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December 18, 2007: Trailer Trash Barbie's Birthday, Endangered Species Day, International Migrants Day

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-- Cooper Square Publishing
-- Psychology Today
-- The Sun
-- Persimmon Tree

-- Waterfront Media
-- The Atlantic Monthly

Cooper Square Publishing
Cooper square, a publishing division of National Book Network, is looking to acquire book publishers or their backlist titles (part or all backlist). So far, they have acquired the TwoCan and NorthWord backlist from T&N Children's as well as Northland, Luna Rising, and Rising Moon titles from Northland Publishing. They are open to various payment options, such as cash at closing, payments over time, or performance-based payments. If you are interested in talking to them, contact Marianne Bohr, Senior Vice President, at 301-731-9512 or via email:

Psychology Today
This bimonthly consumer psychology magazine relies on professional psychologists and authors to write articles for them. They also do book reviews related to psychology and lifestyles. Finally, they also feature books as resources for articles they write in house. Their September 2007 issue reviewed Jennifer Ackerman's Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream, Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee's The Body Has a Mind of Its Own, and Scott McCredie's Balance. Interns reviewed the books.

Send review copies and info to the editors at Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 115 East 23rd Street, 9th Floor, New York NY 10010; 212-260-7210; Fax: 212-260-7566. Letters email: Web:

  • Kaja Perina, Editor in Chief. Email:
  • Matthew Hutson, News Editor. Email: Interviewed Chris Kilham, author of 13 books.
  • Carlin Flora, Associate Editor. Email: For an article on first impressions, she cited three books as resources: First Impressions by Valerie White and Ann Demarais, Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman, and How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman (5/04). In an article on college entrance essays, she referred to Vladimir Nabokov, J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, and George Orwell's1984 (5/04). Interviewed novelist Maxine Swann, author of Flower Children (9/07). Quoted Daniel Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music, in a story about music (9/07).
  • Hara Estroff Marano, Editor at Large, Unconventional Wisdom. Email: Q&A column on relationships, sex, and psychology (9/07).
  • Judith Sills, Contributing Editor. The author of The Comfort Trap, she wrote an article on changing jobs (5/04).
  • Nando Pelusi, Contributing Editor. Reviewed Deirdre Barrett's Waistland diet guide (9/07).
  • Annie Murphy Paul, author of The Cult of Personality, wrote an article on mind reading (9/07).
  • Elizabeth Svoboda, a freelance writer from San Jose, California, quoted Cheryl Dellasega, author of Forced to Be Family, in an article on parenting.

The Sun
The Sun is a monthly literary magazine. Their November 2007 issue featured an excerpt from Thought to Exist in the Wild by Derrick Jenson and photographer Karen Tweedy-Holmes. Also excerpted Craig Childs's The Animal Dialogues (11/07).

They invite readers to write 100- to 200-word essays on specific topics each issue. Forthcoming topics include: Now or Never (deadline January 1 for July 2008), Up All Night (deadline February 1 for August 2008), Porches (deadline March 1 for September 2008), Finding Out (deadline April 1 for October 2008), and Immigrants (deadline May 1 for November 2008).

Send information to the editors at The Sun, 107 N Roberson Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516; 919-942-5282; Fax: 919-932-3101. Email: or Web:

  • Sy Safransky, Editor
  • Andrew Snee, Senior Editor

Persimmon Tree
This is an online literary magazine edited and published by older women. It features fiction, nonfiction, art, poetry, and reviews. Send review copies, article ideas, and other information to Persimmon Tree, Nan Fink Gefen, Editor, 1534 Campus Drive, Berkeley CA 94708. Email: Web:

Waterfront Media
If you are the author of a health or diet book with some sales or fame, you should check out Waterfront Media, the online conglomerator of health and diet sites including Dr. Weil, The Maker's Diet, The South Beach Diet, and about ten others. They are continuing to look for more content to acquire or people to partner with. Check them out at:

The Atlantic Monthly
This monthly literary, arts, and politics magazine “considers unsolicited manuscripts, fiction or nonfiction, and mail for the Letters column.” Many of their contributing editors and correspondents are book authors.

Send review copies, letters, and info to the editors at The Atlantic Monthly, 600 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington DC 20037. Email: Web:

  • James Bennet, Editor (7/07)
  • Benjamin Schwarz, Literary Editor. Also national editor. Reviewed Frank Sinatra: The Man, the Music, the Legend, edited by Jeanne Fuchs and Rush Prigozy, and Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr. (7/07). The July issue also featured many shorter reviews of books, including history (The Berlin Wall, Forgotten Wars), bios/memoirs (The Last Mrs. Astor, Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr, George Keenan, Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America), society and culture (Esalen, Museum, The Decoration of Houses, Where's My Jetpack), fiction (Divisadero, My Holocaust).
  • C. Michael Curtis, Senior Editor, Fiction (7/07)
  • David Barber, Poetry Editor. Featured poetry by Judith Hall, author of Three Trios (7/07). Featured a poem by John Updike, author of Americana poetry collection (7/07).
  • Ross Douthat, Associate Editor. Email: A conservative political commentator. He is the author of Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class (10/07).
  • Matthew Yglesias, Associate Editor. Email: A liberal political commentator.
  • James Fallows, National Correspondent, On Asia. Email:
  • Sage Stossel, Executive Editor, The Atlantic Online
  • Virginia Postrel, Contributing Editor. Author of a book on glamour, she wrote an article featuring an exhibit of photographs (7/07).
  • Christopher Hitchens, Contributing Editor. Reviewed Ian McEwan's novela On Chesil Beach (7/07).
  • Jeffrey Taylor, Correspondent. Author of River of No Reprieve, he wrote an article about his travels in southern China (7/07).
  • Caitlin Flanagan, author of To Hell with All That, reviewed several books on protecting your children online: Candice Kelsey's Generation MySpace and Chris Hansen's To Catch a Predator (7/07).
  • Joseph O'Neill, author of Blood Dark Track, wrote a review of Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union (7/07).


If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it. — Toni Morrison, novelist

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