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December 31, 2008: Annual World Peace Meditation, Billion Dollar Corporation Day, Billy Bob's Laundry Day, Let's Go Exploring Day, Make Up Your Mind Day

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In this issue . . .
-- Reader feedback: Customer service video
-- Amazon bestseller mentoring course
-- Reader feedback: Discounting and money mindsets
-- Specialty retailers
-- Reader tip: Military Media

Reader feedback: Customer service video
Below is a reader comment on the customer service video I linked to a few issues back:

The video of the bag boy giving customers a thought for the day reminds me of my wife, Sandi. She manages the vitamin department at one of the Sprouts natural food stores.

She found 16 beautiful quotes from famous people. I typed them for her, printed them, and cut them out onto small slips of paper. Sandi decorated a glass bowl and filled it with folded quotes. It created a stir among customers. They loved the quotes.

As with the bag boy, Sandi came up with the quotes idea and surprised the store manager.

Amazon bestseller mentoring course
Details on how to create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign are covered in Lesson 3 of the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing program. You get all those details plus so much more, all for a starting price of $200, with more personalized coaching for additional fees. You can find out more about John Kremer's Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing program at:

Reader feedback: Discounting and money mindsets
Here is one reader's feedback on one of my posts from last week:

I'm responding to your post about the "What's really wrong with you" reader question. I thought the reader expressed an unhealthy money mindset, and we do no good when we "go there" with her. I support your position that you mustn't deny readers the opportunity to buy valuable programs, at whatever price tags.

I teach how to build Vision, so here's a vision I hold about Prosperity Consciousness for all us buyers and sellers of the world. I invite you to join me:

We understand our inner power to create prosperity, and use it free of fear or guilt, choosing NOT to participate in anything that makes us forget that power. We stand strong in our prosperity mindset, and reap and share its benefits.

We understand that there is always a market for quality, so we create our very best products and services. We invest in ourselves and our work with confidence, gratitude and joy.

We charge what we believe our work is worth, because we affirm both its value and our customers prosperity.

Your discount on 10 million eyeballs follows a common agreement on the marketing value of discounting, but I have a different philosophy I thought I'd share. I never discount my services or products. I have a "Full fee or free" policy. It's worth what it's worth, and if I feel like it I give it as a gift, which has a completely different energy and still maintains its value. To discount price "discounts" the value of the service or product and affirms the customer's poverty. As a marketing strategy, I give away several samples that have value, and charge a fixed (never discounted) price for the full product or service. Like anything else, it works for me because it lines up with my belief system. -- Margaret Shepherd,

John's Response: I like Margaret's view on money and also her policy on not discounting her products. Normally I don't discount either, but when my wife Gail asked me to offer a special low price for my Ten Million Eyeballs program, I had to listen to her. Plus I wanted to offer a gift to the people who read this newsletter. Again, you can still get the Ten Million Eyeballs online marketing course for only $200. That price will go away by the end of January at the latest, maybe sooner.

For more info, go here:

By the way, I think many authors under-price themselves and their books. They cheapen what they have to offer, doing a disservice to their work as well as to their potential audience. You have to balance what your work is truly worth with the needs and ability to pay of your targeted audience. But don't underestimate what they would be willing to pay for what you have to offer.

Another reader's feedback:

I had to write. I love the way you responded to the “What is wrong with you?” query. Of all people, authors should understand that when you write, you expose yourself to risk. It’s not about how much money you have to spend, it’s about what you’re willing to do to see those dreams realized! -- Mike Faber,

Specialty retailers
Here are a few specialty retailers that might be interested in your book:

Bark, Bath, and Beyond, Kirsten King, 1330 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach CA 92651; 949-715-3647. Email: Web: Carries some pet books along with clothes, gifts, and more.

Pure Light, Judy Kelly, 821 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach CA 92651; 949-376-7200; Fax: 949-376-7202. Email: Web: New age gifts and books.

San Diego Trading Company, 535 Fifth Avenue, San Diego CA 92101; 619-237-1674; Fax: 619-233-3966. Email: Web: Features apparel, souvenirs, and gifts related to San Diego. Six stores in San Diego.

Reader tip: Military Media
Here is a tip from Paul Harris, a reader of this newsletter:

This is my first time writing you but I just wanted to thank you for the
diverse tips you offer. It really stimulates my brain.

As I've only been a subscriber for about 5 months I'm not sure if you've touched on this before but I found a very valuable source for exposing my book that was published in 2008. It's advertising in the military press. Some of the nation-wide publications such as the Army Times are cost prohibitive but small ones that reach 2,000-10,000 on a military base and their families are quite reasonable.

My book, Diary From the Dome, about being trapped in the Superdome during Katrina included discussion of the tremendous service that the National Guard provided for us. After advertising in a Texas military newspaper I saw interest in my book rise up tremendously with a small investment. I happened to pay an agency called at but some of the bases will allow you to advertise directly with the base paper.

Quotable Books
There is no greater power than the power of love.
It can melt the rocks. — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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