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January 14, 2008: Birthday of the Clarinet, National Thank God It's Monday!, A Friend Makes a Difference Day, Julian New Year, Birth of the Information Age

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In this issue . . .
-- New address for John Kremer's Book Marketing Bestsellers blog
-- Free interview with bestselling author Tim Ferris
-- More free Internet marketing ebooks . . .
-- Finding important people
-- Blog Talk Radio interviews with John Kremer
-- Women for Hire wants to interview women authors

New address for John Kremer's Book Marketing Bestsellers blog
Here is the new address for my Book Marketing Bestsellers blog: The old BlogSpot address still works since Blogger is still hosting the blog, but now the blog sits under a sub-domain of my main website.

Check out my blog at least periodically. I write about things there that I don't write about here in this newsletter. The blog, like this newsletter, is free. So enjoy.

By the way, you might also enjoy a new website of mine: Many Happy New Years (119 every year!):

Free interview with bestselling author Tim Ferris
Right now you can get a two-month trial membership to Steve Harrison's Million Dollar Author Club for only $1.00 plus get a free copy of Steve's interview with Tim Ferriss, author of the New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. Tim doesn't give many interviews, but in this one he tells you how he developed his blogging campaign and other promotions to create a bestseller. To get both these wonderful bonuses, just click here:

Note: The Million Dollar Author Club features a monthly print newsletter as well as a monthly CD interview with someone very knowledgeable about marketing your books.

More free Internet marketing ebooks . . .
The Obvious Truth by Armand Morin: TheObviousTruth.pdf. This free book outlines the 16 basic and easy steps to building an income-generating Internet-based business even if you are not Internet savvy and even if you do not have a website. It's got some great insights on Internet marketing. Plain and simple.

Effective Internet Presence: Now required for success in business and life by Ted Demopoulis: articles/effective-internet-presence.pdf. It shows you how to create an effective online presence even without a website. Some very good recommendations here.

Now, as is often the case with a free ebook, the person has something more to sell. But the information in both of the above books is still very useful even if you don't buy any future product or service from them.

In fact, as you know, I encourage authors to give away all or part of their books as a way of building an audience for your other work as well as for the original book. That's why I set up the two free ebook websites: (for nonfiction books) and (for novels, children's books, and short stories). Please share your ebooks at those websites.

Finding important people
Reader question: Could you share with me or your readers a few of the ways you use to find a celebrity's address?

John's answer: I answer in detail how to create relationships with famous or important people in my Create Amazing Friends course. But here are a few tips on finding people. Of course, you still will have to know how to create relationships.

1. Google them. This is the simplest way. Generally you can find an address for someone famous or important simply by Googling them.

2. Use one of the phone book services on the Internet. You can Google "phone book services" to locate some of these. You may have to try more than one to find the person you are looking for. That has been my experience.

3. Ask your friends. You'd be surprised how many of your friends know people that you would also want to know. The six degrees of separation rule is an exaggeration. My experience is that if you are at all active in any group, you are probably three people away from anyone you want to reach. Ask and keep asking until the right person hears your question and answers with an introduction.

The above question was in response to my note about Stephen King in the last issue of this newsletter. I told people I would not reveal his personal address. It turns out that it's easy to find. One of my readers sent me a note saying she found it right away. I emailed her back to ask how she found him but her email bounced. Odd. But email does that sometimes.

Blog Talk Radio interviews with John Kremer
Let's Talk Blogging with Antonio Crawford If you'd like to hear this interview, go here: Note: It gets off to a slow quiet start due to technical difficulties, but within a minute or two Antonio comes on and starts the interview. It's all about blogging -- with some really good stuff worth listening to, especially about using blogging to promote a book or other product.

Point of Life with Michael Levy: Click on the 1/9/2008 show to listen to the interview with me. While we discussed some book marketing points, a lot of the show had to do with making choices in life. I think you'll find it interesting.

Women for Hire wants to interview women authors
Starting January 28th, the Women for Hire website is launching an author segment to run every Tuesday featuring a short three-minute video Q&A with a nonfiction author on a topic of interest to women: workplace, lifestyle, health, etc. The video will be showcased on their homepage. In addition to the video, they will feature an excerpt from the book as well as a link to Amazon so people can buy the book.

For authors in New York City, they'll shoot the videos, which is a quick and fun process requiring no more than 30 minutes of their time. For those outside Manhattan, they provide straight-forward instructions to do it yourself and submit to them.

The website has 250,000 unique visitors each month as well as 300,000 professional women who subscribe to their newsletters. They are looking for authors who will provide valuable inspiration, information, or advice.

Send the title, short synopsis, brief author bio, why women would buy your book, the target audience, publication date, and confirmation that the author is willing to do a video to Rachael Chase, Women for Hire; 212-580-6100. Email: Web:


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