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August 19, 2008: Beauty Contest Birthday, Daffodil Day, Fear of Television Day, Spicey Food Day, Solar Wonder Day

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- PC Photo magazine
-- Radar magazine
-- Men's Vogue

PC Photo magazine
This 9 times per year magazine features articles, columns, and product reviews for people who love digital cameras. They review books as well. Send info and review copies to PC Photo, Werner Publishing Corporation, 12121 Wilshire Boulevard #1200, Los Angeles CA 90025-1176; 310-820-1500. Email: Web:

In their July/August issue, they reviewed the following books: Flower by Christopher Beane and Anthony Janson, Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac by Barbara Brundage, Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography by Ferrell McCollough, Digital Photography from the Ground Up by Juergen Gulbins, and Face to Face: Rick Sammon's Complete Guide to Photographing People by Rick Sammon.

  • Wes Pitts, Editor
  • Maggie Devcich, Senior Editor
  • Simon Wakelin, Senior Editor

Radar magazine
This monthly fashion and entertainment magazine features book reviews as well as stories about authors. Send review copies, author info, and other items to the editors at Radar Magazine, 216 East 45th Street, 6th Floor, New York NY 10017; 212-661-2300; Fax: 212-661-2322. Email: Web:

Their Briefing section featured Jennet Conant's The Irregulars (a history of British spies) and David Ebershoff's novel The 19th Wife (9/08).

Their Books section does short Reviews in 5 Words or Less:
Man in the Dark, Paul Auster: Old man and the bed.
Downtown Owl, Chuck Klosterman: Sex, drugs, and North Dakota
The Shiksa Syndrome, Laurie Graff: Jewish chick lit? Oy vey.
The Politics of Stupid, Susan Powter: New decade, same diet plan.
Think BIG & Kick Ass in Business and Life, Donald Trump: How to be a dick.

The Books section also spotlighted Nick Harkaway's debut novel, The
Gone-Away World

  • Maer Roshan, Editor in Chief
  • Aaron Gell, Executive Editor
  • Ana Marie Cox, Washington Editor
  • Willa Paskin, Associate Editor. Interviewed Curtis Sittenfeld, author of
    American Wife (9/08).
  • Alex Balk, Executive Editor,
  • Paige Ferrari, Features Editor,
In a recent news release, Tor Books announced the launching of, which they claimed to “the first and only online destination for the global science fiction and fantasy community.” I'm not sure how they came up with that claim since I know lots of science fiction and fantasy communities, so I'm not sure how they can claim to be either the first or the only. Someone obviously got carried away.

But the website looks promising. It offers original fiction and art as well as a social networking function. Check it out if you are a science fiction or fantasy fan, author, or publisher.

Men's Vogue
This monthly fashion magazine for men features books in a number of different ways. Send information to the editors at Men's Vogue Magazine, Condé Nast, 4 Times Square, New York NY 10036. No longer published.

  • Jay Fielden, Editor in Chief
  • Mark Rozzo, Articles Editor
  • Corey Seymour, Senior Editor, Features
  • Tasha Green, Associate Editor, Features. Wrote an article about
    Le Corbusier Le Grand, a book about the architect Le Corbusier (8/08).
  • Emily Creed, Media and Entertainment Editor. David Samuels wrote a
    review of George Pelecanos's novel The Turnaround. Tobias Grey
    wrote a review of Sarah Lyall's The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the
    (8/08). new pages
Here are some of the new pages I've added to the website in the past few months:

Book Promotion Advice:
Eproducts Sales Sites:
Ezine Directories:
Keyword Search Tools:

Book Ranks: This page features 85 keywords where ranks in the top 10 in Google searches.

Page Ranks: This page features 45 keywords where one of my hobby websites ranks in the top 10 in Google searches.

Quotable Books
If we can get to the truth, we can change anything.
— Anthony Robbins, peak performance coach and author

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