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December 23, 2008: Birthday of the Universe, Delirium Day, Transistor Birthday, Festival of Radishes, Foxy Lady Day, Popcorn Popping Day, Imagine Anything You Want Day

Details on these days and 18,500 others! can be found in
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In this issue . . .
-- Specialty retailers
-- Self-publishing success stories for novelists
-- Power Query Letters
-- Reader Q&A: Money
-- Corporate sponsors can help pay for your book promotions

Specialty retailers
Here are a few specialty retailers that sell books as well as gifts and
other items. Send them info about your book if it's right for them.

Craft Warehouse, Attn: Book Buyer, 504 NE 5th Avenue, Camus WA 98607; 360-834-7728. Web: A chain of 8 Pacific Northwest craft stores that feature yarn, beads, fabrics, art supplies, and other crafts -- plus related books.

The Forest Place Store, Cindy Bullwinkel, Store Manager, Cradle of Forestry, U.S. Highway 276, Brevard NC 28712; 828-884-5713, ext. 15. Email: Web:
Forestry and environmental books.

Garden Path Gift Shop, Botanical Gardens of Asheville, 151 W.T. Weaver Boulevard, Asheville NC 28804-3414; 828-252-5190. Web: Features a large selection of books on native plants, wildflowers, how-to books, and local field guides.

The Garden Trellis, North Carolina Arboretum, 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville NC 28806; 828-665-2492, ext. 225. Email: Web: Features
gardening and natural history books.

Made in Oregon, 13625 NE Jarrett Street, Portland OR 97230; 503-273-8719; 866-257-0938; Fax: 503-222-6855. Email: Web:
A chain of 8 stores selling products made in Oregon.

Thesaurus Shoppe, Natural Science Center of Greensboro, 4301 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro NC 27455; 336-288-3769; Fax: 336-288-531. Web: Features nature guides, science activity books, gifts, toys, apparel, and more.

Weatherspoon Art Museum Shop, UNC Greensboro, P O Box 26170, Greensboro NC 27402-6170; 336-334-3265. Email: Web: Art and photography books.

Yarn for All Seasons, Gayle Stamnes, 3101 SE Ferry Slip Road #223, Newport OR 97365; 541-867-3411. Yarn, supplies, and books.

Self-publishing success stories for novelists
My friend Jeff Rivera, author of Forever My Lady, sent me this link from
Publishers Weekly that recounts some self-publishing success stories of
middle-grade and young adult novelists. Check out the stories here: industryid=47139.

The stories are very inspiring. I really enjoyed reading them.

Jeff is offering a new service called Power Query Letters. If you've tried getting a literary agent, but they never seem interested after reading your query letters, you should check out his service. He specializes in crafting Power Query Letters guaranteed to bring results (or your money back). For more info, email Jeff at

His Power Query Letters have generated thousands of requests from top literary agents for manuscripts and book proposals. His clients have included New York Times bestselling authors as well as self-published authors, new writers and those with connections. He guarantees that at least 10 top agents will request your manuscript or book proposal.

Reader Q&A: Money
The following question came from a reader responding to last week's

Reader Question: What is really wrong with you? Common people with dreams do not have this kind of money to spend. Please, this is very discouraging.

John's Answer: She didn't tell me what item in my newsletter inspired that comment. There were only two tips that included a product for sale: an awards program and a national TV directory.

Entering an awards program -- and winning -- can be an inexpensive way to get lots of media attention. I don't see that as being a high cost. As for the TV directory listing, it offer five free profiles, even if you didn't buy the directory that was on sale. The listing featured those five free listings, which are a great value (free). The directory does cost a chunk of change, from $347 to $697, depending on the option you chose (but they were on sale last week when I published the listing).

Most of my tips do not cost any money. They might take some commitment of your time (and maybe some phone calls or postage).

Some things do cost money. For example, that national TV directory takes a lot of time and money to compile and keep up-to-date. It's worth every cent. I understand that many authors can't afford it, but some of my readers can -- and will benefit from using it.

Yes, some things cost money, but that makes sense given what the people put into creating their products and services. They deserve to be paid, just like any other person with a dream deserves to be paid if they create something good.

In this issue, I feature Jeff River's Power Query Letters service. I know he charges something for that service. I don't remember how much, but I know Jeff guarantees his work. How much is that worth to someone who needs what he offers?

This issue also features a paid classified ad, clearly marked as an ad. The product being sold through the ad is useful and inexpensive.

In addition, this issue features a free teleseminar (see below). The teleseminar is a great value as well, since it's free and offers tons of information on finding corporate sponsors. Now, during the teleseminar, the presenters will also be promoting a paid coaching program that is expensive. But, if you could benefit from having corporate sponsors who would pay for your entire book promotion (and maybe a whole lot move) and you can afford the coaching program, you will benefit big time.

Am I supposed to deny the five or ten people on my list who can really benefit from such a program because ten thousand others can't afford it? Obviously, ten thousand of you might say, yes! But, since I write this newsletter and I know what I write about will benefit some people, I will continue to feature free and paid programs here.

Some of you might have noted that I offered my Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing program for a huge discount. Way less than I feel it's worth, and way less than it's currently costing me to produce it. But I will be able to sell it for several years, so I will make out in the end.

Corporate sponsors can help pay for your book promotions
Just in case you haven't heard about the upcoming free teleseminar on how to get corporate sponsors for you or your book (and have them pay for all or part of your book promotion expenses), here are the details:

This free telephone seminar on corporate sponsorships will be held next Tuesday, December 30th. For details and to sign up for the limited spaces available for this free seminar, go to:

During this free sponsorship teleseminar, you'll learn:

* A step-by-step system to get a major company or non-profit group to sponsor your national promotional tour -- and pay for everything!

* A secret website you can use to uncover potential sponsors and promotional partners.

* The title of the best person to contact with your proposal.

* Why the current economic downturn means that more big companies will be sponsoring authors, speakers, & entrepreneurs. Even unknowns!

* How to write a short proposal that will get the attention of key people and make them want to sponsor you!

Quotable Books
When God measures a man, he puts the tape around his heart,
not his head. unknown

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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