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October 22, 2008: Expensive Book Day, CopyCat Day, Good Vibrations Day, Catch 22 Day, Spiritual New Year

Details on these days and 18,500 others! can be found in
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In this issue . . .
-- Self-publishing success story
-- Ten Million Eyeballs: new offers
-- November 15 is I Love To Write Day
-- Research Wizard Pro
-- Book marketing online

Self-publishing success story
Susan Zimmer, author of I Love Coffee!, sent me this wonderful testimonial:

Your 1001 Ways to Market Your Books is a ship of great thoughts and ideas. It's been my Bible to successfully sell 50,000 copies (40,000 in English and 10,000 in French) of my first self-published book in just over 4 years taking a risk and following the stimulating tips in YOUR book! ... I took my passion, poured it into a unique coffee giftbook and served it via 1001 Ways to generate demand and to attract the world's largest giftbook publisher. If I can do it, anyone can using 1001 Ways.

After self-publishing her first book and selling 50,000 copies, she was approached by literary agent Albert Zuckerman who landed her a deal with Andrews McMeel. Her I Love Coffee! now has more than 55,000 copies in print. A third book will be published in 2009.

Watch Susan being interviewed on TV -- especially if you like coffee:

Also, check out Robin Jay's review of Susan's book on
-- a review that 20 out of 22 people have found useful. Note how Robin incorporates the title of her book (with an Amazon link) into her review. Really effective and fair, with a great story to tell.

Ten Million Eyeballs Events: new offers
Beginning right after the election in November, John Kremer will be presenting his Ten Million Eyeballs Event as an online series of videos that will show you exactly how to expose your book, your website, or your ideas to millions of people online.

Read all about this new online program at the following website:

November 15th is I Love To Write Day
Founded in 2002 by Delaware author John Riddle, I Love to Write Day is celebrated every November 15th by having everyone spend some time writing -- a poem, a letter, an essay, a greeting card.

If you go to and sign up to participate in the day you can get two free reports from John. Just send John an email ( telling him how you'll help spread the word and he'll send you: How I Made $66,270 in 9 Months Writing for Websites and Getting a Book Contract in 30 Days or Less.

Research Wizard Pro
If you want to do more in-depth research using Google and other search websites, check out Research Wizard Pro. Find out more at:

Book marketing online
Some generous authors and publishers have shared their ideas on how to market your book online. Some great ideas here. Check out the ideas at:

It's all free, so the price is right!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a human-powered search site for mobile phones where people can ask questions and get them answered by guides or other users. If you want to become a guide, check out their website at: Becoming a guide can be a useful way to build your credibility for your subject area.

Quotable Books
Every positive impulse is a prayer. Diane Frank, poet

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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