WidgetBucks widget allows you to feature content from eBay, Best Buy, InfoSpace, BuddyTV, Target, WalMart, WhateverLife, and Amazon and make money from any referrals.


The above is just one of the ways you can make money with your blog or website by featuring various ad formats. For a list of more ways with contact info see

Squidoo Video Showcase
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ now offers three new services. The first allows you to create video showcases based on any search terms you choose. Check out the ones I created on Monday for bestselling books, book marketing, and self-publishing. From any of those pages, you can create your own video showcases. Note: My pages are rudimentary now. I'll be making them better soon.

Bestselling Books Video Showcase:

Book Marketing Videos:

Self-Publishing Video Showcase:

Squidoo also offers:

SquidBids: The free place for trusted eBay sellers to strut their stuff, showcase their auctions and stores, and get more traffic.

The Ever Project: This project allows you to create your best ever collection on any subject. You could do the best craft books ever, best dogs ever, best authors ever. Or funniest, craziest, worst, smartest, prettiest, zaniest, finest, etc. First come, first served. Check out the sample I created focused on the best quotations ever:

Also see Sexiest Quotes Ever:

Someone already created the best book ever: Check it out to see what book it is. Note: I didn't create this page.

specialty retailers
Here are a few more specialty retailers:

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore, Candace Apple, Owner, 5531 Roswell Road, Atlanta GA 30342; 404-255-5207; 800-597-6800. Email: Web: Mind/body/spirit bookstore. Motto: Books and gifts celebrating the human spirit.

The Gathering Awareness and Book Center, Georgia and Johnny Blackmon, 2737 North E Street, Pensacola FL 32501; 850-438-4882. Features multicultural and Afrocentric books, gifts, artwork, and more.

Nubian Bookstore, Marcus Williams, Owner, 2449 Southlake Mall, Morrow GA 30260; 678-422-6120; Fax: 678-422-6121. Email: A black-owned bookstore featuring books by blacks, especially African-American literature.

Shrine of the Black Madonna Center and Bookstore, Ewa Ife Omo Oba, Shrine Manager, 946 Ralph D. Abernathy Boulevard SW, Atlanta GA 30310; 404-752-6125; Fax: 404-753-4884. Web: Afrocentric and multicultural books (including fiction and nonfiction) and gifts. Also stores in Detroit and Houston.

Ebony Magazine's List of Black Bookstores:

For other bookstore lists, see the website: now allows video book reviews
Amazon now allows customers to upload product video reviews. Use a webcam or video camera to record and upload reviews to Amazon. This new feature is being promoted on most book pages. Check it out.


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