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April 30, 2008: Hairstyle Appreciation Day, Mean Girls Day, Mr. Potato Head Day, World YWCA Day, Wee Folk Day

Details on these days and 18,500 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- HarperCollins new publishing endeavor
-- John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day
-- NPR's The Takeaway morning show
-- Rick Frishman and Robyn Spizman's new book: WOW!

HarperCollins new publishing endeavor
Jeff Rivera, author of the novel Forever My Lady, took time to interview Robert Miller who is starting up a new endeavor at HarperCollins that will feature low or no advances and an author's share in profit. Check out his interview here:

John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day
Listen in here:

Afternoon Q&A call log-in to listen via the web:

Evening Q&A call log-in to listen via the web:

NPR's The Takeaway morning show
National Public Radio has a new morning show that is launching on public radio stations in New York, Boston, Baltimore, etc. A combination of news and analysis, this one-hour show is hosted by John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji. Contact most producers in care of WNYC Radio, 160 Varrick Street, New York NY 10013. Web:

Graham Griffith, Executive Producer

Collin Campbell, Senior Producer

Jim Colgan, Producer

Associate producers: Leo Duran, Noel King, Sitara Nieves, Corey Takahashi

Femi Oke, Senior Editor

Adnaan Wasey, Web Editor

Rick Frishman and Robyn Spizman's new book: WOW!
Rick and Robyn have just released a new book called Where's Your Wow?
where they reveal a step-by-step formula for becoming a WOW person. WOW happens when you and your business, ideas, and abilities stand out in that very small zone called distinctive. You do something or handle yourself in a way that's so fresh, innovative, and impressive that you are memorable.

If you want to participate in their bestseller campaign, go here: If you buy the book now, you'll get lots of great bonuses.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogs
Janice Phelps Williams, author of Open Your Heart with Pets: Mastering Life through Love of Animals is now writing an Open Your Heart with pets blog for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Check it out at:

Quotable Books
We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident,
bits of a star gone wrong. Arthur Eddington, physicist

More great quotes at

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