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November 18, 2008: Homeland Security Day, No Mas Day, National Lap Dance Day, One Letter Makes a Difference Day

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In this issue . . .
-- Author success story
-- 101 Ways to Twitter Effectively
-- Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship
-- Specialty retailers
-- An effective viral video: The Lord's Prayer

Author success story
My friend Steve Mettee of Quill Driver Books, sent me this story about one of his authors:

She is vacationing in Hawaii so she contacted a Barnes & Noble store and set up an author signing event. She then contacted the hotel she is staying at and asked them to place an event flyer in the morning newspapers they leave at the door of their guests. They agreed!

Her book has been out for at least 4 years and it is still selling strongly.
Wonder why. <Grin>

I love the idea of having a hotel stuff a flyer inside their morning newspapers. What a wonderful way to reach hundreds of potential customers (strangers in town) who may be looking for something to do.

In a later email, Steve told me that his author also went to the hotel next door and got them to place flyers in their newspapers as well! Now that's an author a publisher has to love.

101 Ways to Twitter Effectively
At the Book Marketing Network, Pam Perry posted a blog entry on 101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter (written by Shama Hyder). If you're a member of Twitter, check out this post. I'm sure you'll learn some new ways to use your Twitter account. Check out the post at:

Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship
Imagine finally finishing your book, getting a high-powered agent, and having your book published by a major New York publisher. Author coach Rita Emmett has put together a new system that will help you succeed as an author -- and get that book finished!

Check out her Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship: A Step-by-Step, 7-Month Training Program to Complete Your Book, Get It Published, and Start Making Big Money:

Specialty retailers
Needle Rock Fiber Arts, 335 W Colorado Avenue, Telluride CO 81435; 970-728-3427. Email: Web: Knitting books and supplies.

Whiskers and Tails, Stacey Plunkett, 226 W Colorado Avenue, Telluride CO 81435; 970-728-3664; Fax: 970-728-8068. Email: Web:
Dog food, treats, toys, and books.

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art Gift Shop, 555 Elm Avenue, Norman OK
73019-3003; 405-325-3272. Web: Art gifts and books.

Excavation Museum Store, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, 2401 Chautauqua Avenue, Norman OK 73072-7029; 405-325-7815. Web: Lots of gifts, decorative items, and natural history books, including books on the history, ecology, and people of Oklahoma. Also educational toys and books for kids.

Kidoodles, 2266 W Main Street, Norman OK 73069; 405-360-TOYS; Fax: 405-360-4524. Email: Web: Educational and developmental toys and gifts. They have a second store in Edmond: Kidoodles Edmond, 3209 S Broadway #105, Edmond OK 73013; 405-562-4554.

Native Roots Market, 132 W Main Street, Norman OK 73069; 405-310-6300. Web: Features locally grown  organic food. Also some related gifts and books.

Denver Art Museum Shop, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver CO 80204; 720-865-4488. Web: Art gifts and books.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Museum Shop, 2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver CO 80205; 303-370-6366; Fax: 303-370-8384. Web: Features natural history and science books, kits, toys, gifts, DVDs, CDs, and more.

An effective viral video: The Lord's Prayer
Check out this effective viral video based on the Lord's Prayer:

Can you create one as good? If you can, you could easily get one to two million viewers in less than a year.

It doesn't have to be religious, but it does have to be moving.

This company also produced The Blue Ribbon movie. Check it out here:

Quotable Books
It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet
hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young.
Konrad Lorenz, ethologist

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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