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April 22, 2008: Be Careful What You Say Day, Do the Wild Thing Day, Earth Day, Instant Book Day

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
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In this issue . . .
-- 10 Million Eyeballs: examples of success
-- 101 ways to promote your book - get your blog readers to help!
-- Buying Your Book: Pros and Cons
-- Mental Floss magazine - update
-- Solutions for Writers Teleconference

10 Million Eyeballs: examples of success
Here are just a few examples of people and companies using the Internet successfully to make money or change lives. For more such examples, see

MTV's 300 websites attracted 90 million unique visitors in December 2007. Their income from the websites exceeded half a billion dollars in 2007. One of the keys to their success has been to free the content so it is accessible from more than just their own sites. As their president noted, “We need to make sure our content is everywhere our audiences are ... to keep our brands relevant.”

The January 2008 issue of Conde Nast Portfolio magazine valued Matt Drudge's Drudge Report one-page website at $10 to $20 million based on ad sales generated from the blog's 1.33 million unique monthly visitors.

Using text messages, Facebook groups, and YouTube videos, student activists in Venezuela organized protest marches against the increasingly autocratic rule of president Hugo Chávez. One protest march featured more than 200,000 union laborers, students, housewives, and business executives. The marches helped to defeat a reform package that would have enabled Chávez to be president indefinitely. As the leader of the movement noted, “Youths in any nation, I believe, can do the same. They can make history.”

I give more than 30 such examples on my Ten Million Eyeballs website: This website has some incredible
information that you should be able to use to create more website visitors and sell more books.

Ten Million Eyeballs Events are coming up in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 26 and 27, as well as on May 28 and 29 in Los Angeles, California and June 19 to 20 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Quite honestly, I can't believe that so many of you are waiting to sign up for this seminar. It is the best thing I've done in my 25 years of marketing books. What I teach in this seminar will change the game of marketing books. You should double sales in the next 12 months if you follow the advice I provide in this seminar to create a much, much larger online audience for you, your books, and your website.

101 ways to promote your book - get your blog readers to help!
Sister Patricia Proctor, author of 101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer, shared 101 ideas for marketing her book with the readers of her blog. Since posting that list, a number of readers have sent her almost 20 more ways -- good ways -- to market her book.

She told me about the list during a recent teleconference and I realized that everyone should make such a list and share it with the readers of their blog or the visitors to their website. And then ask them to help you think of other good ways to market your book.

Here is the list that Sister Pat made:

Let me know if you make such a list and I'll point people to your list as well. Email:

If you give me permission, I'll also post your list on the
website with a link back to your blog. I love sharing ideas. Here is the
beginning of that project:

Buying Your Book: Pros and Cons
During the same teleconference, I suggested to listeners that they might also share the ten best reasons to buy their book as a text listing or a video on their website. And then also share the ten reasons why someone shouldn't buy their book. Website visitors are more likely to become buyers if you give them an objective view of your book -- both the pros and cons, why they should buy and why they might choose not to buy your book.

Sister Patricia Proctor made a video giving the two best reasons to buy or not to buy her book mentioned above. You can check out her video at YouTube:

I think she does a wonderful job of selling her book even as she tries to give reasons not to buy her book. It's a good exercise for any author to do. It will help you understand why some people choose not to buy your book.

Check out my own list describing why you should take my 10 Million Eyeballs Event -- or why you should not take it. You can check out both lists at

Mental Floss magazine - update
From a reader: You might want to check out's policy on idea submissions. I'm a member of Alabama Media Professionals, headquartered in Birmingham, and we were given information recently indicating Mentalfloss claims all rights even to story ideas submitted, not just stories assigned and contracted. (I don't recall the details. If I'm remembering correctly, the magazine has wording to that effect in its guideline submissions.) I understood this to mean if an idea crosses Mentalfloss's path, no matter where it came from, they claim dibs on it for the magazine's use, with or without compensating or acknowledging the person who held the idea originally. I'm not saying the magazine does this, just that it has documents to reflect that it could.

It's a really interesting magazine and the people that founded it seem brilliant. But I don't think that type of ownership requirement is a fair or ethical stance to take with freelance writers.

John's comment: Since I write this newsletter for book authors, Mental Floss's policy isn't that crucial since book authors would be writing for the magazine as a way to publicize their books. Nonetheless, I do agree that the magazine's policy isn't fair to freelance authors.

Solutions for Writers Teleconference
The Doppelit Train folks have put together a great series of teleseminars for authors during the month of May and early June. Check out the details at

I'll be speaking in early May about creating a bestseller and then later in May on how to make the very best use of BookExpo America. Other speakers include Dan Poynter, Ellen Reid, Rock Thomas, & Kurek Ashley.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogs
Silvana Clark, author of 12 Going on 29: Surviving Your Daughter's Tween Years, is blogging at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Parenting with Pizazz at

Deborah Maragopoulos, author of LoveDance, writes a Hormonally Challenged blog at

Quotable Books
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. — Albert Einstein, physicist

More great quotes at

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