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December 17, 2008: Clean Air Act Birthday, Heavy Dog Day, Airport Game Show Day, Convenience Store Marriage Day, Red Cross Workers Day, Pan American Aviation Day

Details on these days and 18,500 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Tip of the Week back issues
-- Safari browser bug
-- Top Daily Newspapers, etc.
-- Small Business Book Club
-- National TV Directory
-- Browser icon tip

Tip of the Week back issues
Many readers have recently asked me how to access previous issues of this newsletter. You can find all my back issues listed by more recent issue at Thanks for asking.

By the way, if you are not reading my Book Marketing Bestsellers blog, you are missing some great timely tips. Check out my blog by clicking here:

Safari browser bug
Some of you who use Safari might have noticed extraneous html characters floating around my sample welcome video. That happens due to a bug in Safari. If Mac users use Mozilla Firefox, those extraneous characters don't show. If anyone knows how I can work around that bug in Safari, I'd much appreciate it.

Top Daily Newspapers, etc.
BurrellesLuce, a media monitoring company, is offering a free download of the 2009 edition of their Top Daily Newspapers, Blogs, Consumer Magazines, and Social Networks. The lists show the top 100 daily newspapers, largest 25 consumer magazines, most popular 25 blogs, and the top 25 U.S. social networks. You can download it free at:

Small Business Book CLub
The Small Business Book Club on Profitability Channel Internet TV
( is looking to interview authors who have books that would be useful to small business owners who want to increase sales, cut costs, boost profits, or retain employees and/or customers. To participate, you must be in Atlanta, Georgia to tape the Internet TV show (which will then be broadcast live or pre-taped. If you and your book fit these criteria, contact Ruth King, chief evangelist, via email at

National TV Directory
The best directory of national TV news, talk, and magazine shows is on sale for the next three days (sale ends at Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern). If you'd like to get my favorite TV directory, Harrison's Guide to the Top National TV Talk & Interview Programs, at a big discount, check out this link:

This directory features 1,152 key contacts (producers, bookers, etc.) for the top 323 national broadcast and cable TV shows that interview guests. If you want to be interviewed on a major TV show in front of millions of viewers, you want this directory.

Check it out. When you go to the following URL, you'll get free contacts for 5 top national shows: ABC's 20/20, C-Span's Book TV, Fox News' Hannity Show, the Rachel Ray Show, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Browser icon tip
Add a little pizazz to your website by creating an icon that shows up in the browser tabs of people who visit your website.

If you'd like to create such browser icon, you can add the following code in the header section of your HTML code for each page you want the icon to appear. The header section is between <head> and </head> in the HTML page code.

<link rel="icon" href="kremer.ico" type="image/x-icon">

You have to create a kremer.ico image file. I took one of my square .jpg images and renamed it kremer.ico and made it 25 pixels wide. When you create your image, you can give it any name you want to give -- e.g. yourname.ico. That .ico file must be uploaded to the root directory of your website.

You can see the resulting icon I created for the home page of my main website at I also used the same icon for my website.

Note that the browser icon also shows up when you bookmark a page with an icon link.

You can use any image as your icon, whether it's your face, your book cover, your trademark, or any other image. I used book covers for my and
hobby websites.

Try to use a simple image. As you can see, book covers can make for weaker icons.

Note: I am not a technical support person. If you cannot implement this icon image on your website, talk to your website designer or your teenage child or neighbor. I cannot provide you with support on these sort of technical issues. Sorry. It's not my business. But I did want to share this little trick with you.

Quotable Books
God made Truth with many doors to welcome every believer
who knocks on them. Kahlil Gibran, poet and artist

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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