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November 11, 2008: American Indians in Space Day, Dust Bowl Birthday, God Bless America Day, Veteran's Day, Sesame Street Birthday, Vox Populi Day, Route 66 Birthday

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- 101 Best Websites for Writers
-- New England children's bookstore tour
-- Oddcast avatars starring on many websites
-- Nautilus Book Awards
-- Professor looking for books on political transition
-- Diabetes book launch
-- Select the best video camera for your Internet marketing needs

101 Best Websites for Writers
Writer's Digest magazine is accepting nominations for the best websites for writers for their 2009 list. The deadline for nominations is December 1st, 2008. I would greatly appreciate it if many of you would send your recommendations for to WD.

Email your nominations for to with 101 Best Websites as the subject line. You can say something like the following:


I nominate John Kremer's website for your upcoming 101 Best Websites feature for 2009.


Category: book publishing, marketing, publicity

This website features 1,400 plus editors of first novels, business books, cookbooks, health books, religious books, sports books, and more. It also features tons of marketing tips and recommendations for book authors and publishers. Also includes a Self-Publishing Hall of Fame. The webmaster, John Kremer, is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.


New England children's bookstore tour
Note: A few days after I checked out the website for this organization, they changed the URL. I've noted the correct URL for the interactive book tour below.

If you have a children's book and would like to set up a book tour in the New England states, check out this interactive map on the New England Independent Booksellers Association website (which allows authors and readers to connect to almost 50 independent bookstores which sell children's books):

Oddcast avatars starring on many websites
Oddcast is an online service that powers avatars for various websites that want to provide an interactive experience for users. You can check out their various services and partners at Oddcast's various solutions offer viral pass-along possibilities.

Florida's Natural orange juice website ( allows users to pick a persona, a voice, and type in some words to create a video like the one showcased on my blog at: 2008/11/orange-juice-video-possibilities.html. As a result of this promotion, their one-week average on went from 564,371 (3-month average) to 305,173 -- a 153,737 jump!

As part of Volkswagen's TV campaign for its new Routan minivan, they set up a new site at that allows users to upload photos of themselves and a partner (or anyone) to see what the resulting offspring might look like (as a 3-D expressive avatar). When I checked today,'s rank is still a paltry 2,000,626, but their one-week average was 357,126 -- again, a huge jump in activity and online interest.

Time Warner Cable has just launched a new viral video promotion called Fame Star ( where users can upload their photos, pick a city, record their voice, and choose a story arc (options include scandal, success, and tragedy). Oddcast then creates a one-minute video as a celebrity exposé. Upon completing the video, the user can share the video via email and social networks. Right now, TWC is geo-targeting users in New York, Southern California, Texas, and the Carolinas. The rank is 1,468,757.

Avatars, of course, are not an answer just in themselves. You do need to get people excited about them. That takes promotion. Compare the above sites' ratings on to (160,276), which has no avatar-making promotions.

Ten Million Eyeballs Events
This is going to be such an incredible program that you really should find a way to sign up now. This is my commitment to you: I guarantee that this course will change how you market your books during the coming year -- and will result in many more people hearing about your books!

Read all about this new online program at the following website:

Professor looking for books on political transition
Timothy Phillips, co-founder of the Project on Justice in Times of Transition at the Institute for Global Leadership is looking for books to use in his classes on conflict resolution, transitional justice, and the process of democratic change. Books on politics, political history, social justice, and international relations are of special interest. If you have a book of interest for his classes, send review copies to Mr. Tim Phillips, Project on Justice in Times of Transition, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University, 96 Packard Avenue, Medford MA 02115. Email:

Diabetes book launch
As a diabetic myself, I'm always looking for the best books on diabetes treatment and prevention. If you are a few pounds overweight, sit for several hours a day, skip meals, snack on chips or candy, or drink sweet tea and juices, you might very well be diabetic or pre-diabetic.

You could permanently drop as much as 60 points on your blood sugar, 70 points on blood pressure, and 60 points on cholesterol simply by making a few lifestyle changes. If you'd like to know more, check out That's where you can find out about George Thome's November 19th book launch of Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics.

I was seriously diabetic without knowing it three years ago before I got diagnosed as a diabetic and changed my eating patterns. If you have any question about where you stand, you should read George's book.

Below are a couple of other books that might also help you maintain your diet if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas: For people who say they don't have
time to cook healthy meals, 3rd Edition
by Brenda Ponichtera. A useful book for anyone with heart disease, diabetes, or weight control issues.

The ABC’s of Fruits & Vegetables and Beyond by David and Nikki Goldbeck. There are 24 million Americans with diabetes with another 57 million having blood sugar abnormalities called pre-diabetes. The regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables help people lose weight, thus making them less disposed to developing diabetes.

Select the best video camera for your Internet marketing needs
My friends at Traffic Geyser are now offering a free video on how to select the best video cameras for Internet promotions. Since their service has submitted more than 3 million web videos in the past two years, they know what they are talking about.

They go through all of the major video camers in this free video -- from the Flip cameras and webcams all the way up to the HD prosumer models. Plus they show you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

Check it out at

Quotable Books
Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.
— George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, philosopher

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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