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May 5, 2008: National Small Business Day, Cinco de Mayo, National Bad Guy Day, Carnegie Hall Birthday, Gladiator Day

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-- Making the Most from Your Videos
-- Solutions for Writers Teleconference Series
-- Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Gifts for 101 Rules

Making the Most from Your Videos
Joan Stewart and Mike Stewart described the following nine ideas on how to use video in your publicity or marketing campaign. If you would like to know more about their ideas on how to use video, check out

1. Create short videos about your products and services, upload them to your website, and include video links in your press releases.

2. Speakers, create short video snippets of your presentations and post them at your site.

3. Use videos to demonstrate how to use your product.

4. Authors, create short little videos that discuss portions of your books.

5. Take visitors on a tour of your website using a screen-capture software program like Camtasia.

6. Shoot your own video of events the media won't cover, and submit the video to local newspapers and TV stations, many of which offer consumer-generated video at their websites.

7. Use video on a one-page sales letter. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video can close the sale.

8. Generate leads and pull traffic by creating videos and posting them to YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

9. Use video at your blog, or create a video blog on a free Wordpress platform.

Now, all of the above are great uses for video, but none of them are viral. None will create millions of eyeballs. The problem is that most people who are creating book trailers, author videos, and related videos are using them as brochures not as word-of-mouth generators.

Video is obviously hot. Everyone is talking about video. Dozens of Internet marketers are promoting video as the be-all and end-all of marketing, but no one is teaching you how to create viral videos that get millions of eyeballs. Most are satisfied with you getting a few thousand eyeballs or getting a higher rank on Google.

All that's well and good, but I believe that every author can create viral videos. That's one of four techniques I teach in my new Ten Million Eyeballs Events. I know of three different proven ways to create millions of eyeballs for your videos. Why settle for less?


Here's another recent list of ten ways to make the most of your videos:

1) Have you been YouTube'd? If you haven't this is the #1 place to load
your book video.

2) Put your video on your own website, don't let a single visitor land on your site without getting the touch and feel of your book.

3) Send a sample of your book video to every media contact you pitch. Never let a press kit leave your office without a disc.

4) Got a social networking page? If you do (and you should) add the clip or a link to it on the page.

5) When you pitch the media, don't forget to insert a link to the trailer in your email. Don't send it as an attachment; chances are an overaggressive spam filter will have it for lunch.

6) Blog about it every chance you get. No, I'm not talking about repeating a blog over and over but blog on what success you've had thanks to your video. And oh, yes, add a link to the book video too.

7) Trying to get a signing but have been unsuccessful? Let your book speak for itself, literally. Drop off a copy of your book trailer to an as-yet-unconvinced bookstore person and I can almost bet you'll get a signing in the store.

8) Ready for your close-up? There's no quicker way to a potential producer's heart than through his eyes and ears. Seeing a book come to life can sometimes be a great way to sell someone on the concept of turning your book into a movie.

9) If you're doing a signing bring the book video to show while you're signing books. I've known authors who've done this and they sold almost
twice as many books. The video really pulls in readers!

10) Just like you can tell a book by its cover, you can often tell a book video by its packaging. Get your CD cover professionally printed. Don't skim on the first impression! In fact, why not have your video burned to a business card size CD that you can pop into the card slot of a presentation folder?

Reprinted from The Book Marketing Expert newsletter, a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques. For more info see:

Now these ideas are also great ways to use video. Nothing wrong with any of them. Indeed, they are great suggestions. But, again, none of them are viral. None of them will help you reach millions of readers.

For more details about these events and to read 30 inspirational stories, check out

Solutions for Writers Teleconference Series
The Doppelit Train people are hosting a series of six teleconferences for writers. Speakers include John Kremer (that's me), Dan Poynter, Kurek Ashley, Ellen Reid, and Rock Thomas. I'll be presenting two of the seminars, one on creating bestsellers and the second one on how to make the best use of BookExpo America. For more information on these seminars (and to sign up), see:

Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Gifts for 101 Rules
On Tuesday, May 6th, Sally Shield's birthday, she is offering 101 gifts to encourage people to buy her new book The Daughter-in-Law Rules. Since her book features 101 rules, she worked to get 101 free gifts featured on her Amazon Bestseller Campaign page. Check out the gifts at

Quotable Books
Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to
forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming
heart. Arnold H. Glasow, author

More great quotes at

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