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January 21, 2008: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No Smoking for Women Day, World Future Energy Day, Coming up: February is Laugh-Friendly Month

Details on these days and 18,500 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.


In this issue . . .
-- John Kremer's Birthday Bash Bonuses
-- Monastic Moments: a Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog
-- Hot, hot, hot: Wired How-to Wiki & How to Do Things
-- OnceWritten: Meet the Author

Birthday Bash Bonuses
As part of my Birthday Bash, cover sales copy expert Susan Kendrick has offered a free 17-page special report to anyone who even had a small inkling to attend my Birthday Bash. To get your free copy of From Back Cover to Bestseller: How to Write Buy-Me-Now Back Cover Sales Copy (normally $37), go to

Meanwhile, if you missed my Birthday Bash teleseminar, you can still go to the following website to listen to it anytime in the coming months:

Also, to celebrate my birthday, I'm giving away the following ebook which describes how to get lots of links to your websites: How to Generate a Fortune in Quick and Easy Backlinks (to Help Claim Top Rankings) and Free Laser-Targeted Traffic by Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith. It's available at the website by clicking on the title above.

America's top copywriter Bob Bly is offering four special reports to readers of this newsletter. 1. How to double your response rates at half the cost, 2. Secrets of successful business-to-business direct marketing, 3. How to market information products, and 4. Online marketing that works. Each report is about 50 pages long and valued at $29.95 each. You can get them free this week by going to Bob's website at As a additional bonus, you will get a free subscription to his monthly ezine, The Direct Response Letter, a great resource. If you don't like the ezine, you can cancel at any time.

Monastic Moments: a Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog
Sister Patricia wrote to me today to say that she followed up on my December tip ( about blogs at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She's now a regular blogger on their website. You could be, too! Check out her Monastic Moments blog at:

Hot, hot, hot: Wired How-to Wiki
Wired magazine's website has just created a new how-to wiki where outsiders can contribute useful do-it-yourself articles on any subject. It features all kinds of projects, hacks, tricks, and tips on how to live, work, and play better. You must join to contribute, but this is new and wide open for professional content -- with links back to you if you want.

Contact the Wired How To Wiki at

Here's my first contribution to the wiki: howtos/index.cgi?page_name=making_friends_the_essence_of_marketing.

Here's another spot where you can contribute articles:

How to Do Things: This site features how-to articles written by their registered contributors. They are actively looking for more contributors. You can register and contribute easily. They share 50% of the Google AdSense advertising revenues your articles earn with you. To find how more go to: start.htm?cid=writing. Liz Smith is their editor-in-chief:

For more such knowledge-sharing websites, see:

Once Written: Meet the Author
The OnceWritten website allows any author to submit a Meet the Author essay at You write a 350-word essay about your experiences and challenges in getting published or about your on-going challenges with marketing your book. They include the essays on their website as well as in emails going to their 10,000 readers.


Again, note that my Book Marketing Bestsellers blog has a new web address: You can subscribe to its RSS feed or simply stop by to read it on a regular basis. Recent blog entries: difference.html sales.html beautiful.html


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