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January 7, 2008: Birthday of Planet Earth, Inner Sanctum Day, Ant Farm Birthday, Bloopers Day

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In this issue . . .
-- Alert: Submit an idea this week
-- Novelists: Send Stephen King your best novel
-- One more tip from Entertainment Weekly
-- Country Real Estate weekly column
-- useful free reports on Internet marketing

Alert: Submit an idea this week. Do it now!
In their year-end issue, U.S. News & World Report feature 50 ways to improve your live in 2008. They have invited readers to submit their best ideas for improving your life in the coming year. If you want to submit an idea (obviously one based on your book), email

Before submitting an idea, be sure to read the 50 ways U.S. News has already described in their article. To read the article, read the magazine in print or read it online:

Again, don't submit an idea without reading the article first. You never want to duplicate something they've already done. And probably done better.

Novelists: Send Stephen King your best novel
Stephen King writes a regular column for Entertainment Weekly. In the year-end issue he wrote about his top 10 books for 2007. Here's what he has to write about books: “Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn't carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.”

And: “No Christmas present is as nice as a book...except maybe for that new Jaguar your Uncle Stevie has been longing for.”

Steve is an incredible reviewer. He makes you want to read the novels he reviews. For examples:

Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen — “For pure story, this colorful, headlong tale of a Drepression-era circus simply can't be beat. Heroes, villains, romance, a wild-animal stampede! Big fun from page 1.”

Hollywood Station, Joseph Wambaugh — “The Catch-22 of police novels, Station swings from slapstick to tragedy and back. Wambaugh knows plenty about the underside of Hollywood life—from dopers panhandling as Batman and Darth Vader on the Walk of Fame to strangely lovable meth tweakers. Yeah, he loves cops...but it's tough love. And I loved this book.”

I wonder if the publisher of this book ever compared it to Catch-22. I doubt it, but what a connection!

King loves well-written novels. If you have written a wonderful novel, find a way to send a review copy to King in Maine.

Now don't ask me to publish King's address in a public forum. Use the Internet or your network to find his address. While I will publish business addresses, I will not publish personal addresses in this newsletter or on my website. There are dozens of ways to find addresses when you need them. Be creative.

In the same Entertainment Weekly issue, the editors featured their top ten novels and nonfiction books as well as the five worst. Here's their review of one of the worst:

The Mickey Mantle Novel, Peter Golenbock — “With this trashy fictionalization of Mickey's miserable life, Golenbock manages to strike out, pop up, hit into a double play, and foul a ball into the stands, beaning a little kid.” Now, that's a harsh review!

One more tip from Entertainment Weekly
In the same issue as above, Entertainment Weekly noted that Jessica Seinfeld sent Oprah Winfrey 21 pairs of shoes after appearing on Oprah! to plug her cookbook, Deceptively Delicious.

Now, 21 pairs might be a bit excessive, but the key point here is that when you do get nice coverage on a TV or radio show or a good article in a magazine or newspaper, it is common courtesy to send a note of thanks. If you include a pair of shoes or something less personal (my suggestion), then that will only help you later when you pitch another show idea or article to that person.

Country Real Estate weekly column
Country Real Estate is a weekly column that goes out to 350 dailies, weeklies, and online venues. The column covers anything having to do with selecting and buying real estate in the country. If you have a book that fits this subject, send info to Curtis Seltzer, Columnist, 1467 Wimer Mountain Road, Blue Grass VA 24413-2307; 540-474-3297. Email: Web:

At his website, you can also sign up to get emailed articles he writes on the subject. Very useful if you are looking to buy property in the country.

Useful Free Reports on Internet Marketing
Here are a few new PDF reports that I've added recently to the website. These are really neat reports worth looking at if you want to market wisely via the Internet.

How to Cash in on the New Internet and Flood Your Business with Customers by Rocket Helstrom. This one tells you how to increase the number of visitors to your website.

How to Create Internet Money Machines Without Ever Building a Website by Frank Sousa. This one is really great for those of you who are are uncomfortable doing HTML or website design.

How to Uncover Red-Hot Niches with a Simple Step-by-Step Formula by Myleena Phan. If you have trouble figuring out who would be interested in your book or website, this report can help you figure out what your niche is.


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