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June 10, 2008: Alcoholics Anonymous Birthday, Ballpoint Pen's Birthday, Birthday of the Tornado, Internet Baby Elephant Day, Mourn for Your Money Day

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Marine Corps stores
-- The Booklegger
-- Los Angeles Times books
-- specialty booksellers
-- newspaper columns

John Kremer's free Q&A call-in day
My free Q&A call-in day was June 10th. You can listen to the replays of these calls here:

Afternoon Q&A call. You can log-in to listen via the web:

Afternoon Q&A call. You can log-in to listen via the web:

Marine Corps stores
I met the book buyer for the Marine Corps retail stores while riding the bus to the LA convention center during BookExpo America. They look for books that would interest Marine Corps personnel and their families.

U.S. Marine Corps Exchange, Karen Macdonald, Buyer, USMC Building, 3044 Catlin Avenue, Quantico VA 22135-5099; Fax: 703-784-5354. Web: Note: Karen sent me this note a week later:

“I have been flooded with emails and phone calls from authors saying you published my contact information in your news letter after BEA. A little background, traditionally books are brought into the MCX system through book distributors. Books need to be available for use by our distributor Chas. Levy, not published on demand or pay to print, the pricing has to be right, and they need to add to our assortment mix. We are not in a position to accept most of the inquiries that come our way. The floor space we are allotted makes us hard pressed to get the national best sellers on the floor much less smaller publications, many stores only have 4’. Thank you for the interest but please remove our contact information from your website. All inquiries should be directed to Chas. Levy.”

The Booklegger
Founded in 1974, this company distributes books, DVDs, and gift items related to the sport of golf. Send info to The Booklegger, Robert Kraut, President, 13100 Grass Valley Avenue, Grass Valley CA 95945; 530-272-1556; Fax: 530-272-2133. Email: Web: and

Los Angeles Times books
The Los Angeles Times is the major newspaper for the LA area. Here are
some of the editors responsible for covering books and authors:

Los Angeles Times Book Review, 202 West 1st Street, Los Angeles CA 90012; 213-237-7778; Fax: 213-237-5916. Email: Web: Editorial staff:,0,1090476.story. Jacket Copy book blog:

David Ulin, Book Editor. Email:

Nick Owchar, Deputy Book Editor. Email:

Susan Salter Reynolds, Discoveries Columnist. Email: Also covers literary trends for the Style section.

Swati Pandey, columnist, The Writer's Life. Email: Interviews authors. She is an assistant article editor for the opinion section.

August Brown, staff writer. Email: Wrote a feature story about an author for Books & Ideas (6/1).

Susan Foster, author of Smart Packing for Today's Traveler, wrote an article for the Travel Insider feature in the Travel section (6/1).

Mary Forgione, Web Deputy Editor, Travel/Books

Travel section email:

Internet Marketing
“The 10 Million Eyeballs Event in LA was everything I was hoping for and more. I’d seen you speak before at the BookExpo years ago. You delivered truth, insights and value then. You delivered even more at this event. You are truly the “best of the best” in your field – with a unique trait of speaking straight from your heart. You gave hundreds of current practical tools to use to drive thousands more people to my website – which I’ve implemented and have proven to work already.” — Nancy Hayssen, author, You Can Be Sexy at ANY Size or Age!

Ten Million Eyeballs

specialty booksellers
Here are a few Los Angeles specialty retailers that sell books.

Arclight Cinemas, 6360 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90028: 323-464-4226. Web: They have retail gift shops at both cinemas (Hollywood and Sherman Oaks). Features books on movies, celebrities, self-help, art, and cultural phenomena. Some children's titles. About 300 titles.

BodyFactory, Robert Green, CEO, 155 S Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA 92262; 760-325-5354. Email: Web: Operates five plus retail stores featuring high energy drinks, etc. as well as books on health, food, exercise, and related topics. Features about 100 titles.

Cheesecake Joint & Book Shop, 10545 S Eastern Avenue #100, Henderson NV 89052; 702-829-5523. Web: Features mysteries and crime fiction.

Golden Bridge Yoga, Sat Puran, Retail Manager, Books and CDs, 6322 De Longpre Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90028; 323-936-4172. Email: Web:
They sell books on yoga, spirituality, health, and related titles. Features about 500 titles.

newspaper columns
Here are a few special-interest newspaper columns:

Homeowners Associations, Stephen Glassman and Donie Vanitzian,
columnists, P O Box 11843, Marina del Rey CA 90295. Email: Q&A column on homeowner associations.

Kathy Kristof, Columnist, Personal Finance, Business Section, The Los Angeles Times, 202 W. First Street, Los Angeles CA 90012. Email: A weekly column on personal finance.

Money Talk, Liz Pulliam Weston, Columnist, No More Red Inc., 3940 Laurel Canyon Boulevard #238, Studio City CA 91604. Web: A weekly Q&A column on personal finances. Weston is the author of Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life.

Nation's Housing, Kenneth Harney, Columnist, Washington Post Writers
Group. Email: A weekly column on federal housing issues.

Rental Savvy, H. May Spitz, Columnist. Email: Rental Q&A column.

BookExpo America
Check out the funny video of me at BookExpo America on my blog at:

Quotable Books
This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use
as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important,
because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. — Bob Tupes, author

More great quotes at

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