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April 16, 2008: Birthday of the Spiritual Security Act, Auction Birthday, DC Anti-Slavery Day, World Voice Day

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- 10 Million Eyeballs: Examples of Success
-- Craigslist: A source of PR and sales
-- Where there are bookshelves, there will be books!
-- Mental Floss magazine
-- John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day
-- Ken McCarthy interviews John Kremer

10 Million Eyeballs: Examples of Success
Here are just a few examples of people and companies using the Internet successfully to sell books and build careers. For more such examples, see

After uploading three viral videos to YouTube, the publisher of Chad Kultgen's novel The Average American Male had to go back to press three times in the first month.

The Dash Poem Movie written by Linda Ellis and produced by Mac Anderson, has been viewed 40 million times. Linda has received over one million emails thanking her for writing The Dash. Their Simple Truths website sells a ton of books and movies.

Since its January 2008 debut, the Stuff White People Like blog founded by Christian Lander and Myles Valentin has racked up 22.5 million hits. Lander, the main author of the blog, has just been offered a $350,000 book deal by Random House.

I give more than 30 such examples on my Ten Million Eyeballs website: Besides promoting my upcoming Ten Million Eyeballs Events in Florida, California, and Minnesota, this website has some incredible information that you should be able to use to create more website visitors and sell more books.

Events coming up in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 26 and 27, as well as on May 28 and 29 in Los Angeles, California and June 19 to 20 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Craigslist: A source of PR and sales
The following item is reprinted from The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week, Joan Stewart's ezine featuring tips, tricks and tools for generating free publicity. Subscribe at and receive by email the handy list report 89 Reasons to Send a News Release.

“I'm still amazed at the number of people who don't use Craigslist as part of their publicity campaigns. I don't care what you're selling. You should be posting regularly to the Craigslist nearest to where you live, even if you're in Podunk Junction.

“In a question-and-answer feature about Craigslist in The New York Times last year, Jim Buckmaster, the CEO of Craigslist, said postings on the smaller Craigslists can be just as valuable as postings on lists for big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 'Surprisingly,' he said, 'Postings to smaller markets like Des Moines often get more page views than ones in large cities where there are more postings competing for attention.'

“You can read the entire feature article at

“But before you start posting, take advantage of the dozens of tips that Nancy Mills shares on how to make the most of this worldwide bulletin board. She was my guest during a teleseminar on How to Use Craigslist as a Global Publicity Tool and passed along fabulous tips on how to save time, pull Craigslist visitors to your website, and make this service one of your most powerful publicity tools.

“It's available as a CD or an electronic transcript that you can download and be reading as soon as your order has been approved. Read more about what you'll learn at”

Where there are bookshelves, there will be books!
When Eddie Bernays, the father of modern publicity, was asked by a group of book publishers to increase book sales, he said, “Where there are bookshelves, there will be books.” And then he went on to convince architects, construction companies, and interior designers to install bookshelves in new homes. That helped to launch the modern day publishing and selling of books.

Mental Floss magazine
The above story was taken from this month's issue of Mental Floss, a bimonthly magazine of trivia, history, offbeat ideas, and other minutia. To submit story ideas to the editors, send to Mental Floss, 2821 2nd Avenue South #L, Birmingham AL 35233 (that's the address in the magazine, but the address online is: Mental Floss, P O Box 528, Novelty OH 44072). Fax: 440-338-6315. Email: Web:

They take story ideas and articles from book authors. They allow comments on their blogs:

Ms. Neely Harris, Editor-in-Chief. Email:

Jason English, Associate Web Editor. Email:

John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day
April's Afternoon Q&A session:

April's Evening Q&A session:

I covered lots of good stuff in these teleseminars and answered some useful questions that any author or publisher can benefit from.

Ken McCarthy interviews John Kremer

I also did a teleseminar recently with Ken McArthur, author of Impact: Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, and Make a Difference in a Noisy World. You can listen to the teleseminar or download it to yoru iPod here:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogs
Ronda Del Boccio, the story lady, is now writing a Seattle Post Intelligencer blog called Brain TV. Check it out at:

Quotable Books
Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
— Andre Gidé, novelist and critic

More great quotes at

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